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Stockholm Weather in March, Sweden

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  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
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    4 hours
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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    26 mm

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What's the Weather like in Stockholm in March

With its sizeable green lands and bountiful clear waters, Stockholm has much to offer. The invigorating might of the fresh Arctic breeze indicates the perfect, crisp weather conditions to explore this historic city.


March, as the last month of winter, still experiences nighttime frosts, the low temperatures averaging -3°C. During the day, however, the mercury climbs to an average high of 3°C, the first time days are frost-free on averaget may occasionally freeze during the day, though. The overall average temperature is 0°C.

Sea Temperature

Swimming comfortably in the gorgeous waters that surround Stockholm is really only possible in summer. March has the lowest sea temperature of the year, the water being a mere 2°C at this time of year (this is when the ice slowly starts to melt).


The hours of sunshine per day slowly begin to increase and visitors can enjoy 4 sunny hours on average each day in March. This is one hour more than in February, but still four hours fewer than in April, which is when spring has unquestionably arrived.

Daylight Hours

This increase in sunshine hours is related to the drastic increase in day length in spring. In March, the length of the days increases from 10.34 hours of daylight on 1st March to 13.11 daylight hours on 31st March. This means that every day is 5.1 minutes longer than the day before.


March happens to be the driest of all months, receiving an average of 26mm of precipitation, which is spread out over 13 days. The chance that it will rain on any given day drops slightly in the course of the month, from 60% to 52%.


While snow still is the dominant precipitation type, the chance that it will snow also decreases throughout March, from 44% to 28%. Moderate snow falls on 36% of those 13 days with precipitation and is the most common type of precipitation. Light snow occurs on 28% of those days, while moderate rain is observed on 19% of the precipitation days.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Stockholm, you are advised to visit this page.

Hotels for Stockholm in March

Alexandra Hotel

Located in the neighbourhood of Södermalm, the Alexandra Hotel welcomes all travellers. Södersjukhuset, Mariatorget, Eriksdalbadet, Zinkensdamm, Tantolunden and Medborgarplatsen are only five to ten minutes on foot from the hotel. Other highlights in the city, including Gamla Stan, the Viking Line cruise terminal and the Ericsson Globe, lie within striking distance from the hotel as well.

All rooms are non-smoking and have private facilities, as well as a mini-bar. The Alexandra features a Scandinavian sauna that can be used for free by the hotel guests. Additionally, each morning, the hotel serves a traditional Scandinavian breakfast buffet.

Elite Hotel Arcadia

The wonderful Elite Hotel Arcadia is a second place you may want to look at for your March vacation. This modern, four-star boutique hotel boasts beautifully polished rooms and chic suites, and a location near Stockholm's Olympic Stadium and the Royal Institute of Technology. This is a recommended place to stay for everyone from honeymooners to golf enthusiasts and travelling families. Facilities include a restaurant and bar, a gym, a sauna and free Wi-Fi.

Story Hotel

Story Hotel is another four-star hotelhis one is located in Riddargatan, a superb location near many of the city's landmarks. This extraordinary, contemporary hotel has striking rooms and suites and offers its guests free Wi-Fi and free breakfast. Additionally, there is a bar with music and a wonderful restaurant.

Restaurants and Bars for Stockholm in March

Cafe Proviant

A fun place to go for a meal or a couple of drinks is Café Proviant. Located in Kungsholmen, this is a restaurant that has its own brewery. Dishes are prepared with ingredients purchased directly from Swedish farmers. A relaxed and inviting place to spend the evening, Café Proviant focuses on serving memorable meals complemented by a great beer.


In Södermalm you will find Häktet, a magnificent dining and drinking venue housed in a former prison. This is, however, a place to escape to, not from. Featuring three different bars and a great restaurant, this is a favourite hangout among Stockholm locals. Additionally, this bar closes as late as 3am from Thursday through to Sunday.

Restaurant Volt

Culinary-minded tourists are encouraged to visit Restaurant Volt. This Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant serves seasonal dishes prepared with local and organic ingredients. There is an extensive wine list to complement every meal.

Things to Do in Stockholm in March

The Ericsson Globe

The Ericsson Globe is a prominent landmark of Stockholm. The sphere structure rises up 130 metres, making it the world's largest spherical building. With the Sky View Gondolas, which depart every ten minutes, visitors can enjoy a 30-minute ride down from the top. There are cafés, restaurants and gift shops next to the Ericsson Globe. When there is room, those who possess the Stockholm Card can ride the Gondolas for free.


Another recommended place to visit in Stockholm in March, Fotografiska is the ultimate contemporary photography museum. It is one of the largest in the world. Throughout the year, Fotografiska holds various permanent exhibitions, as well as travelling exhibitions. Those who prefer guided tours may book them in advance. Within the complex, there is a book store, a souvenir shop, a photo gallery and a restaurant. Additionally, the Photography Academy at Fotografiska offers various courses for photographers of all levels and ages.