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Moscow Weather in January, Russia

Moscow Averages January


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  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
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    1 hours
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    6 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    70 mm

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Moscow Daily Averages January

January 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg -3º 27º
2 Avg -4º 25º
3 Avg -3º 27º
4 Avg -6º 21º
5 Avg -7º 19º
6 Avg -12º 10º
7 Avg -13º
8 Avg -11º 12º
9 Avg -7º 19º
10 Avg -8º 18º
11 Avg -8º 18º
12 Avg -7º 19º
13 Avg -5º 23º
14 Avg -5º 23º
15 Avg -6º 21º
16 Avg -6º 21º
17 Avg -7º 19º
18 Avg -7º 19º
19 Avg -7º 19º
20 Avg -8º 18º
21 Avg -9º 16º
22 Avg -11º 12º
23 Avg -10º 14º
24 Avg -9º 16º
25 Avg -10º 14º
26 Avg -13º
27 Avg -9º 16º
28 Avg -5º 23º
29 Avg -3º 27º
30 Avg -8º 18º
31 Avg -6º 21º
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January Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Moscow in January


Moscow in January is bitterly cold, with an average temperature of -8°C, and highs and lows ranging from -6°C to -10°C. If you visit Moscow during this time of the year, get ready to brave heavy snow, ice and well-below freezing conditions.

In spite of the long, harsh cold, this time of the year in Russia is surreal. 

With a white blanket of knee-deep snow all over, the resort looks magical and almost straight out of a beautiful fairy tale!


In January, Moscow records 83 per cent humidity, making the temperature feel lower than it actually is. Though the resort records an average precipitation of about 52 mm, most of the precipitation in winter falls as snow. At most, you may experience just a day or two of rainfall.


Long known as the land of the snow, most of Moscow's snowfall happens in the month of January, when the resort endures at least 20 days of heavy, uninterrupted snow. Moscow's snow cover in January averages from 26cm to a maximum of 63cm during this time.

Sunshine Hours

With a rough average of about an hour of sunshine daily, the resort experiences about 8 hours of clear sunshine, 11 hours of partial sunshine and 12 hours of cloud overcast.


January is the windiest time of the year in Moscow.

With an almost constant wind speed during the month, the average wind speed remains around 0.3 miles per hour and 11.9 miles per hour all through. Also, the hourly average wind direction in January is predominantly from the west.

Dress Code

Russians take fashion seriously. It is imperative that you carry the right set of clothes to blend in with the locals and brave mighty cold weather conditions in style.

A long warm fur coat or puffy wool coat over a sweater matched with lined gloves and a pair of elegant, knee high waterproof boots helps keep you warm, cushioned, and provides much needed support. Don't forget thermal underwear, wool socks and a warm hat that covers your ears! They magically help keep you snug and cosy.

Click here for Moscow's weather forecast for the next 14 days. Also, to get an idea of annual weather averages for Moscow, follow this link.

Moscow Hotels in January

The Ritz Carlton

If you are looking for a grand place to spend a few nights, we recommend to you The Ritz Carlton luxury hotel for its upscale service. Conveniently located at a 3-minute walk from the nearest metro station and an easy 9-minute walk to the Red Square, this luxurious, top-rated hotel offers you great value for your money. Known most for some of the best city views ever, this place offers best-in-class features and amenities which include elegant rooms, club rooms with lounge access to snacks and drinks, upgraded suites with living/dining facilities, a fitness centre, a spa with an indoor pool, whirlpool tubs and kitchens, not to mention free Wi-Fi, flat screens, 24/7 room service and Nespresso machines. It also includes 2 classy restaurants, a plush rooftop bar, a sophisticated lobby lounge and a terrace overlooking the Red Square.

Vega Hotel and Contention Center

On the other hand, if you want to make living an affordable affair, the four-star rated Vega Hotel and Convention Center offers a wonderful range of amenities and comforts for highly reasonable prices. With around 1000 low-cost, modern guest rooms available, the hotel is equipped with facilities like a spa centre, four varied on-site restaurants, free-of-charge Wi-Fi access, fitness amenities, and modest, professional and courteous staff. This suite is located at a stone's throw distance of the Partizanskaya Metro, and a 15-minute ride distance from the Red Square and the Kremlin. With some of the most tasteful platters ever offered, the food here is diverse, with rich Russian and European influences.

The Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

The Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, offers a mix of luxury as well as affordability, and is well-rated for its high standards of customer service and reliability. With numerous international awards under its belt, this immensely stylish hotel is one of Moscow's tallest buildings. The key features of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy include exceptional accommodation and in-room amenities, delicious and diverse on-site dining, a fitness centre, spa, swimming pools, meeting rooms, and close proximity to Moscow's important tourist hotspots. With spacious, modern and wonderfully well-equipped rooms and bathrooms, the suites boast of plush and ergonomic interior and furnishings. Located along the banks of the Moskwa river, this place offers stunning riverside panoramic views and reliable hotel service. With an award winning bar to its credit, the hotel offers exquisite fine dining options to suite your palate. Moscow's major attractions are a quick 2-stop subway ride away from Pavelets Railway Station, located a few minutes away from the hotel.

