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Tallinn Weather in October, Estonia

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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    37 mm

October, 2024

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Weather lowdown

October is a typical autumn month in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Located on the Baltic Sea coast, just across from HelsinkiFinland, the city is subject to a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold and snowy winters. October is a so-called shoulder monthot too cold to be considered winter, but definitely also not warm enough anymore to be a comfortable summer month.

The average temperature in October in the city is merely 6°C, which is a 6-degree drop since September. Nights tend to be rather chilly with an average low temperature of 2°C. During the day, the temperature averages 10°C, which also requires you to wear a jacket. Both the average high and average low temperatures drop significantly in the course of the month, respectively by 7 and 5 degrees. The start of the month is definitely more comfortable than the end. Swimming will completely be out of the question by this time of yearhe average sea temperature is 11°C.

When it comes to precipitation totals, October is an average month. This month, the total amount of precipitation is 37mm; there are 16 days with precipitation. The chance that you will experience precipitation increases throughout the month, from 66% to 76%. This has to do with the increasing chance of snowfall. While you can hardly expect to see a snowflake in the beginning of the month (3% chance), there is a fairly significant chance of snowfall toward the end of the month (19%). That being said; moderate rain and light rain are still by far the most common types of rainfall. They occur respectively on 42% and 29% of the days with precipitation. All types of snowfall combined account for no more than 16% of precipitation in October. November, however, will see the first real snowfall.

Cloud cover rises slightly in October. It increases from 88% to 94%, which is very high. You will see (mostly) clear skies only 8% of the time this time of year. Overcast and mostly cloudy skies are the norm. This isn't the sunniest time to visit Tallinn. However, there will be few tourists in the city this time of year, making the experience much more authentic.

Where to stay

The three-star Oru Hotel is right next to Park Kadriog. It's a well-equipped and modern accommodation just outside of the city centre. Its rooms are more than comfortable and elegantly decorated to make you feel at home. Additionally, guests can enjoy and use the restaurant and dining hall, two conference rooms, free Wi-Fi and free guest parking.

Located in the very heart of Tallinn's spectacular Old Town, Hotel Barons is a great option for a place to base yourself during your vacation in October. This classy four-star hotel is rather small, which only adds to its charm and cosiness. It's an ideal place for both city breaks and business visits. Featuring elegant historic architecture, lifts and doors, Hotel Barons has a lobby bar and restaurant, a sauna and meeting rooms.

Villa Hortensia is also in the Old Town of Tallinn. This affordable place to stay is unique in the sense that it also features crafts studios, workshops and storesandicrafts range from ceramics and jewellery to ironworks and textiles. It's an atmospheric place to stay, a wonderful accommodation that allows you to soak up what Tallinn is all about.

Eating and drinking out

Gianni is an authentic Italian restaurant and café in the centre of Tallinn. This is a recommended place if you're after a memorable Italian meal, served in a thoughtful setting and with great attention for detail. The extensive menu features most classic Italian dishes, but does focus on fish and seafood. An equally as extensive wine list allows you to pair an exquisite wine with whichever meal you prefer.

Another suggested place to eat is Salt Restaurant, a bistro-style eating establishment situated amid the greenery of the Kadriog district. It's an elegant restaurant, serving various types of cuisines, all with a local Estonian influence. Fresh and locally produced ingredients are used to prepare the dishes.

Casual drinks may be had at Hell Hunt Pub, an alternative bar that is popular among both locals and visitors and is busy pretty much every night of the week. Prices are fairly low, its selection of beverages extensive, the food excellent, and the atmosphere delightful.

Things to do

October might not be the warmest time of year to visit Tallinn, but it's not the coldest either. There are still many comfortable days this month, allowing you to spend hours on end wandering the streets and alleyways of the enchanting Old Town. There are many attractions, such as the Town Hall Square, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the city walls with their many towers, which will take up a lot of your time. Make sure, however, to also dedicate some time to visiting the Niguliste Museum in the beautiful St. Nicholas' Church.

This old church dates from the 13th century and has been turned into a history and art museumnside, you can admire many religious artworks, medieval graves and extraordinary altarpieces. Another highlight is the Silver Chamber, which houses remarkable works created by the city's craftspeople. Surprisingly, the church's superb acoustics make it a popular venue for concerts, ranging from organ concerts to choir performances, which take place nearly each weekend