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Bahia Feliz Weather in August, Spain

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Along with July, August is the height of summer in Bahia Feliz. August is one of the hottest months in this small village located on the southern coast of Gran Canaria, which is part of the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria's location off the coast of North Africa makes it an ideal location for holidaymakers from across Europe. While the mainland Spain can experience extreme, sometimes unbearable heat in August, the weather in Bahia Feliz, is made bearable by the surrounding seas, which regulate the air temperature there.

Very similar to the temperatures in July, the average temperatures in August reach 26°C (79°F) by day, with an average low temperature of 20°C (68°F), mostly due to falling temperatures overnight. The average high temperature is 27°C (81°F), which is perfect for a day in and near the water.

Speaking of water, throughout August the sea temperatures near Bahia Feliz continue to rise. While the warmest water temperatures are during September, August still experiences an average sea temperature of 22°C (72°F). This is easily warm enough for any kind of water sport or swimming in the nearby resorts.

August in Bahia Feliz is dry. Any type or form of precipitation is extremely rare during August. Most Augusts are completely rain-free throughout the entire month. There is an average of 1 wet day during the month, although the average precipitation is 0 mm. Visitors can reasonably expect each day of their holiday to be filled with bright sunshine, as even cloud cover is uncommon. Despite the lack of rain, afternoons spent outdoors in Bahia Feliz can be comfortable with a consistent, cool breeze providing some relief from the sun.

During the days of August, sunshine is reliable and plentiful. While the long days of summer are just starting to fade by the end of August, there are, on average, 11 hours per day with bright sunshine.

Where to Stay

One of the most stunning beaches in southern Gran Canaria has to be Playa de Amadores outside Mogan in southern Gran Canaria. While the town of Mogan is on the southwestern coast of Gran Canaria, and Bahia Feliz is located in the centre of the southern side of the island, it is an easy drive through Maspalomas to connect the two towns. Visitors who want to be closer to the stunning Playa de Amadores must stay at Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa. Just as Playa de Amadores is a better beach among great ones, Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa is a standout among the fantastic hotels near Bahia Feliz. Overlooking the ocean and with a large, stunning swimming pool there is not a better place to beat the heat of August. In addition, the interesting, stone architecture seamlessly blends into the natural landscape of southern Gran Canaria.

August is pulsing in the towns near Bahia Feliz, and anyone who wants to stay near but not directly in the action may be interested in the resort of Seaside Sandy Beach. The 4-star resort is located between Bahia Feliz and Maspalomas, right on the coastline. The hotel does its best to create a relaxing and serene stay without losing the lively atmosphere that builds around its private pool. The rooms are comfortable and charming, with a touch of contemporary design, while the rest of the hotel is filled with lush vegetation and nods to Moorish architecture.

To truly feel away from it all, guests should stay in the quaint Apartmentos Playa Feliz in Bahia Feliz. The adorable white and blue apartments are arranged around the swimming pool on a good-sized complex. The apartment/hotel complex allows guests to choose between an all-inclusive option, half-board or self-catering for a stay at the accommodation. There are both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available, and the apartment complex has facilities for swimming, aerobics, water polo and a fitness centre.

What to Do

For visitors who are prepared to do something extreme while on holiday, look no farther than Canarias eXtreme Sports and Adventure in Playa del Ingles. The company strives to offer exciting and new tours and adventure sports, whether on land or out on the water. One option at Canarias eXtreme Sports and Adventure is to take a buggy tour. Along with a guide, visitors go off-road in the caged 4x4 vehicles through the gorgeous scenery around the towns of southern Gran Canaria. Also available are tours to go skydiving, parasailing, take a helicopter tour, go canyoning or participate in a rock climbing adventure.

From May to September Gran Canaria is a great place for big-game deep-sea fishing. There are also opportunities to bottom fish right off the coast of the island. The best ports for deep-sea fishing are located a short drive from Bahia Feliz in Pasito Blanco and Puerto Rico. There are several companies that offer deep-sea fishing trips, or other types of fishing for those who are interested. It is recommended to compare several quotes before choosing a tour operator. However, some companies for big-game fishing include Marlin Canaria Sea Fishing and White Marlin.

Hit the Beach

Visitors who truly want to take advantage of the beautiful sand and sea in southern Gran Canaria head to Playa de Maspalomas. Here golden sand softly leads to unexpectedly warm ocean waters. While the city of Maspalomas is larger, the beach in this southwestern corner of Gran Canaria can be considerably quieter than its rowdy neighbour Playa del Ingles. This is due in part to the location of the Maspalomas Sand Dunes. The sand dunes sit directly in front of the beach and dissuade many people, especially the elderly and those with children, from adventuring to the seashore at Maspalomas. However, a quieter beach is the reward for those who are physically capable and willing.

Where to Eat & Drink

Often, those on holiday in Bahia Feliz are content to enjoy the quiet and calm of this small resort. The nights are relaxed and small cafes offer dinner and drink options for every taste. The environment remains decidedly laidback, but restaurant options such as, El Bellotero offer indoor and outdoor seating and quality service. El Bellotero is located on the plaza in the centre of Bahia Feliz, and the variety of menu options means everyone will find something to order. Also, El Bellotero is a good choice for those who are gluten intolerant.

Likewise, Bahia Grill is a relaxed ambiance for al fresco dinning. Located along the sea, rather than in the town centre, Bahia Grill has consistently good food and a knowledgeable staff. It isn't a surprise that the seafood dishes come highly recommended, particularly the prawns in bacon. The sangria also flows freely at this traditional place.

However, those who do want a more lively nightlife experience usually head to Playa del Ingles, and usually these visitors end up at Eiffel Bar. Oliver and Fabien of Eiffel Bar have quite the reputation across southern Gran Canaria a reputation for friendly and wonderful service. Even one-time visitors receive a warm welcome that is genuine and feels like these bar owners are long-time friends. Oh, and the cocktails are excellent.