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Moscow Weather in March, Russia


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Moscow Averages March

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    4 hours
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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    40 mm

Moscow Daily Averages March

March 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg -3º 27º
2 Avg -4º 25º
3 Avg -4º 25º
4 Avg -3º 27º
5 Avg -4º 25º
6 Avg -1º 30º
7 Avg -1º 30º
8 Avg 32º
9 Avg 34º
10 Avg 36º
11 Avg 36º
12 Avg 34º
13 Avg 34º
14 Avg 34º
15 Avg 32º
16 Avg 32º
17 Avg -2º 28º
18 Avg -3º 27º
19 Avg -2º 28º
20 Avg -2º 28º
21 Avg -2º 28º
22 Avg 32º
23 Avg -1º 30º
24 Avg 34º
25 Avg 32º
26 Avg 32º
27 Avg 32º
28 Avg 32º
29 Avg -1º 30º
30 Avg 32º
31 Avg 32º
Avg Historical Daily Average

March Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Moscow in March


March officially marks the start of spring for Moscow, but harsh colder temperatures persist until mid-April. This time of the year in Moscow, Russia also denotes the end of winter, with snow covered roads slowly melting away to slush.

March records temperatures hovering between a minimum of -5 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius, with an average at -2 degrees Celsius.

The end of March feels warmer, with temperatures rising to a maximum of 5 degrees Celsius.

Humidity & Rain

A spring tradition in Moscow is to welcome the season's first rains with a sense of gratitude.

Moscow sees a rainfall of 40 mm over the course of March, and the total rain duration may be estimated to around 7 days.


During March and early April, Moscow's snow laden streets start disappearing, to be replaced by vast torrents of thick mud, which is sometimes peppered with the occasional ice drift.

With an average precipitation of 1.38 inches during the course of March, the average snowy days amount to an average of 9 in number.

Sunshine Hours

With March being overly cloudy most of the time, the chances of precipitation also stand high.

Over the course of March, Moscow receives about 4 hours of sunshine on an average.


The average hourly speed decreases from 1.3 miles per hour to 10.3 miles per hour over the course of March.

The wind direction on an average is predominantly from the South.

Dress Code

Though it's officially spring in March, temperatures are relatively lower, and you'll still need winter clothes for the month. While packing for Moscow in March, you're better off packing a woollen overcoat, scarves, gloves, heavy weight jeans, pull over sweaters and vests. To cope with the certain slush and mud, we recommend you to carry tough shoes or boots, and preferably an umbrella too.

Click here for Moscow's weather forecast for the next 14 days. Also, to get an idea of annual weather averages for Moscow, follow this link.

Moscow Hotels in March

Moscow Marriott Royal Hotel

For March, we bring to you the upscale Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, if in the mood for splurging and self-pampering. This classy hotel is located at a 4-minute walk from the Bolshoi Theatre and a 10-minute walk from the 3 nearest metro stations. The hotel features standard and upgraded rooms with exceptional room service. The amenities in the standard rooms include free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks, living areas, minibars, tea and coffeemakers. With the upgraded rooms, you have access to a lounge with cocktails and snacks. If you opt for a suite, you are granted access to a lavish space complete with living rooms, pull-out sofas and whirlpool tubs. The hotel includes two restaurants, a bar, a steak house, indoor and outdoor pools, a hot tub, a gym, a spa and a business centre.

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski

Yet another deluxe hotel in a wonderful location is the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow. This hotel was built in 1898, and stands overlooking the Moskwa river. It is a 9-minute walk from the Moscow Metro and a 15-minute walk from St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. The hotel consists of elegant rooms and suites with free wifi, flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, sittings areas and/or views to the Kremlin. Suites also feature custom interiors designed by European royals. The hotel includes dining options with a lavish fine dining restaurant, a lobby lounge offering afternoon tea and a bar/restaurant with a terrace. The hotel also offers amenities like a chic spa with an indoor pool, a fitness centre, a salon, and 12 meeting spaces.

Petroff Palace

A charming hotel which offers near-royal stays at affordable prices is the Petroff Palace in Moscow. Stunning architecture, quaint rooms and a convenient location this place has everything. With the nearest metro station located just ten minutes away from the hotel, this hotel situated near Parkland is surprisingly quiet and insulated from the noisy parts of the city. The hotel offers you a warm and cosy stay with an additional feeling of staying in an actual palace. The staff here is honest, friendly and efficient. This place is highly recommended if you'd like to stay in a palace setting with a touch of luxury.

