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Hotel Guide for Fuerteventura


Known as the island of winds and the island of fortunes, Fuerteventura is the second largest island and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canary Islands. The island's strong winds, coupled with its subtropical location, strike a perfect balance that creates ideal weather conditions all year round. Winter is virtually indistinguishable from summer and even though the island is full of lush vegetation, rain is rare. Fuerteventura is popular for its unique culture, which blends traditional Hispanic and Canarian elements with unpretentious charm.

The island boasts dozens of attractive beaches, world-famous sand dunes and unique flora, making it a protected biosphere reserve by UNESCO. There is something for everyone here in Fuerteventura, from sprawling golf courses and windsurfing world championships, to family-friendly theme parks and stunning secluded beaches. Fuerteventura attracts numerous holidaymakers throughout the year and has them returning time and again.

Budget Hotels in Fuerteventura

Hotel Arena

The Hotel Arena is an excellent budget resort for smart travellers who wish to stay in Fuerteventura for long periods of time without breaking the bank. The services are decent and the hotel itself is very clean, though basic.

Aparthotel Bahia Grande

Aparthotel Bahia Grande offers very affordable accommodation. The apartments are spacious and the quality is way above average.

Morasol Apartments

Located just 150 meters from the famous Costa Calma beach, the Morasol apartments offer family-friendly accommodation in 88 fully furnished apartments with great view over the ocean.

Punta Marina Apartment Complex

The Punta Marina apartment complex is located on top of a scenic hill in the southern part of Fuerteventura. The apartments are cheap but decent and the complex has one large pool and, plus it's just 50 meters away from the sea.

XQ El Palacete Hotel

The XQ El Palacete hotel offers budget accommodation with a commanding view over the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is small and offers only basic services, but it's well cared for, clean and inexpensive.

Self-catering Hotels in Fuertaventura

Fuentepark Apartamentos

Fuentepark Apartamentos offer spacious self-catering apartments, perfect for families. The complex is located a few meters from the coast of Corralejo and features lots of convenient services such as bike hire and multiple pools.

Apartamentos Dunas Club

The Apartamentos Dunas Club in Corralejo offer affordable self-catering apartments that come fully furnished with their own kitchen and separate bedrooms. The complex has a beautiful communal garden and a sizable swimming pool.

Castillo Playa

You can find decent, fully furnished apartments at the Castillo Playa. Perfect for self-catering holidays, the Castillo Playa is well kept and features lots of communal areas with activities that will appeal to young and old alike.

Aloe Club

A clean and beautiful self-catering resort, the Aloe Club features 103 fully furnished self-catering rooms that are perfect for families. The communal facilities include several swimming pools and many different sports facilities.

Oasis Royal Complex in Corralejo Fuerteventura

The Oasis Royal Complex in Corralejo Fuerteventura is a self-catering resort that offers multi-room apartments with a complete kitchen and everything else you might need. Situated in Corralejo's city centre the complex allows easy access to the town's many attractions.

All inclusive Hotels in Fuerteventura

Playa Park Club Hotel

The Playa Park Club hotel is a luxurious all inclusive resort that lies on Corralejo's beautiful beach. The resort is affordable and caters to elderly tourists and families travelling with children.

Riu Palace Tres Islas

The Riu Palace Tres Islas is an affordable all-inclusive hotel located near the sand dunes park of Corralejo. It features a solarium, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym, two swimming pools and many other amenities.

Riu ClubHotel Oliva Beach

Another Riu all-inclusive, the Riu ClubHotel Oliva Beach is a great choice for accommodation on La Oliva Beach. The hotel has two large swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a solarium terrace a gym and many other good facilities.

Barcelo Castillo Beach Resort

The Barceló Castillo Beach Resort a high-end all-inclusive hotel that is especially child-friendly. The hotel is famous for their infinity pool, one of the largest swimming pools in Fuerteventura.

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park

Located in the southern part of the island, the Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park hotel is a great all-inclusive choice for tourists visiting Jandia. The hotel is famous for its warm hospitality and its overall great value for money.

Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort

Located next to the famous sand dunes park of Corralejo, the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort is the ideal all-inclusive hotel for those wishing to fully experience the natural park.

Hotel Elba Carlota

 Hotel Elba Carlota is an all-inclusive resort that caters to golfers. The hotel is inexpensive and offers several golf-related amenities to visitors, including golf course packages with the island's golf clubs.

Sunrise Club Paraiso Playa

Sunrise Club Paraiso Playa is a large all-inclusive hotel with multiple sports facilities that include tennis courts, a fully equipped gym, a volleyball court, billiard table, surfing and sailing classes and more.

Barcelo Jandia Mar

Barcelo Jandia Mar is a 4-star all inclusive hotel on a hill overlooking the beach of Jandia. The hotel's rooms are spacious and the Barcelo Jandia Mar is also known for its decent restaurant and squeaky-clean spaces.

