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Historic Temperatures for 21st June in Nassau

Average High 30°C (86°F)
Record High 33°C (91°F) (2011)
Average Low 24°C (75°F)
Record Low 22°C (72°F) (2016)

Nassau is a popular resort within the sundrenched Bahamas. This is also the capital city of New Providence, and is home to a plethora of activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy. Of course, the Bahamas are also known to be extremely sunny, and there is no exception here!

Overall, the resort receives a tropical maritime climate with warm, dry winters and hot, wet summers. The winter lasts from November until April, and the winter lasts from May until October. Whilst the Bahamas are susceptible to hurricanes during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, New Providence is relatively sheltered from all sides by the surrounding islands, which makes it a popular pick during the months between June and November. Of course, its location doesn't mean it is out of harm's way, but the risk of being hit is slightly reduced. October sees the peak of hurricane season, however any adverse weather is well predicted by checking up to date weather forecasts, and the island is very well prepared for such events, which means you shouldn't be too concerned overall.

The winter season is the preferred time to visit Nassau as the slightly lower temperatures are easier to acclimatise to, and there is a reduced chance of rainfall; having said that, rain can never be ruled out entirely on tropical islands, but at this time frequency is reduced, and the amount which falls is drastically lessened. The driest month of the year is February, which receives an average rainfall level of only 70mm, which falls on around 8 days of the month to some degree or another. In comparison, the wettest month is July, which receives an average of 220mm of rainfall across the month, which can affect around 17 days. Any rain is generally the result of an afternoon thunderstorm, which will often be over as quickly as they started, and will leave behind fresher conditions overall.

Rain during the summer months is a good way to freshen up the air, as temperatures can be very hot indeed. The hottest month of the year is July, which has an average high temperature of around 32°C, which only drops to around 24°C during the evening hours as an average low. The temperature across the year overall doesn't fluctuate massively, and the coldest month of the year is January, which still receives an average high of around 25°C. The average temperature across the whole year ranges from 21-28°C, before spiking up during the hottest times. Of course, high temperatures are also accompanied by plentiful sunshine and this is certainly a sunny island. The sun shines for a huge 10 hours per day during the summer months, and even during the winter, you can expect around 7-9 hours of sunshine per day on average across the season, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at!

The Bahamas overall are fantastic for water-sports, beach time, snorkeling and diving, with a plethora of marine-life to be found around the shores. The resort's beaches are packed for most of the year, and even during the winter months you can expect an average sea temperature of around 25°C. The hottest sea temperature months are July, August and September, which experience averages of around 29°C, giving you that iconic Caribbean beach day you have probably been dreaming of!

In terms of crowds and when to visit, it really depends on how hot you can stand it, with July and August being the hottest time. The main tourist season begins in December, with April being peak season; this is when most of the crowds arrive on the island and in the resort, so if you don't like too many people around you, perhaps go towards the beginning or end of the season instead. Winter is still a good time to head to the resort, with less in the way of crowds and still a very mild climate to enjoy. Many cruises dock at the island throughout the year, a great way to get a bite-sized taste of the resort.

Nassau, as the capital of the Bahamas, is the largest city on the islands. It is the most built-up and receives heavy tourist traffic; Nassau's port is crammed full of the yachts of the super-rich and the shopping malls house the delights of any American shopping centre. However, the whole island is one of great ecological and topological diversity, with examples of all the habitats to be found on the rest of the Bahamas. Within reach from Nassau are not just brilliant white beaches, but superb corals, cliff shorelines, mangrove swamps, ridges, dunes, rainforest and so on. There is a little bit of everything in this modern paradise, which certainly makes it a popular pick for those searching for a glitzy destination, with an affordable price tag, and fantastic weather almost guaranteed. 

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