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Today - 18th April 2024

Sunrise 06:33


Sunset 19:49

18°C (63°F)
17°C (63°F)
17°C (63°F)

Tomorrow - 19th April 2024

Sunrise 06:33


Sunset 19:49

17°C (63°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (63°F)
17°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)

Type of holidays:

Families will make good use of the beaches, interesting tours and sightseeing opportunities.

The area also has a wide range of bars and nightclubs for anyone who comes to the island to party.

There are plenty of different types of accommodation on offer, from all-inclusive hotels to

 self-catering apartments.

Kos has it all!

Best times to visit:

Kos enjoys a Mediterranean climate, meaning there is pleasant weather throughout the year.

Summer, from April to September, is the main summer season in Kos. The weather is hot and sunny with little very little rain seen.

In the winter, which lasts from October to March, it can get chilly, especially at night, but temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

Good off-season deals can be found during these months for those who do not find the beach a top priority.

Excursions and trips:

A great way to see Kos is on the Katerina 3 Island Cruise boat tours. The tour includes many surrounding islands, with lunch included.

Eva Cruises is another excellent boat tour in the area.

While in Kos, sightseeing is a must. Tourists can not miss the Asklepion, commonly known as the birth place of modern medicine. Visitors have the option of taking a guided tour.

Popular sports and activities:

There are plenty of sports and activities to enjoy in Kos, particularly water sports in the summer.

Mountain biking is popular, either as part of a guided tour or by renting a bike and going out on your own.

Children and adults alike will enjoy a visit to the waterpark, Lido.

Or head indoors with a visit to the Folklore Museum and the Kos Museum.


Kos has many beaches, which are all different from one to another, so every beachgoer can find one that suits.

Younger travellers flock to Kardamenaâs two beaches for their sandy shores and busy shops and bars.

Magic Beach in Kefalos has a wide, flat shore that offers plenty of space for visitors to spread out under the sun.

Banana Beach has stunning scenery, with picturesque dunes and crystal-clear water.

Paradise Beach is popular among tourists thanks to the volcanic bubbles which can be seen and felt just off the coast.

The beaches of Kos Town are pebbly and narrow but still pretty.

Finally, for tourists who want solitude, they should look to beaches such as Selveri, Tingaki or Mastihari for less-travelled coastlines.


Kos has a vibrant nightlife that is perfect for the 18-30 party crowd.

Just like its beaches, Kardamena is filled with tourists who come to Kos specifically for the nightlife.

Downtown is a popular bar and the Starlight dance club hosts weekly foam parties in addition to amazing nightly parties.

Kos Town also offers some great bar and club venues.

Haman Bar was once the site of a Turkish bath and is now a late night music venue that offers traditional Greek entertainment.

In Lambi, too, there is Heaven, which is part outdoor terrace, part disco.

Most popular hotels and resorts:

Many of Kosâs resorts are tailored to suit adults as well as children.

Blue Lagoon Village is very child-friendly but also has an entire âadults onlyâ block of apartments, while other resorts, such as Elga Hotel  and Argyri Aparthotel, are for the 18-30 crowd.

All-inclusive treatment has never been better than it is at Oceanis Beach and Spa Hotel. The Club Magic Life resortâs all-inclusive package is ideal for those on a budget as there are no other charges.

Food and drink are commended constantly at places like Jackâs I and II, Imperial Thalasso, and Atki Beach Club.

Mythos Apartments and Chrysoula Apartments are both praised for their friendly service.

Staying at the Hotel Princess will give guests easy access to the hotelâs two pools and unique self-service bar, while Asteras Hotel will be a better choice for those looking for a well-rounded holiday complete with beach, fine dining and sightseeing.

The Sol Kipriotis Village boasts grounds that are sights to see in themselves, with tropical vegetation and garden-like views.

If a swimming pool is not a priority, then tourists should consider Stenna Apartments.

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