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Antalya is enjoying a growing reputation as one of the hottest (and we don't just mean in terms of the wonderful weather) tourist destinations in Turkey and Europe. This region, also known as the Turkish Riviera because of its spectacular natural beauty, is attracting travellers from across the globe. The burgeoning tourism industry is keeping up and building new luxury hotels and remodelling Turkish homes to accommodate tourists flocking to the region. When planning your holiday to Antalya you can rest assured that there is a plethora of great places to stay - you just need to take your pick!

In Antalya

One popular three-star hotel is the Hotel Lunay in Antalya. This hotel is friendly, comfortable and has amenities like substantial breakfasts, balconies for many rooms, and a swimming pool. If you book with this hotel, it is recommended to call ahead to ask for a room that overlooks the nearby park. The views from these rooms will be more gorgeous and it will also be quieter than the rooms that overlook the street.

But if you'd like to stay where the action is there is the Atici Pansiyon hotel in the city of Antalya. This small hotel is cosy and budget-friendly without sacrificing comfort. The hotel is conveniently located within the city so you can easily walk to numerous attractions and eateries throughout Antalya and save money on transportation costs.

The Blue Sea Garden Hotel is a traditional Ottoman-style home transformed into a hotel. This small building only has 16 rooms, all of which are have air-conditioning. Each guest is invited to enjoy breakfast and meals in this hotel's courtyard complete with orange and palm trees.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Tutav Adalya Hotel is one of the most luxurious and opulent in Antalya. Considered both beautiful and a great bargain, this hotel is located conveniently in Kaleici, or the Old Town region of the city. Of course, because the hotel is located in the oldest part of town, the walk to it with luggage can be quite difficult due in part to the winding, cobbled streets and the hilly nature of the area.

Ideal for families, the Sea Life Resort has a range of apartments that you can make your home while on holiday. This hotel is located within the city of Antalya and not on a beach so you can plan to save money by booking there. Of course, because of its "budget" status, there will be some amenities that are not included in the features. However, it does have a pool so your little ones can take a dip if they would like.

Club Hotel Falcon is also an exquisite resort in Antalya. This hotel has views of the Mediterranean Sea so you can sun yourself by the pool while looking at the sea. The Club Hotel Falcon has countless luxurious amenities including a gym, Turkish spa, a full-service restaurant and even entertainment programming at night.

On the other hand, the Selvi Hotel is a budget-friendly accommodation for those who want to stay within the downtown or historic area of Antalya. The hotel has basic rooms at reasonable prices but these are best suited for single or young travellers. The hotel is most popular with German and Russian travellers and anyone who just uses the hotel as a stopping point between adventures. But regardless of demographics, the staff is friendly and willing to help guests with any requests they may have.

Another excellent hotel option in the city of Antalya is the Kleopatra Royal Palm. This all-inclusive hotel is located within a quick walk of local attractions if you want to leave this luxurious resort which is just metres from the famous Kleopatra Beach. With two standard sizes of room, a normal size and one for families, but they all include amenities like balconies, TVs, minibars, air conditioning, satellite TV and a safe. Each room has either a view of the Mediterranean Sea or the hotel's gardens.

On the other hand, the Hotel Metur in Antalya is highly regarded for its sleek design and modern amenities. Its fashionable décor will contribute to a more expensive bill but it could be worth it depending on your values. Many travellers hold this hotel in a special place in their hearts for its convenient location within the city and its extremely friendly staff so they become frequent or regular guests.

Outside Antalya

In the city of Alanya, the Acar Hotel offers a welcomed break from the more crowded hotels in Antalya proper. The hotel is intended for the budget traveller so it won't ruin your plans. Each room is comfortably outfitted with air conditioning, a small balcony and a TV for use. It has every amenity you'd expect at a very reasonable price that has led many travellers to come back to it year after year.

In Side, the Linda Hotel is another great option for the money-conscious guest. It's popular with honeymooners and frequented by German and Dutch travellers so many of its employees speak German but few speak English. If you are hesitant about a possible language barrier, call ahead to get an understanding for the staff's willingness to cater to English-speaking tourists.

For access to a Blue Flag beach, the Belek Beach Resort Hotel in Belek is a great option for young tourists. This sophisticated resort has a wide variety of amenities available to its guests including comfortably outfitted rooms with balconies. Along with its close location to a lovely beach, the resort also has a large pool and entertainment programming. The hotel has foam parties and nightlife that makes it best suited to young or rambunctious travellers.