The Metropol Hotel

The Metropol Hotel is another elegant option for a choice of accommodation. Its 365 guest rooms are classified into suites for standard, superior, grand superior, junior suite, deluxe and executive accommodation to suit your budget and preferences.  Located right opposite the Bolshoi theatre, this hotel in the historical heart of Moscow is at a stone's throw distance from Red square. This elegant marvel offers a modern, comfortable and memorable stay, and reeks of Russian history.

Bars and Restaurant

O2 Lounge

Delectable food, fabulous cocktails and a breath taking view- you'll find all this and more at the O2 Lounge. Food and drinks here are widely influenced by the Russian palate. The restaurant offers a sophisticated and luxurious dining experience, professional service and a great atmosphere. While prices are on the higher side, this is a great choice if you want to have a memorable dinner night at a fancy place. A great choice of cocktails, a unique and one-of-its kind food cart, impressive dishes and a mesmerizing view of the Red Square and Kremlin- this place is perfect and well-worth the splurge.


A great dining choice at the Gorky Park, 8Oz. café offers brilliant European and continental cuisine. 8Oz. has a quirky Bohemian feel to it, and is the perfect, cosy stop over on a cold winter evening. The lakeside family owned café, though a bit overpriced, has a rich and wide collection of alcoholic drinks, cocktails and teas. The food is equally delicious, with the must try's including chocolate wafers with curd cream, chocolate fondant, pizzas, salads, Thai food and fettuccine with medallions. The ambience is warm and welcoming, portions are large, and the service is quick, prompt and exceptional.


Another place you'd love for its wide assortment of cuisines and a brilliant view is Sixty. Offering inspiring menus across European, Mediterranean, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisines, the restaurant is open seven days a week from 12 in the noon, till the last guest leaves. Located on the 62nd floor of the Federation tower, Sixty is Europe's highest-placed restaurant. Everything from the décor to the food reflects Russian culture, and offers a great cultural experience. This is a great place to snuggle up with bunch of friends and spend the evening over a couple of drinks and deserts. Great décor, 3-sided panoramic view, fun atmosphere and pretty good food- Sixty has it all.


If you prefer a laid back, relaxed place, try Piccolino. This cosy, laid-back, family restaurant serves delicious, hearty portions rich in both quality and taste. With the décor and interior of a large country house, this is a perfect place to get down, relax and have a peaceful meal. If a homely restaurant is what you prefer, Piccolino is your best bet.

Things to do in Moscow in January

Red Square

Winters in Moscow can be magical. With snowy blankets all around, the place lights up with a cheery winter glow.

The first stop on top of every traveller's list must be the Red Square the historical heart of Moscow. This symbol of historical significance hosts a wide range of events all year through, but during the winters, it lights up to the Russian Winter festival- a series of celebrations that brings alive the splendour and charm of the Russian winter. The Moscow Russian Winter festival includes celebrations like the Russian Christmas (Jan 7th), Russian New Year and Russian Christmastide celebrations, and offers tourists a chance to experience orthodox Russian traditions. These celebrations often include a colourful Christmas market which is set around one of Moscow's largest ice rinks. Stunning fireworks light the sky on New Year's Eve, and this is a pure feast to the eyes. The Red Square also features an amusement park for kids, the Kremlin, the colourful and vivid St. Basil's Basilica and the GUM shopping centre. The Christmas market is great for take-home Russian souvenirs like Babushkas and Valenki, traditional clothing, accessories, food, ornaments and beverages.

Gorky Park

Another fun place to head to for the winter is the Gorky Park known for its famous ice rink and cross country skiing activities. The ice skating rink can comfortably host around 4000 skaters at a time and covers 18,000 square meters. Adjustable LED lights are installed under the ice and light up for a fun night-time light show. The atmosphere is lit up with a steady stream of western Christmas carols and classics, adding warmth and cosiness to the winter spirit. Russian ice sculptures draw major crowds here and the park is dotted with numerous cafes and restaurants to help you relax and replenish your energies.

Sanduny Banya

A Banya is a traditional Russian steam house that uses hot steam to cure colds, headaches, free the body of toxins and strengthen immunity. The Sanduny Banya is a large and popular Banya in Moscow often visited by celebrities, politicians, and locals alike, and is a great place to chill and rejuvenate after a long winter night in the city. This Banya also offers excursions and walks around Sanduny baths to help tourists understand the history and traditions associated with them. These excursions are exclusively held on Tuesdays starting from 16:00 hours and last for 90 minutes.

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