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Stockholm Weather in April, Sweden

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What's the Weather like in Stockholm in April

Stockholm, the largest city in Sweden and, in fact, in Scandinavia, lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea at the mouth of gorgeous Lake Mälaren with its hundreds of islands.


8 hours of sunshine per day on average provide a generous amount of time to discover the historic and architectural wonders of the city. April is the quintessential spring month, characterised by rising temperatures and increasing sunshine. 8 hours of daily sunshine is quite a lot for this particular destinationhe previous month of March, for example, had only 4 hours.

Daylight Hours

This drastic increase is mainly due to the similarly large increase in day length, which is typical for the spring season in a northerly city like this. 1st April has 13.17 hours of daylight, while 30th April enjoys 15.49 daylight hours, a day-to-day increase of 5.1 minutes.


In addition to plenty of sunshine, the afternoon high temperature of 9°C provides fine, crisp conditions to stroll down the narrow streets of the enchanting Old Town. At night, the mercury drops to an average low of 1°C. The overall day temperature is 5°C on averageot particularly warm quite yet, but definitely pleasant enough for urban exploration.

Sea Temperature

Swimming is out of the question, however, as the sea temperature averages a bone-chilling 3°C this time of the year.

Rain and Snow

Spring is the driest of all seasons and, therefore, April is one of the driest months. The total amount of precipitation is no more than 30mm. Only February and March have less precipitation. April does have the joint lowest number of precipitation days: 11. The chance that precipitation will occur drops a bit in the course of the month, from 51% to 45%.

Snowfall still occurs occasionally in April, moderate snow being recorded on 19% of those 11 days with precipitation and light snow on 18% of those days. Moderate rain is the dominant precipitation type this month, occurring on 33% of those wet days. Light rain is seen on 22% of those days. Although snow might still fall, the chance that it does decreases significantly throughout the month, from 27% in the beginning to 11% at the end.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Stockholm, you are advised to visit this page.

Hotels for Stockholm in April

Hotel Anno 1647

With its 18th-century interior, Hotel Anno 1647 perfectly blends contemporary with antique. Built in 1647, the front part of the hotel links with another house, which was built later in the 18th century. The family rooms of the hotel have the capacity to accommodate up to six guests. All rooms are non-smoking.

This welcoming and friendly accommodation offers guests a peaceful retreat in this busy city. Its location on Slussen in Södermalm provides a beautiful view of the Old Town. It is this combination of historic charm, a great location and modern facilities that makes this such a wonderful place to stay in April.

Comfort Hotel Stockholm

Comfort Hotel Stockholm is a three-star hotel in the very heart of the city. Situated just around the corner from the Central Train Station, it lies within easy walking distance of many of Stockholm's landmark attractions, restaurants, nightclubs and museums. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, a complimentary breakfast and a lobby bar.

First Hotel Reisen Stockholm

One of the top hotels in Stockholm is First Hotel Reisen Stockholm, an upscale waterfront hotel located in Gamla Stan. Boasting what has to be one of the best locations of any hotel in the city, First Hotel Reisen is also characterised by its impeccable service, comfortable accommodation, beautiful views and excellent facilities strongly recommended place to stay.

Restaurants and Bars for Stockholm in April


Anyone looking for a stylish place to enjoy an aperitif or after-dinner drinks is advised to pay a visit to Cadierbaren at the Grand Hôtel. This lavishly decorated, stylish and cosy bar features groups of sofas and comfy seats and offers breath-taking views of the water and the Royal Palace. The bar menu is well-filled. This is also a popular venue for weekend brunches and afternoon teas.

Blabar Cafe

For lunch, consider visiting Blåbär Café. Mainly known for its amazing salads that visitors can create entirely themselves, the café also serves soups and grilled sandwiches. Its name literally means "blueberry café", referring to its signature drinklueberry juice.


April is the month when Josefina opens (it closes again in September). This superbly located venue in Djurgården features an extravagant décor, decorative chandeliers, outdoor terrace heaters and beautiful plasterwork. Its menu consists of classic Swedish dishes.

Things to Do in Stockholm in April

The City Hall

The City Hall is the perfect example of the Swedish national romantic architectural style. Three crowns representing the Swedish national coat of arms decorate the 106-metre-high tower of the building. The great Nobel Banquet is held at this structure which was built from eight million bricks. Those who wish to visit the City Hall must join guided tours which are available in various languages.


For a comprehensive discovery tour of Stockholm during your April vacation, getting on the Strömma is a must. Meaning "stream" in Swedish, strömma refers to all sightseeing activities carried out on water. Under the Bridges of Stockholm, Royal Canal and Good Morning Stockholm are tour operators which explore central Stockholm. Depending on the ride, excursions last from an hour to two hours and a half.

Hop On Hop Off Tours

On the other hand, Hop On Hop Off tours are available as well and are more flexible. Within a 24-hour period, ticket holders can hop on and off of the companies' boats for an unlimited number of trips. Alternatively, with the Speedo boats of Archipelago Race, many of the 30,000 islands of Stockholm can be seen within about two hours.