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Florida Weather in August, USA

Florida Averages August


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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

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    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

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    9 hours

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Florida Daily Averages August


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August Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Florida in August 


Florida finds itself in the peak tourist season in August. This state of sunshine, oranges, palm trees, beaches and Disney World in the far southeast of the United States is subject to a (sub)tropical climate, which means that summers are long, humid and hot and winters are short, warm and dry. August falls in the middle of that summer season.


Together with July, this is the hottest month in the year, boasting an average temperature of no less than 28°C. The other summer months of June and September are only slightly cooler, though, both averaging 27°C. Afternoons in August in Florida can become scorching hot and very humid, the afternoon temperature averaging 33°C. At night, the average low temperature is still at 22°C. Both those temperatures don't vary much in the course of the month and remain constantly high. The sea temperature is at its annual maximum this time of year, now averaging 29°C, which is more than comfortable. Swimming and other water sports are the main activities in summer.


Because of Florida's (sub)tropical climate, the warmer part of the year coincides with the wetter part of the year. This is why August is not only one of the hottest months, but also one of the wettest. Taking Miami, Florida's premier beach destination, as an example, we can see that in August the total amount of rainfall is 160mm and that there are 15 days with rainfall.

The likelihood that rainfall occurs is, in fact, at its highest in the beginning of August, at 74%. This percentage drops in the course of the month, though, to 66%. There really is only one type of rainfall in Florida in August: thunderstorms. These heavy, but short thunderstorms happen on 85% of the day with rainfall. These downpours may even be perceived as refreshing in a month that is this hot!

Sunshine Hours

Sunshine is also prevalent in August. Each day has 9 beautiful hours of sunshine on average, a number that is roughly seen all throughout the warm half of the year.

August is a gorgeous month to visit Florida. Make sure to drink plenty of water in the afternoon and slop on sun cream on a regular basis to avoid dehydration and sunburn. Getting a room with air-conditioning might also be a good idea. If you're planning a trip there soon, you can check out the weather forecast on this page.

Florida Hotels in August 

Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

The hot and humid weather in August will drive most people to Florida's beaches. Palm Beach, for example, is a great place for a vacation this time of year. This seaside resort is home to numerous fantastic beach hotels. One such hotel is the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach. This spectacular five-star resort is set at world-famous Worth Avenue  in the Lake Worth Lagoon. This is a place of bright sandy beaches, fancy luxury, water sports, superb cuisine and great shopping.

The Waterstone Resort & Marina

The Waterstone Resort & Marina is another great place to stay. This luxurious boutique hotel is situated at the Boca Inlet and boasts a phenomenal waterfront. The hotel's restaurant is the only place in Boca Raton where you can dine "on the water." Other facilities include a large fitness centre, water sports facilities, a dock, waterfront swimming pool and a scenic bar.

Eau Palm Beach Resort

Occupying seven acres of beach, the five-diamond Eau Palm Beach Resort is one of the greatest accommodations in all of Florida. Every superlative can be used to describe this resort and its amenities, which range from an award-winning spa to world-class restaurants to seaside cabanas and a wide variety of water sports, are among the best you'll ever experience.

Florida Beach for August 

Delray Beach

The waters are delightfully warm with sea temperatures averaging 29°C. Delray Beach, one of the counties of Palm Beach, is said to have absolute beach-perfect weather almost every day. If you're planning on spending your holiday in Florida soaking up the warm tropical sunrays, this would be a good place to do it. This safe beach has lifeguards on duty, and also offers the chance to partake in water sports, relax at the picnic areas and go for scenic walks. 

Bars and Restaurants 

Meat Market Palm Beach

Meat Market Palm Beach is a steak house with a modern twist. It serves amazing thick-cut steaks with sides of fresh producets ingredients are locally grown and used according to availability, weekly, monthly or seasonally. With its striking interior of contemporary chandeliers, a modern and elegant seating arrangement, and bright lighting, this restaurant almost feels like a (modern) ballroomuch different from your traditional steak house.

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

If you're staying in Delray Beach and are looking for delicious Mediterranean cuisine, head over to Apeiro Kitchen & Bar. Serving great Mediterranean dishes, based on the culture and food of all the Mediterranean countries, during the day and drinks in the evening until late, this is a wonderful place to visit all day long.

Things to do in Florida in August

Delray Yacht Cruise

August in Palm Beach should be spent mostly at the beach in your skimpiest bikini, something that you never get to wear back home in the UK. Bask in the glorious sunshine by renting a beach chair as the temperature gets to a scorching high of 33°C. In the area, you can rent kayaks, paddle boats, surfboards or book a Delray Yacht Cruise. This fun cruise includes snacks, a narrated tour and a view of some of the most beautiful mansions in the area. Also in the Delray Beach area is the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, a birdwatcher's paradise, where you can see more than 151 species of birds.         

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Take a break from the sun by visiting the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens where the Bon Festival takes place in August. This festival is held in honor of the ancestors of some of the locals and serves as a thanksgiving for the good life that people live here. The festival features taiko drum performances, Japanese folk dancing and street fairs. The museum also hosts the Sushi and Stroll Summer Walks.

Wine and All That Jazz

Watch out also for the annual "Wine and All That Jazz" which is held every August in Boca Raton. Wine lovers will revel in this amazing wine tasting party as you get to sample more than 100 different wines.

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