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Tomorrow - 21st July 2024

Sunrise 05:54


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With its location on the southern coast of Turkey, nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya has access to some of the finest beaches in the region. Lovingly known as the Turkish Riviera, these beaches are well maintained and not as busy as some of the beaches in other parts of the Mediterranean. Throw in fantastic weather to boot and you've got yourself a fantastic beach holiday.

Despite how crowded Turkish beaches can get during the summer season, they will not be staffed with lifeguards. So, exercise caution and keep in mind that these shores can have dangerous tides that may not be well publicised.

The waters in Antalya are generally warm throughout the year but there is a definite cold season that will not be recommended for swimming. From November through March, the waters of the Mediterranean will be brisk. While the water will never freeze or dip into what would be considered winter temperatures in Northern Europe, swimming in the sea during the winter should be done with caution. Prolonged exposure to the cooler temperatures can be detrimental to anyone with weakened conditions or sensitivity.

The quintessential beach in Antalya is Lara Beach. This long stretch has fine, white sand and bright water; it could be one of the most attractive beaches in all of Turkey. Because of its beauty and size, there are numerous all-inclusive resorts dotting its shores. If you do not book a stay at one of these all-inclusive resorts, there will still be public areas through which you can access the beach.

The beach that may be the first on everyone's mind and to-do list is the Mermerli Beach. This beautiful stretch of sand is conveniently located within the city of Antalya itself. Just a short walk from the Kaleici and Harbour District, this small cove has soft sand set against vibrantly coloured water. The buildings and ruins of the city also juxtapose against the rocky cliffs on which they are built. It is a truly unique place.

One popular beach near Antalya is the Cirali Beach. Cirali is a small village on the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful sandy shores. The beach is near ancient ruins and is a World Wildlife Fund protected area because of its loggerhead sea turtles habitats. There are also hiking paths to and from the beach area if you are feeling adventurous.

Side Beach is one of the largest and most frequented beaches in the area. As you may guess, with a well-liked location near the city of Side, outside of Antalya, this beach is very popular with tourists but is not terribly crowded. If you are staying outside of Antalya or looking for an adventure out of the city, this beach is enough to warrant a trip. Because of its large size, you will almost certainly be able to find a spot on this beach to relax if you arrive early enough. And if you grow weary of the beach or crowds, you can explore some of the Roman ruins that dot the area around the beach.

Regarded as one of the best beaches in Turkey, the Patara beach is also incredibly popular. There is quite a drive to get to this beach but it could be very worth your time if you don't mind the ride. This beach is 20 km long so there is ample room for relaxing, in your own space, away from others. However, the beach does not have shade so you may want to bring a hat or rent an umbrella.

A popular beach closer to the city of Antalya is the Kemer Beach. Located in a fairly new resort town, the beaches here have large pebbles rather than sand. This beach is rather isolated so making a trip to it should be planned with a large block of time. It is not as conveniently located near other attractions as others so if you travel to this beach, it will likely be the main item on your agenda. Of course, that also means the beach will be less crowded.

Unlike Kemer Beach, Konyaalti Beach, which is closer to Antalya, has beautiful fine sand. This beach is almost miles long and set against beautiful rocky cliffs and mountains. The contrast of soft sand, peaceful water and rocky formations are sincerely stunning.

Considered one of the finest beaches in the area, Olimpos is a quiet, less frequented beach. Due in part to its location around 79 km away from Antalya, Olimpos is guaranteed to be less busy than its counterparts closer to the resorts. On the positive side, the beach is much more romantic and magical. The beach is nestled amidst forested mountain ridges that conceal ancient Roman ruins.

Found near the resort town of Alanya, the beach of the same name has some of the region's best beaches. The town boasts a medieval Turkish fort on its hillsides, which are easily visible from the beaches. Because of this, you should definitely bring a camera if you travel to Alanya beaches because it'll be a combination that is hard to find anywhere else.