Kos Weather March Averages, Greece

    • Temperature Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 14°C 57°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 9°C 48°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 14.1°C 57°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 13.3°C 56°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 6 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 76 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 9 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

    Kos Weather for March 2023

    What's the Weather like in Kos in March 


    March in Kos sees the increase in more suitable holiday weather as it is the start of the climb of temperature which hits its peak in the high season summer months. Along with that it is the start of the decline of rainfall and cloud coverage which also hits its peak low during the summer months. Although it is much better weather than the previous three winter months it is still a part of them in that it is still fairly cold at an average temperature of 12.2 C (54 F).

    During the first week of March the highs on average reach up to 13.3 C (56 F) as they continue their upward climb from the end of February. The lows are on the same trajectory as well at around 8.8 C (48 F) and since they both continue to rise this is the coldest part of the month. As the temperature goes up the rain goes down ushering in the month at around 43 44% chance which steeply falls by the day throughout March.

    The highs and lows around mid March are at 15 C (59 F) and 10 C (50 F) as the lows will not drop back down below 50 until the final week of December. The chance of rainfall falls to a range of around 34 36% which is almost a full 10% drop. The cloud coverage does not fall as steeply but rather more gradually as it puts up a resistance starting the month at around 62% and coming in at around 60% (partly cloudy) at mid month.

    As March comes to an end the highs finally break the barrier above 15.5 C (60 F) to 16.6 C (62 F) signifying an end to colder temperatures and the start of cool temperatures throughout the year. The lows break their barrier as well and end the month at around 11 C (52 F) on average making this the warmest part of March. Chance of rainfall ends the month at 32% which is a huge 10 to 12 % drop from January. Cloud coverage falls below the 60% mark ending the month at around 57% (partly cloudy) so there should be some nice breaks in clouds at this time of month.

    The average amount of rainfall in March is 76 mm divided unevenly into 9 days out of the month which means that about two thirds of the month should have great weather for being outdoors. Thunderstorms are still prevalent around this time, but start to drop at the end of the month with moderate or light rain being more probable to occur.

    As the cloud coverage drops and spring arrives, the average daily hours of sunshine rises two hours to 9 hours daily. This is great news for those who want to avoid the high season prices and crowds and enjoy some sun on the island. Also for those who love to swim, though the temperature is still pretty cold, the average sea temperature is around 16 C (61 F) which is the coolest of the year.

    Kos Hotels in March 

    Upon entering the island of Kos there may seem like there are many places to stay, but in reality most of the hotels near the main harbor and waterfront are usually all booked up. This may mean that you will need to stay at hotels that are more distant and find the appropriate transportation to Kos Town, but you may find that you like the less commercial villages better.

    For a nice place to stay try the village of Kefalos which may be distant from the main Kos Town, but all the more beautiful for it. The Kokalakis Beach Hotel is situated near the Western coastline close enough to walk to the beach or get a view from your window. This pleasant village is a nice part of Greece which far from the crowds may be the Greek experience you are looking for.

    For a modern touch of luxury try the double, triple, superior, or for couples the honeymoon rooms at Gaia Garden located by Lambi Beach near Kos Town. Become engulfed in a feeling of comfort with this hotel that has the main harbor, beach, and shopping centers within walking distance. Amenities include a garden, a magnificent pool area with an outdoor game and fitness center, and a restaurant with a lively outdoor bar.

    If you enjoy a luxury style resort with a focus on ultimate customer service try the Grecotel Kos Imperial located in Psalidi near Kos Town. This delightful hotel features free high speed internet and parking and a business center for those who can't stay away from work for long. The rooms are very decadent and have beautiful ocean and garden views with the added option of bungalows. Also don't forget to relax in their comforting salt water pool.

    Located on the waterfront is the majestic Kos Aktis Art Hotel which is walking distance to any major shopping or dining options on the island. The luxurious rooms face the Aegean Sea with great views in which you can see Turkey in the distance. Amenities include a gym, meeting room, bar, restaurant, shops, and an internet corner.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    As you explore the vast amount of culture and sights along this hidden gem of an island, you will most likely get hungry. The good news is that there are many places available to eat even though it is still considered winter season. The most popular and sure to be open restaurants and bars are in Kos Town, but there may be no need to go across the island if you are on one side as there is usually a restaurant or two along the coast in other villages. 

    Enjoy an authentic Greek cuisine experience in a building constructed in 1890 in Old Town at Elia Traditional Taverna in the heart of Kos. This cobblestone beauty has the look and feel of a café but with a full dinner menu. The fancy setting of tables and classy bar is a great way to end the night as you walk back to your hotel moon in the sky and waves clashing on the sand. Dishes include cheeses such as Pastourma and Gardoumpa and meats such as Spetsofai. 

    Another restaurant in the heart of Kos Town near the pier is Taverna Barbas which has a nice little outdoor setting on a main street. They serve great authentic Greek dishes with familiar sides such as French fries and the owner who calls himself "Nostress" is a friendly character sure to make you feel at home.

    Things to do in Kos in March 

    The weather in March is ideal for some outdoor sightseeing since there is not much rain throughout the month. There is many interesting sights to see of historical significance along with a mixture of nature bonding in Kos's countryside. Grab a bike at one of the islands numerous bike rental shops, take a private tour by car, or walk along the various trails and get lost in the perfection of form that is Kos.

    Visiting the Folklore Museum is an excellent way to relive Greek's past. Venture inside its cobblestone building to look at old farming tools and equipment, photos which capture the memories of Greek ancestors, and culturally decorated rooms which have all been donated by local residents.

    Venture into the beginning of Western medicine which has vastly impacted our lives at the Hippocrates Tree in Kos Town. This wise tree has been around for centuries and supposedly is the tree where Hippocrates (an ancient physician who is widely regarded as the father of Western medicine) taught his scholars about medicines. This tree is so old that it is kept up by scaffolding so that it will not fall down.

    For a wonderful souvenir to bring home visit the Olive Wood shop. The authentic olive wood is crafted flawlessly into almost any shape you can imagine, so be sure to pick up some durable and unique pieces. This place is family friendly and is handily located in the shopping centers of Kos Town.

    Head out to the Zia Village in Kos which is located on a mountain about 400 m above sea level. This village which is near the center of the island is home to the Kos Natural Park, which provides the most stunning panoramic views of the island and wildlife all in a peaceful country environment where your sure to feel at one with nature. The park has several small houses, shops, and a café, plus you'll have the chance to take some amazing photos. 

    For those who like the countryside, Kardamena village is a great place to go and enjoy the island's landscape. There you can ride horses along several equestrian trails with Rafaels Trail Riding. There are multiple paths you can choose for an added versatility such as the beach, the mountain, and the swim. The horses are well behaved and the instructors are well trained and patient with beginners. The best part about Rafaels Trail Riding is that each trail feels like its own adventure with different views and challenges. 

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