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21 Sep
UK Time: 10:18 BST
Local Time: 11:18 CEST
Partly Sunny
20°C (68°F)
7mph (11kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:38
  • Sunset 19:51
Temp feels like: 20°C (68°F)
Length of Day: 12h 13m
Pressure: 30" (1006 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 21st September in Barcelona

Average High 23°C (73°F)
Record High 27°C (81°F) (2014)
Average Low 16°C (61°F)
Record Low 11°C (52°F) (2000)

What's The Weather Like In Barcelona?

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. The weather is moderated by westerly winds from the Atlantic, and the city sits on an elevated plateau.

These factors combine to produce slightly cooler temperatures and higher rainfall than Spain's more southerly coastal resorts. Barcelona is also cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than areas further inland, as is to be expected from a coastal location.

Where Is Barcelona?

Barcelona sits onSpain's northeast coast, Costa Brava, the 'wild coast'.

Its position puts it in the path of many conflicting winds and weather systems, so the weather is hard to predict. Conditions often alter considerably from year to year. The coast is so named because of its tempestuous weather and also for its rugged appearance.

What Are The Seasons In Barcelona?

While summers are warm and mild weather continues into the winter months, there are still distinct seasons in Barcelona. 

How Hot Does It Get In Barcelona?

May can bring warm temperatures, as the May 2019 forecast shows, when it reached 19°C a few times in the last week.

Summer in Barcelona is considered to be June until August/September. September to November is autumn, with December to February winter. 

March until June sees lovely, temperate spring conditions in Barcelona. 

2020 - Warmest February On Record 

Heat recrods were broken in Spain 2020 when temperatures reached 27.9º on February 23. The highest February temoerature in the peninsula for over 100 years.

Does It Rain A Lot In Barcelona?

The highest amount of average rain falls in October, with 87mm. This is 12mm more than the September average. However, this drops dramatically to 34mm in November. 

Barcelona only sees an average of 51 days of rainfall a year, and you can still enjoy lovely warm days all year round.

Can It Rain All Day In Barcelona?

It doesn't normally rain for more than one or two days at a time.

But even in the winter months of January and February, you only get around three and five days of rainfall respectively. 

Year-round destination

It is such an interesting city that, whatever the weather, there is no bad time to visit. While it is most beautiful in the summer, if you come properly prepared for the cold and wet in the cooler seasons you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Spring weather in Barcelona

Spring - from March until May - is almost as wet as autumn but increasingly warm and sunny. The average high temperature climbs to 16°C in March, 18°C in April and 22°C in May.

From mid-April, sunny days have been known to reach up to 20°C. Night-times remain cool and only rise above 10°C in April.

The sun comes out for longer and longer, increasing to up to eight hours per day in May. Fog often develops and the wind can bring a cold edge to warm days.

Summer weather in Barcelona

How Warm Are Summers In Barcelona?

Summer, which lasts between June and September, is the most popular time to visit Barcelona. The season can expect heat and plenty of sunshine,

Highest Summer Temperatures

The highest temperature recorded in Barcelona was 37.4°C, on 27 August 2010. However, this is likely to change as heat waves continue to hit Europe. 

The average high temperature rises to a peak of around 28°C in July and August, hovering in the mid-20s in June and September.

In peak-season, the temperature can often stay up around 20°C. While low humidity and a steady breeze help keep the temperature comfortable. It can soar up into the mid-30s when weather systems move over from Africa.

Sunshine Hours

From June until August, you can expect nine or 10 hours of sunshine a day. September is slightly more overcast but still receives around seven hours per day.

While Barcelona is not generally seen as a beach destination, the heat and sun means the long, sandy beaches are packed with sunbathers in the summer months.

Sea Temperature In Barcelona In Summer

The sea temperature in Barcelona gets up to 26°C in August and is warm enough for swimming throughout the season.

How Much Does It Rain In Summer In Barcelona?

Rainfall is low at the start of summer, but as the season progresses and the heat builds, thunderstorms become frequent. 

September is the wettest month in Barcelona on average. However, even in September it only rains on around nine days. Rainfall is usually heavy and brief.

How Windy Is It In Summer In Barcelona?

The wind is strong during summer, leading to quite high waves for the Mediterranean. This lends itself to an array of watersports including sailing, windsurfing and surfing.

Autumn weather in Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona occurs in October and November and is initially warm and wet, but rainfall soon lessens and temperatures fall.

How Warm Is Barcelona In Autumn?

In October, the average high temperature falls to 23°C and you can expect six hours of sunshine. It rains quite frequently, with fog sometimes coming in from the sea. At night the temperature regularly gets down to 12°C.

November is much cooler, but still mild in the days, with an average high of 18°C (64F) and an average low of 9°C. Fog develops regularly but rain diminishes as the season progresses.

Winter weather in Barcelona

What's The Coldest Month in Barcelona?

December and January are usually the coldest months in Barcelona. December till February,can get old. The average high temperature falls to its lowest in December at 14°C, when the average low gets down to 5°C.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the city centre was -9.6°C in 1896 and  -6.7°C was recorded in 1956.

Does It Snow In Barcelona?

Christmas 1962

During Christmas 1962, there  was hit by a blizzard which dumped 50cm of snow in  the city and up to 1m of snow on the surrounding hills. This was the biggest snowfall since 1887.

March 2010

The biggest snowfall since 1962 occurred in March 2010.The public bus network shut down, forcing commuters to use the Metro, leading to huge queues. Many had to stay in hotels as it was too difficult to get home. The border with France was closed, resulting in 5000 cars and trucks being stranded.

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