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Tallinn Weather in November, Estonia

Tallinn Averages November


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    16 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    55 mm

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Tallinn Daily Averages November


November 2024
1 Avg 39º
2 Avg 41º
3 Avg 43º
4 Avg 43º
5 Avg 41º
6 Avg 41º
7 Avg 41º
8 Avg 39º
9 Avg 41º
10 Avg 41º
11 Avg 43º
12 Avg 37º
13 Avg 39º
14 Avg 37º
15 Avg 37º
16 Avg 37º
17 Avg 39º
18 Avg 36º
19 Avg 37º
20 Avg 36º
21 Avg 37º
22 Avg 36º
23 Avg 34º
24 Avg 36º
25 Avg 36º
26 Avg 32º
27 Avg 37º
28 Avg 34º
29 Avg -1º 30º
30 Avg -3º 27º
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November Weather Averages

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Weather lowdown

November is definitely the low tourist season in Tallinn, Estonia. This is a month of low temperatures; the first snowfall, which makes it a messy month; and not all that much sunshine. On the plus side, though, when you visit the city this time of year, you won't be surrounded by huge crowds of visitorso the contrary, you'll be one of very few tourists, which potentially only heightens your experience.

In terms of total precipitation, November is the wettest of all months. 55mm of precipitation falls down on the city this monthnly 1mm more than July, the second wettest month. There are 16 days with precipitation. The reason for this much precipitation is that, in November, both rain and snow are common. The probability that precipitation will occur on any given day ranges between 76% and 81%, which is quite high. Various types of precipitation can be expected; the most common are moderate rain, light rain and moderate snow, respectively occurring on 32%, 20% and 18% of the days with precipitation. Heavy snow, light snow and drizzle may also be experienced.

November is a dark month in Tallinn. Cloud cover averages 96% and ranges between 94% and 97%, which indicates that the sky is pretty much completely overcast most of the time. There isn't very much sunshine to be enjoyed this time of year. Moreover, the length of the days decreases significantly throughout the month, from 8.45 daylight hours to 6.39 daylight hours. It's one of the darkest and wettest months of the year.

When it comes to temperatures, things aren't a whole lot better. The average temperature is merely 1°C. In the afternoon, the mercury does still climb, but only to an average high of 4°C. At night, the average low temperature is -2°C. In the course of the month, the average temperatures decrease even furtherhe average high drops 4 degrees, the average low 2 degrees.

Where to stay

Nonetheless guests can expect a wonderful time when staying at the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel. Situated in the heart of the city centre, you will be a quick walk from the historic Old Town with its beautiful buildings, churches and museums, which are most likely where you will spend most of your time in November. Amenities are excellent in this 280-room hotel and include two bars, a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a private sauna, a gym and a spa. Business travellers will be pleased to know that there are conference and meeting facilities as well.

Located adjacent to Schnelli Park and near Tallinn's Old Town, Go Hotel Schnelli is a perfect place for anyone who wants to wander the streets of this magnificent old city, but also looks for some well-deserved relaxation. In the hotel, guests will find a restaurant, beauty parlour, supermarket and spacious rooms.

Erel Apartments is a brilliant option for anyone who wants to save some money on accommodation, yet also wants to stay as close as possible to the Old Town. These apartments are located both in the city centre and in the Old Town and all boast great facilities, including Wi-Fi. Some of them even have a Jacuzzi or sauna.

Eating and drinking out

Horisont Restaurant is part of the Swissôtel and is located on the hotel's top floor. Along with superb food, guests will be able to enjoy wonderful panoramic views over the city. Considered to be one of the top restaurants in the country, this is certainly one you will want to visit during your time in Tallinn. The menu features European food. Cigar lovers can kick back after dinner at the neighbouring Cigar Lounge.

Situated in one of Tallinn's residential areas, Umami Resto is housed in a private residence backed by an apple orchard. The delicious food is prepared with top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. This is an amazing place to go if you want to escape the busy city for a couple of hours and enjoy some superb food in the meantime.

People who want to learn more about or simply try wines should make their way to Marco Vino, a wine bar that offers wine tastings, courses and pairings. Its extensive wine menu makes it a favourite among wine aficionados.

Things to do

Snowfall and chilly temperatures are the norm in Tallinn in November, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing to see or do! To the contrary, the city is void of tourists this time of year, offering the rare chance to enjoy its attractions and museums in peace and quiet.

A super-fascinating museum is Kiek in de Kök, a spectacular restored cannon tower on Toompea Hill, which used to be a bastion. This is a marvellous museum, housed in the 38-metre-high tower which has exhibitions about early life in Tallinn, weaponry and the fortifications in and around the city. Additionally, the tower is the starting point for visiting the extraordinary system of defensive tunnels, the Bastion Passages, which lies beneath Toompea Hill.

The towers name, Kiek in de Kök, means "Peak into the Kitchen" and refers to the height of the tower that allowed the tower guards to look into the chimneys and through windows of the buildings underneath.