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About Denmark

The southernmost of the Nordic countries are Denmark, home to the âhappiest people in the World. Denmark is a low lying country with a temperate climate, winters are not overly cold and summers are relatively cool. In the height of summer, the average temperature sits at 15 degrees and winter sees an average of 0 degrees Celcius.

The countryâs capital, Copenhagen, has been voted the 3rd most livable city in the worldâ by a European magazine and sees mild conditions year round. Summer in Copenhagen sees the city witness average maximums of a pleasant 19 to 22 degrees, and winter sees average minimum temperatures of -3 degrees and 1 degree in February and December respectively, maximums of about 2 degrees.

Denmark, like other Scandinavian countries, is affected by the varying sunlight that is typical of regions in northern latitudes, however, it doesnât see the light and dark extremes that parts of Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway see. During the middle of winter, the sun will rise at 9.30AM and set again come 4.30PM, and the height of summer sees the sun rising at 3.30AM and setting again at 10 PM.