Nassau Weather August Averages, Bahamas

    • Temperature Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 32°C 90°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 24°C 75°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 29.6°C 85°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 200 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 19 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

    Nassau Weather for August 2020

    What's the Weather Like in Nassau in August

    The hot and sunny weather continues into August, with Nassau busy and certainly showing major signs of summer conditions. Rainfall continues to be high, although slightly less than the previous month, and the sun is certainly shining in abundance, with this being the month with the highest amount of sunshine hours per day.


    You can expect an average rainfall level of around 200mm across the month, with precipitation falling on around 19 days on average. This certainly doesn't mean 19 full days of rain however, more likely a short and rather sharp shower in the afternoon.

    Sunshine Hours

    Humidity can be high because of this, however you are compensated with around 10 hours of sunshine per day to enjoy, which isn't a bad trade off!


    The average temperature sits at around 28°C, with the high reaching a very warm 32°C during the warmest parts of the day. Evenings are still extremely warm, with the average low temperature sitting at a very mild 24°C during the evening hours. Anyone who struggles with heat will possibly not enjoy their time on The Bahamas that much during this time of the year, and in that case the winter months would probably be best suited, if however you love heat and endless sun then this is the ideal time to visit!

    Sea Temperature

    Because of the temperatures and the sunshine levels, you'll want to cool down, and the sea gives you the ideal chance to do that. Having said that, the average sea temperature still sits at 29°C, however this will certainly feel refreshing and calming, with many activities to enjoy which involve water. Getting out and about and enjoying everything the capital has to offer is certainly do-able, despite the heat, however if you are visiting major landmarks, make sure you head there early, to avoid crowds, and the peak sun hours. 

    If you're looking for a weather forecast for Nassau, you are advised to visit this page.

    Nassau Hotels in August

    Paradise Harbour Club & Marina A Festiva Resort

    When you are visiting Nassau you may want to pick a hotel which isn't too far from anything and has many different facilities to make your holiday truly special. You might not want to splash the cash and head to one of the huge hotels, such as the Atlantis, and in that case Paradise Harbour club & Marina A Festiva Resort is for you. This is a two star hotel and is a room only board basis. Everything is within walking distance, so you don't have to wander too far in the heat, and the 23 guest rooms come with fridges and microwaves, so you can have a drink or a snack in your room if the mood takes you.

    El Greco Hotel

    El Greco Hotel is fantastic budget option which offers much more than the price tag would suggest. The hotel looks very grand from the outside, and the rooms on the interior are comfortable and spacious. The outdoor pool is large and there is a terrace for enjoying the sun, with landscaped gardens to wander around.

    Sunrise Beach Club & Villas

    Sunrise Beach Club & Villas offer you a more traditional place to stay. The outside is almost like a whitewashed mansion, with a curved staircase and gardens to the exterior. The large pool is brilliant blue in colour, compared to the building, and the on-site restaurant is fantastic for a snack and a beverage in the heat. 

    Nassau Beaches in August

    Old West Bay Beach

    Hidden away on the north-western coast of the island you will find a beautiful hidden gem, Old West Bay Beach. There are no crowds here, in fact not many people really know about it other than the locals, so this is an ideal place to take a picnic, kick back and relax. You will need to take towels and umbrellas etc, as there are no amenities here, but that adds to its charm. 

    Bars and Restaurants

    Green Parrot Bar & Grill

    Fishing is a very popular pastime and industry in the Caribbean, and The Bahamas are no exception. Green Parrot Bar & Grill has a huge menu of different Caribbean and Bahamian dishes, many of which are seafood orientated, but this is also one of the few bars and restaurants that will cook your own fish for you. If you have managed to catch yourself something special that day, take it to this place and they will cook it for you with their own special, age-old traditions and methods.


    If you're looking for a place to head to for a special occasion then Dune is a great spot. Located on bungalows which look right over the sea, this is fantastic for a romantic evening. The seafood is delicious, and steamed shrimp is one of the most famous dishes on the menu.

    Daiquiri Shack

    Of course, you might just be looking for somewhere to stop for a drink and a snack, and in that case Daiquiri Shack is the place to be. Try the chicken wings and fruit smoothies here. 

    Things to Do in Nassau in August

    Fort Fincastle

    Nassau has a rich history in terms of pirates and sea-faring, and there are many examples of this across the city itself. Fort Fincastle is an interesting spot, and this 126 foot fort has amazing views across the city and out to sea once you reach the top. This is one of the highest points in the city itself, and it is worth the small admission fee to head inside. You can wander around the remnants of the fort, which are still very well preserved, with cannons and cells inside. It's a good idea to head online and learn a bit more about the fort and its history before you go, to get the most out of your visit.

    Fort Charlotte

    Fort Charlotte is another example of Nassau's old protection buildings, and this is very easily accessible, at only a 15-20 minutes' walk from the main port area. The fort was built in 1787, and there are countless underground passages and dungeons underneath the fort, which you can explore. You can learn more about the area and its history here, with a guide on hand to tell you more.

    Parliament Square

    Heading to Parliament Square is a great way to learn a little more too, and this is where the city's main government buildings are located. The square is in a U shape, with colourful and grand buildings on all sides, and a statue of Queen Victoria in the centre.

    Graycliff Chocolate Factory

    Of course, if all this history, learning and culture is making you want to chill out a little, head to the beach, or better still, Graycliff Chocolate Factory! If you have a sweet tooth then this place will be your little slice of heaven. You can watch cacao beans being made into delicious treats, learn about how chocolate is made, try your hand at making it yourself, and of course, buy some to take home with you, after you've tasted it of course! Located on Bay Street, this is a very popular place to head, so perhaps go there early in the day to avoid disappointment during the busier times of the year. 

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