Nassau Weather September Averages, Bahamas

    • Temperature Temperature 27.5°C 82°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 31°C 88°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 24°C 75°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 29.3°C 85°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 27.5°C 82°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 200 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 19 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

    Nassau Weather for September 2020

    What's the Weather Like in Nassau in September

    September brings thankfully cooler conditions to Nassau, although only very slightly! We are now approaching the peak month of the Atlantic hurricane season, so if you are visiting during this time, always keep an eye on up to date forecasts, and heed advice from locals on safety it is unlikely to happen during your particular travel dates, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for adverse weather at any time of the year.


    The Bahamas are busy all year round, and this month is no different, thanks to wonderful conditions, although a still high rainfall level, with around 200mm or precipitation experienced on average across the month. This means that rain can fall on around 19 days out of the month to some degree or another, again, freshening up the air afterwards. Downpours can be unpredictable, so always carry an umbrella and when the heavens do open, simply head inside for the short duration it lasts for a great excuse for a drink or a wander around the shops!


    The heat is still on during this time, and of course generally across the year, with an average temperature of around 28°C. The high can reach up to 31°C, which means shade will be needed during the peak sun hours in the afternoon. Evenings are still very warm, with an average low temperature of around 24°C, meaning you won't be needing a jacket!


    The island is generally sunny year-round and the capital city basks in around 8 hours of sunshine per day on average during this time of year, which although slightly reduced on the previous couple of months, is still very plentiful.

    Sea Temperature

    The beach is therefore still very busy, and the average sea temperature sits at around 29°C, which is a degree higher than the average air temperature!

    Nassau Hotels in September

    Nautica Townhouse

    Travelling to Nassau with children in tow can be difficult when searching for accommodation, because many of the large beach front hotels are adults only, however Nautica Townhouse is a great spot for families, with a large pool and children's play area. The rooms are like a home away from home, which will help settle your little ones in the evening much better.

    Colony Club Inn & Suites

    Colony Club Inn & Suites offer rooms which open straight onto the outside, almost like a motel inn, though much more comfortable and spacious on the inside, and offers a great budget base for those who want to get out and explore the city and surrounding area. If you don't want too much in the way of on-site facilities not everyone wants to stay in a large all-inclusive resort, then this is a great option.  

    Grand Central Hotel

    Grand Central Hotel is another option which is very similar in style. Quite an old building, but very comfortable, this is ideal for those visitors who are staying for a short time, possibly on a cruise for instance. Located just 10 minutes' walk from Junkanoo Beach, this is an ideal budget base. 

    Nassau Beaches in September

    Sandyport Beach

    Sandyport Beach is located in a residential area, which seems quite upmarket. This is a small beach, which is generally visited by locals who live in the area. This is also a very quiet area, so if you want to totally relax, then this is the ideal spot. 

    Bars and Restaurants

    Van Breugel

    Many of Nassau's restaurants have a wonderful setting, right on the water. Van Breugel has an extensive menu which certainly has something for everyone. Food is standard with a twist, so you can enjoy Thai beef, chowder, bratwurst, lamb shank, and traditional food as well. The restaurant itself looks impressive on the outside to boot.

    Montagu Garden's Steak & Grill

    Montagu Garden's Steak & Grill is another top choice, offering traditional food, as well as mainstream American dishes, such as steak and ribs. The coconut chicken and green beans are a very popular option, as well as the delicious desserts, such as mud pie.

    Blue Sail

    Check out Blue Sail for something a little more Mediterranean, with many seafood dishes again. Lobster mac and cheese is an interesting twist, or top class pizzas too, with a huge array of different toppings. This is a beach café which overlooks the sea, and is very laid-back and classy.

    Things to Do in Nassau in September

    Bay Street

    Hitting the shops is a definite must do when visiting Nassau, and many of the markets around the region will also have plenty of interesting souvenirs for you to take home. Bay Street is the place to go for major shopping opportunities, with many coffee shops for a pitstop. The waterfront location is also very picturesque.

    Nassau Native Quest

    If you're after a little fun and something totally different, then a scavenger hunt could be for you! Nassau Native Quest offer a fun day out for families and groups, where you have to find your way through the history of Fort Charlotte, learn about what went on there years ago, all about the Lucayan Indians, and everything in-between. Fun games earn points for your team, such as coconut throwing, and the winner is crowned Conquerer of the Quest. At the end of the day you are treated to some traditional food and a glass of rum, as a well done!

    Graycliff Cigar and Rum Tour

    Of course, Nassau is not only famous for rum, but cigars as well. Graycliff Cigar and Rum Tour is a must do for lovers of the drink and the famous smoke, however it's also an interesting trip to learn how these are made and the history of the industry. You can even try making cigars for yourself here.

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