Cotillo Beach

Cotillo Beach is a tranquil and affordable all-inclusive hotel that is ideal for couples and elderly tourists. The hotel is situated inside the town of El Cotillo and is just minutes away from the town's pristine coast.

On the beach Hotels in Fuerteventura

Hotel Costa Caleta

A popular beach resort, the Hotel Costa Caleta is perhaps the most iconic hotel on Costa Caleta beach. There are numerous seaside activities just outside the hotel and it has recently become a hit with surfers and snorkellers.

Club Magic Life

Club Magic Life Fuerteventura Imperial is another resort that caters to sea sports enthusiasts. The hotel is situated right on the beach and there are numerous service providers offering watersports equipment for hire nearby.

Hotel Castillo San Jorge and Antigua

Hotel Castillo San Jorge and Antigua is a beachside resort that caters to families with children. Built to resemble a traditional Spanish "Castillo" the hotel also boasts a child-friendly pool.

H10 Tindaya Hotel

Located on Costa Calma at the southern part of the island, the H10 Tindaya Hotel is a beach hotel that is perfect for families with children. It allows direct access to the famous Costa Calma and also features a large pool that is suitable for children.

Elba Sara

Elba Sara is an all-inclusive beach hotel located on a kilometre-long beach in one of the most distinguished residential areas of the island. The hotel is super clean and attracts families as well as watersports enthusiasts.

Barcelo Jandia Playa Hotel

Barceló Jandía Playa hotel is located on the famous playa de Jandía beach and is a huge, newly-built hotel complex that specifically caters to tourists who wish to fully experience the southern beaches of Fuerteventura. This hotel has earned numerous distinctions and awards.

H10 Playa Esmeralda

H10 Playa Esmeralda Hotel is a modern beach hotel on Costa Calma. It sports 333 rooms, numerous restaurants and two swimming pools, in addition to offering great access to the best section of Costa Calma's beach.

Sunrise Taro Beach Hotel

The Sunrise Taro Beach hotel is located on Costa Calma's Taro beach and attracts watersports enthusiasts who come to the popular beach for surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving or sailing. The hotel hosts sports events on an almost daily basis.

Melia Gorriones Hotel

Located inside a protected natural area on the famous Sotavento beach, the Meliá Gorriones Hotel in Jandia is one of the most attractive beach hotels in southern Fuerteventura. The hotel is excellent and also features four swimming pools, a club, a restaurant and a spa.


Situated on one of the most attractive sections of Costa Calma, the Barlovento is a beach hotel catering to families and elderly tourists who seek some peace and quiet. This is the ideal hotel to enjoy some serious beach bumming.

Top end Hotels in Fuerteventura

Bahiazul Villas & Club

Bahiazul Villas & Club offers romantic villas with numerous exclusive features not found in any other resort on the island. Each villa comes with its own private swimming pool, its own modern Jacuzzi and a luxurious private terrace.

Riu Calypso

Riu Calypso is one of the most famous and well-recognised hotels on the whole island. Boasting top-tier amenities and situated on a breathtaking beachfront, the Riu Calypso will surely impress even the most demanding visitor.

Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real

Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real is another award-winning 5-star hotel in Fuerteventura. Even though it is luxurious, the hotel also caters to families who aren't afraid to pay something extra for excellence. The Atlantis' family rooms are considered as the best 4-bedroom accommodation on the island.

Sunrise Costa Calma Palace

A luxurious and charming hotel, the Sunrise Costa Calma Palace is the leading 5-star resort on Costa Calma. The hotel offering access to the most pristine strip of beach on Costa Calma and boasts numerous sports facilities, dwarfs most other hotels around in terms of amenities.

Hotel and Villas Oasis Rural Villaverde

Built upon the ruins of an old, Hispanic estate, the Hotel and Villas Oasis Rural Villaverde is a magnificent rural hotel complex that offers luxurious accommodation. The hotel's rooms feature lavish furniture and the Villas are even more extravagant, offering exclusive services and total privacy.

Hotels with a Spa in Fuerteventura

Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf and Spa Resort

Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort has something for everyone. Sporting one of the largest hotel spas in Fuerteventura and even having its own golf course, the Sheraton is an enormous hotel complex with 4 different restaurants.

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace is a popular 4-star hotel in Jandia. The hotel has its own fully equipped spa and a VIP, members-exclusive relaxation area where people staying at the hotel can receive massage and enjoy top-tier spa services at their leisure.

Hotel R2 Pajara Beach

Located on Costa Calma, the Hotel R2 Pajara Beach is a family-friendly hotel that boasts a spa that's also suitable for children of all ages. The hotel's casual spa includes heated pools, Jacuzzis, massage services and more.

Sercotel R2 Rio Calma

Another popular resort at southern Fuerteventura, the Sercotel R2 Rio Calma is a 4-star hotel on Costa Calma. The hotel has neo-colonial architecture, features 384 rooms and its relaxing spa truly sets it apart from most other hotels in the area.