Marmaison All-Suites Spa Hotel

Another hotel in the mid-range is the Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Hotel. Easily locatable at a 3-minute walk from the nearest metro station, 2.9 km from the Kremlin and 2.4 km from Red Square, this place offers upscale suites with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks, minibars, separate living rooms with dining tables, and kitchenettes. There is an option for dining too, with a vibrant attached restaurant on a summer terrace that serves international cuisine, includes a bar and even has event space. The hotel offers other amenities like a business centre, a fitness room and a split-level spa area with a pool, a Russian spa and a hammam.

Bars and Restaurants


A highly recommended restaurant that the locals love visiting is the Ziferblat. Actually, this is a well-frequented co-working space, café, a cosy flat, and an educational institute all merged into one. You are allowed to enter whenever you like, pick a spot, and enjoy unlimited access to coffee, WiFi, tea, snacks and working/reading material. It really doesn't matter if you want to study, spend some warm, alone time away from the cold Moscow streets, this is the place to go to.

Lepim i Varim

A simple, delicious and surprisingly affordable place Lepim i Varim is located near Tverskaya Square and is relatively easy to find. This place is highly regarded in guidebooks and is a tourist and local favourite alike! The restaurant has a relaxed vibe, and serves a wide variety of the tastiest handmade Russian dumplings you've ever eaten. Though a small place and crowded at times, this cosy restaurant has a great atmosphere and is perfect for a simple, tasty meal. Wonderfully friendly staff who can speak English, and authentic fresh food, you can't go wrong if you decide to have dinner on a cold Moscow night.


The Savva restaurant offers a five star dining experience at affordable rates. Housed in a beautiful early 20th century interior, this restaurant is an in-house dining option for the hotel Metropol. The Savva is named after Metropol's founder- the famous Russian merchant Savva Mamontov to honour his memory. While the terrace opens up to views of the Kremlin and the Bolshoi theatre, the restaurant is located at a comfortably convenient location.  The Savva's menu comprises of the best Scandinavian, French, Russian and Italian cuisine, with wonderfully delectable fish courses. The drinks section is also extensive, with a wide range of beverages to suit your taste and wallet.


If you are looking for a gorgeous, romantic place, and wouldn't mind spending a little extra cash, Lodka would be an excellent choice. The restaurant has oak flooring, big wooden tables and comfortable couches, emits a fuzzy, classy vibe, and offers you a fantastic world of luxury and authentic gastronomy. Offering varied cuisines from China, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, this place offers a high level of quality and service. The restaurant has the interiors of a stylish yacht and an amazing sea cruise atmosphere. Every restaurant hall also has a Karaoke system, a stage, plasma screens to entertain its esteemed guests.

Things to do in Moscow in March

Maslenitsa Festival

At the onset of spring, there are a number of festivals and programs conducted all over Moscow, which Muscovites take part in with great fervour. If you wish to experience the taste of real Russian culture, take some time to join in during these celebrations.

Moscow celebrates a special Maslenitsa festival during the early days of the spring, held during early March. This festival is celebrated all over the city, in parks and squares to mark the end of the Winter season and to say a last farewell. Another festival celebrated with much fervour in the city is the International Women's Day which falls on March 8. Muscovites stock up on flowers and boxes of chocolates to show appreciation to the special women in their lives.

St Patricks Day

In Moscow, St. Patrick's Day isn't just celebrated on March 17th, it involves week long celebrations fondly called the Patrick's week or the Irish week. This fun-filled Irish holiday week has numerous scheduled events like the St. Patrick's Day parade on March 26th at the Sokolniki Park. This is a very special event for Moscow where you will encounter the most colourful displays of the year, lovely dancers, exhibits, trad music, weird costumes and even the cutest Irish dogs. Other famous events include the Irish Film Festival that takes place from March 14th to 25th, with film screenings and meet-and-greet event with celebrities. Another local favourite is the Gala Music festval held on the evening of St. Patrick's Day at Moscow's enormous Izvestia Hall on Pushkin Square.

Aptekarskiy Ogord Botanical Garden

If you cannot wait for the snow to melt and are in the mood for a flower fix, head over to the Moscow State University's beautiful Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden, an oasis for nature lovers in the centre of the city. This place is best visited during the late afternoons, and is a lovely, peaceful place to visit in order to stay away from the city traffic and crowds. This is a compact and rich botanical garden offering a wide variety of beautiful flowers and is a real pleasure to visit during all seasons. This is a wonderful respite during Moscow winters and offers great value for money, and is a perfect place to get some fresh air.