Unlike many in the region, the Primera Hotel & Apart in Alanya is not located on a beach. If instant access to a beach is not high on your priority list, this hotel is great because the city location means it will have significantly lower rates than those on the beach. But it is not any more than 600 metres from the beach. Beyond the lack of a beach view, the hotel is on bus routes and near many major attractions in the city.

For a hotel with a broader appeal, the Grand Seker Hotel in Side has rooms and a quieter environment that appeals to most travellers. This four-star resort has several pools, including one with waterslides, and access to beautiful sandy beaches, which makes it popular with kids and adults alike. Inside are one large buffet style restaurant and three smaller eateries. There are also seven bars for guests to enjoy and only one charges a cover.       

Reasonable and unassuming, the Belkon Club Hotel in nearby Serik is a hotel that's ideal to escape the hectic and more expensive hotels in Antalya. This hotel is truly budget-friendly. The hotel does have an attentive staff that will strive to answer your questions and meet your needs as they arise. And despite being a budget hotel, the Belkon Club Hotel does have a bar within its grounds and a restaurant.

Another option for budget accommodations is the Mesut Hotel in Alanya. While regarded a fine value for the money, the Mesut Hotel doesn't come without complaints. Online reviews argue that this resort is a great value but it is not as new or luxurious as many others in the area. If you are planning on spending ample time in your hotel room, this may be an issue. 

On the other end of the affordable spectrum, the Temple Side has ample rooms and amenities. Located in the city of Side, this hotel has 46 rooms, a 24-hour staffed front desk, air conditioning in every single room, laundry facilities and even restaurants and bars with in its grounds and just outside of them. Despite not being located in the large city of Antalya, there is a large number of activities within walking distance of the hotel. It is by selecting a hotel not in Antalya that you can plan to save additional money.

Situated in the nearby Alanya, the Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is less crowded than many resorts within Antalya and slightly more affordable, depending on the time of year. This well-appointed hotel is popular with Russian and German tourists, as most hotels are in the area. In addition to catering to the large amount of tourists that do not speak English, this hotel appeals to parties of all ages and activity levels including children or people with limited activity. And like many hotels in the area, the Long Beach Resort has access to a beach and a spa and bar within its grounds.

Also in Alanya, the Elyssee Garden Hotel is a more affordable option. As mentioned earlier, many hotels in Antalya, mirroring the nature of Turkish tourism, are popular with Russian and German travellers. Because of this, many hotels have more staff that speaks Russian and German than English. The Elyssee Garden Hotel is no different. However, if the potential language barrier does not discourage you, this budget hotel will help your wallet so the rest of your holiday can be more luxurious.

Located in the less populated city of Beldibi, the Selcukhan Hotel is a less-frequented but lovely hotel.  This current and comfortable option has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains in the area. But best of all, because this hotel is not located in one of the large cities in the region, the rates will be slightly lower than those in Antalya. What you save on a hotel, you'll be able to put towards transportation and activities.

The Gold Safran Hotel in Alanya is a hotel with mixed reviews. Many enjoy this hotel for its great prices and convenient location right on the beach. Because the hotel is economical, there are bound to be issues where you save money. If you have concerns about cleanliness or staff attentiveness because of these reviews, call ahead to discuss the hotel with the staff to learn about any reasons that may be impacting this.

The Caesar Temple Hotel, located near Belek, is one of the few themed resorts in the region. The hotel is themed in the ancient Roman motif and in accordance; the hotel boasts fine Italian cuisine in its restaurants. Be warned, hotel is also quite large and feels very corporate. But because it is located outside of the city of Antalya, you have the potential to save money.

The Arabella Hotel in Incekum is a popular affordable choice. The Arabella is within a convenient walk of the beach without having to pay the premium that you find at other resorts. This hotel is relatively off of the beaten path so it has fewer British and Northern European tourists than others, which may seem impossible to beat.

The Jasmine Beach Resort has some truly spectacular views of the Turkish countryside. Located in the small village of Turkler, this resort has modern amenities without the bill of a larger city. The hotel is true to its moniker and sits directly on the Mediterranean shores. Similar to many other hotels in the area, because the hotel is not in Antalya, you can't plan on the staff to speak English. If it will help put your mind at ease, call ahead to the hotel to learn about their willingness to accommodate English-speaking tourists.