Barcelo Castillo Beach Resort

Perfect for families as well as active windsurfers, Barceló Castillo Beach Resort is a 4-star hotel located on the Caleta de Fuste beach. The hotel's spa offers exclusive thalassotherapy sessions in sea water pools, as well as a number of other high end spa services.

Family friendly Hotels in Fuerteventura

Hotel Fuerteventura Princess

Perfect for families with children, the Hotel Fuerteventura Princess is a popular hotel in the town of Corralejo. The hotel has child-friendly swimming pools and various other family-oriented amenities.

Hotel Faro Jandia

Towered over by the Morro Jable lighthouse, Hotel Faro Jandia is a family friendly hotel on Jandia. This calm and relaxing resort offers a number of children-friendly amenities and is considered a "hidden gem" by tourists who keep coming back every year.

Elba Palace

A newly-built, family-friendly hotel, the Elba Palace is the ideal resort for golfers visiting Fuerteventura with their families in tow. Golfers can enjoy golfing excursions while everyone else can relax in Elba Palace's spacious lounges.

Cotillo Palace

Family-friendly apartments don't get much better than the Cotillo Sunset. With just 34 beautiful studios, this easygoing apartment complex in El Cotillo attracts families with its amazing sunset vista and calm atmosphere.

El Patio de Lajares

El Patio de Lajares hotel offers family-friendly budget accommodation in La Oliva. This is a small hotel built to resemble a traditional Hispanic inn and its layout is a great hit with children of all ages.

Aldiana Fuerteventura Hotel

Aldiana Fuerteventura hotel gives visitors a chance to enjoy great family holidays with a touch of German style. This German-themed hotel attracts mostly European families who socialise, relax and have fun together in a friendly atmosphere.

Jandia Princess

Jandia Princess is a family-friendly all-inclusive resort at the southern side of the island. The hotel has 512 rooms with view over the Atlantic Ocean and offers several children-friendly activities including, children's animation mini-cinemas, several playgrounds, babysitting services, a mini-club for kids 4-2 years of age and more.

Sol Jandia Mar Aparthotel

Offering quiet and comfortable apartments to families, the Sol Jandia Mar Aparthotel is located just meters away from the beach of Jandia in southern Fuerteventura. Built literally inside a subtropical forest, the Sol Jandia Mar Aparthotel features its own restaurant, a child-friendly swimming pool and several other facilities for children.

Romantic Retreat Hotels in Fuerteventura

Barcelo Corralejo Bay

Barcelo Corralejo Bay is an adults-only hotel in Corralejo. It is located mere metres from the town's coast and its close proximity to the natural dunes park makes it an idyllic location for couples.

VIK Suite Hotel Risco del Gato

VIK Suite Hotel Risco del Gato offers spacious and elegant apartments in a scenic location. This hotel attracts newly weds and couples on romantic getaways thanks to the privacy of its apartments.

R2 Bahia Playa

Located in a quiet village on the Tarajalejo beachfront, the R2 Bahia Playa is a truly romantic hotel. The serene atmosphere allows visitors to hear the waves caressing the shore and really sets the mood for the perfect romantic getaway.

Hotel Esquinzo Beach Fuerteventura

Hotel Esquinzo Beach Fuerteventura is an attractive hotel that caters to couples who wish some peace and quiet in Jandia. The hotel features European-style architecture and is famous for its hospitality and discretion.

Boutique & B&Bs in Fuerteventura

Best Age Fuerteventura 

Best Age Fuerteventura is a pretty 4-star hotel located near the centre of Pajara close to Costa Calma. This is an adults-only hotel with unique style that attracts mostly Brits and Germans. The rooms are clean and breakfast is hearty.

IFA Altamarena

IFA Altamarena overlooks the popular Jandia beach and is a compact hotel with clean and tidy rooms that offer great value for money. Most visitors are adults but some families do stay at IFA Altamarena, too.

Hotel Atlantis Dunapark

Located in the centre of Corralejo, Hotel Atlantis Dunapark is a pretty boutique hotel that gives visitors unrestricted access to every attraction the town of Corralejo has to offer. A great number of the island's top bars and restaurants are located just around the hotel and Corralejo's lovely beach is just a few minute's walk away.

Sunrise Monica Beach

Sunrise Monica Beach hotel boasts a spectacular palm garden and offers a number of sports activities to tourists staying there. Local entertainment venues are available on a daily basis including live music shows and fiestas.

Hotels Near the Airport in Fuerteventura

Infiniti Fuerteventura

Infiniti Fuerteventura is cleverly located along all major roadways of the island and close to the airport, making it one of the best airport hotels and the ideal choice of accommodation for tourists who wish to have easy access to the whole island.

Las Marismas de Corralejo

Las Marismas de Corralejo hotel is located outside the town of Corralejo and is just minutes' drive away from the local airport. The hotel caters mostly to families and intermittent travellers, and is also known for having one of the largest swimming pools in the whole island.

Cala del Sol hotel

Conveniently close to the airport the Cala del Sol hotel is located in the beautiful Las Playitas. This family friendly hotel is right next to a long sandy beach.