Split Weather February Averages, Croatia

    • Temperature Temperature 8°C 46°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 4°C 39°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 10.2°C 50°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 8.9°C 48°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 7 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 65 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 5 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 13.5°C 56°F

    Split Weather for February 2023

    What's The Weather Like In Split In February


    February in Split is basically winter on its last legs. While the average temperature hangs steadily at 8° Celsius (47° Fahrenheit), the lowest can drop to 4° Celsius, while the high end spikes up to 12° Celsius, letting us know that spring is getting closer.

    Sunshine Hours

    The days get longer, with approximately 7 hours of sunshine, and an interesting 27% chance of sunny days. The second and third week of February see more warmth prior to the slightly more humid spring.


    Rainfall peaks at 65mm, less than January, with barely 5 rainy days in the entire month, which once again shows winter is preparing to leave the Dalmatian coast. Chances of rain drop down to an average of 38% and only 19% chances of clouds. The winds above the skies of Split now begin to align with the coming spring equinox in late March, and the sun becomes a more permanent presence over this beautiful resort.

    Sea Temperature

    The Adriatic Sea maintains its temperature at 14° Celsius (57° Fahrenheit), so don't think about dipping your toes in the foamy seashore just yet! In fact, make sure you're well dressed, as chances of windy days increase to a well felt 18% in February.


    The winds blow cold despite the increasingly persistent sun, and chances of snowy days also jump to 3%. Not much, you might think, but that basically means there is an off-chance of snowfall towards the end of February - winter's way of saying "Goodbye and see you next year."

    If snowfall does happen, it will come in the form of quickly melting snowflakes blown away by the north-eastern winds. The atmospheric pressure stays balanced at 30.06Hg, which means you'll thoroughly enjoy the mild Mediterranean winter of Split throughout the month of February.

    Split Hotels In February

    Hotel Vestibul Palace

    If the Hotel Vestibul Palace is a tad too pricey for your choice this year, other options are the Hotel Peristil and the Hotel Consul, both wallet-friendly 3-star hotels, perfect if you're planning a romantic Valentine's Day getaway by the Dalmatian coastline.

    Palace Judita Heritage Hotel

    The Palace Judita Heritage Hotel and the Emperor's Suites are also elegant options, and may even have some attractive off-peak deals for the lovers' holiday.

    Design Hostel Goli & Bos

    The Design Hostel Goli&BosiSilver Central Hostel and the Cro Paradise Pink & Blue Hostel are definitely worth staying at throughout the month of February. They offer high quality accommodation for the adventurous (or not so adventurous) backpackers, and they're all situated at advantageous distances from Split's main points of interest.

    Split Beaches For February 

    With more sun coming out to play on the shoreline of Split, February is an even better time to whip out the sails and cut across the deep blue waves of the Adriatic Sea. But if boating isn't your thing, rest assured the coast has plenty more to offer.


    Split has a large number of clean and beautiful beaches to offer on its residential side. Bacvice is the most popular of them all, best known for its soft and fine sand. It's a fifteen minute walk from the Diocletian Palace and, although it's in the smack middle of the city, it consistently earns awards for being one of the cleanest and best organized beaches of Europe. Enjoy a walk through it during this time of the year - it's less crowded and perfect for both solitary and romantic strolls, and the views towards the sea are simply breath-taking.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Bacvice / Tropic

    On the same beach you will, in fact, find some of Split's most popular nightclubs and bars - the Bacvice and the Tropic nightclub to be particularly mentioned, because they also do off-season weekends. Going further into the city, the O Hara nightclub opens its doors all year round, and it caters to most tastes. Spreading over two floors, this venue boasts an excellent atmosphere and weekly Dalmatian/Croatian music nights.


    An impressive hub for Croatia's gastronomy scene, Split has a few aces up its sleeve when it comes to delicious food. For more modern tastes, head down to Bokeria  as they like to mingle the old and the new into some irresistible recipes. But don't overlook the classy masters either, such as the Nostromo or the Tinel. Just make sure you compensate with plenty of walks along the beach, because the Splicani sure know how to make good food!

    Things To Do In Split In February

    Ethnographic Museum

    With the temperatures still quite low, it's a good time to visit some museums and religious sites. The Ethnographic Museum offers a glimpse into the unique and fascinating culture of this part of Croatia, and its exhibits tell the interesting stories of the Splicani (the people of Split) dating back centuries. The Synagogue is also worth paying a visit, as it's built into the western wall of the Palace and is Europe's third-oldest synagogue STILL in use. It incorporates two medieval houses from the 16th century, in an area which was known since then to be part of the Jewish ghetto.

    Spli'ski Krnjeval

    The two-day Split Carnival (Spli'ski Krnjeval) is the month's main attraction, bringing thousands of people from all over Croatia as well as tourists, for some wonderful and fun activities which mostly revolve around dancing and wearing masks. It all begins when the Mayor of Split hands the City keys over to the Master of the Carnival, and the Carnival flag is raised over the city square. From thereon, celebrations of music, dance and masks spill into the streets all the way down to the beach. Not an event to miss!

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