Fuerteventura Weather March Averages, Canary Islands

What's the weather like in Fuerteventura in March


March sees the end of winter and for many resorts the beginning of high season in Fuerteventura. This month is decidedly warmer than winter months and temperatures will be trending upwards from March until September.

Average Daytime Temperature

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    • Temperature Temperature 18°C 64°F
    • High Temperature Holiday Weather 22°C 72°F
    • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 16°C 61°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hrs
    • Rainfall Rainfall 12 mm
    • Rainfall days Rainfall days 2 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 18°C 64°F

    Fuerteventura Weather for March 2019

    What's the weather like in Fuerteventura in March


    March sees the end of winter and for many resorts the beginning of high season in Fuerteventura. This month is decidedly warmer than winter months and temperatures will be trending upwards from March until September.

    Average Daytime Temperature

    Temperatures rarely drop below 14 degrees during March and historical data indicates that daytime high peaks don't go above 21; maintaining a comfortable temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold for comfort. 

    Improving Weather Conditions 

    During the last few years, temperatures in Fuerteventura has been steadily rising and this rise is most felt during the month of March. Once considered an off-season month, more and more people (and local resorts) treat March as the advent of the tourist season due to the ever-improving weather conditions enjoyed at this time of year.

    Average Sea Temperature

    In March, you can happily dip into the azure waters around the island as the seawater temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees - even during night time. Warm sea currents coming from places in Africa, such as Marsa Alam, keep the waters around the island warm throughout the month of March.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    The sun shines for 10 hours every single day and clouds are a rare sight. It only rains in 3 days during the whole months and rainfall comes in short bursts that barely amount to 20mm of total precipitation. Hot winds blowing from the Sahara desert ensure that clouds rarely linger long over the island.

    Fuerteventura Hotels in March

    Las Marismas de Corralejo

    Las Marismas de Corralejo hotel is a located just 5 minutes from Corralejo and offers easy access to the island's main roads. It's clean and quiet, catering mostly to families and elderly tourists rather than partygoers. The Las Marismas is famous for having one of the largest swimming pools in the whole island.

    Bahiazul Villas & Club Hotel 

    For somewhere suitably romantic, Bahiazul Villas & Club hotel won't disappoint. The resort offers amazing value for money for those willing to spend a bit extra and boasts private villas each with an exclusive swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a private sun terrace.

    Hotel Arena Hotel

    Located in the heart of Corralejo, Hotel Arena is an excellent all-inclusive resort that caters to budget travellers who wish to stay in Fuerteventura for more than a week without breaking the bank. The services are decent and the hotel is very clean.

     Apartamentos Dunas Club Hotel

    If you are looking for affordable, self-catering apartments for a long, hassle-free stay in Fuerteventura, then look no further than Apartamentos Dunas Club. The club offers cosy and spacious multi-room apartments that overlook a pretty garden with a large swimming pool.

    Fuerteventura Beaches in March

    Las Playas de Punta Prieta 

    Las Playas de Punta Prieta is a popular beach that's 450 meters long and 65 meters wide. The beach comprises fine, golden sand and large boulders. Despite the moderate surf, this beach is still child-safe thanks to the safety signal flags and excellent lifeguard services.

    Playa del Bajo del Medio

    Playa del Bajo del Medio is a small, popular beach in La Oliva. It spans only 100 meters and is 30 meters in width. The beach has white sand with large grains. It has minimal surf and smooth waves, making it ideal for families and elderly visitors.

    Bars and Restaurants in Fuerteventura in March 

    5th Avenue 

    5th Avenue is a romantic Spanish-themed restaurant ideal for couples who wish to dine in discreet style. The food, even though authentically Spanish is never too spicy (unless requested) and the menu strikes a fine balance between familiar and exotic tastes.

    Casa Marcos Restaurant 

    Casa Marcos Restaurant is a rustic and cosy restaurant that features small, child-friendly private dining rooms. The restaurant is famous for preparing regular recipes in special ways (for example, ball-shaped omelettes) and offers a large terrace with relaxing view.

    Miami Ice 

    Miami Ice is an all-inclusive bar located in Corralejo. The combination of affordable drinks, great music and numerous entertainment options make Miami Ice one of the most popular downtown bars. Located behind the Atlantico Centre, the bar caters mainly to Brits.

    Things to do in Fuerteventura in March

    The View Hotel

    One of the most popular activities in March on the island is golf played at Corralejo's famous The View Hotel  and the Corralejo golf club. The club is seated in a magnificent Hispanic villa and is active throughout the year. The Mirador de Lobos is a 9-hole, par-3 course boasting a unique trail through Fuerteventura's natural landscape.

    Three of the holes are affected by water and three more are highly technical. The course spans 673 meters and is located inside the Residential Parque Natural area of Corralejo. The area also includes a practice area and putting greens to test your skills and warm up before your round.

    Jeep Safari Tour 

    Fuerteventura is a large and mostly untouched island with few roads, so travellers who wish to truly explore the land should book up on a Jeep Safari tour across the island. There are only a handful of providers offering Jeep Safari tours and the tours are not available every month of the year. You can book Safari tours through the official Fuerteventura website or on the spot, when you arrive at the airport. Jeep tours include trailing across dirt roads and going off-road to explore the natural wonders of Fuerteventura, including the famous sand dunes of Corralejo.

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