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Santa Ponsa Weather in October, Spain

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    63 mm

October, 2024

1 Avg 21º 70º
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15 Avg 19º 66º
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17 Avg 20º 68º
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31 Avg 17º 63º
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What's the weather like in Santa Ponsa in October 

October is the beginning of autumn in Santa Ponsa on MajorcaSpain, an island that belongs to the Balaeric archipelago. Mediterranean autumns have a climate very similar to that of spring. Therefore, you may expect warm and pleasant weather that can occasionally bring along hot days reminiscent of summer. Temperatures can drop unexpectedly, though, especially in the evenings, so it is a good idea to pack a warmer jacket just in case.

You might well see some rainy spells in October, but these tend to be infrequent and dry up quickly to reveal more warm and sunny weather and clear skies once again. October is bound to be quieter in Santa Ponsa, as the tourism period is drawing to a close at this point.


The average temperature drops below the 20s in October. It is now 18°C on average, three degrees cooler than September, but still four degrees warmer than November will be. The nighttime low temperature now ranges around 13°C, still pleasant, but possibly requiring a light jacket. The daytime high is still warm and averages 23°C. Both the low and high temperatures, however, decrease in the course of the month. The average low drops from 15°C in the beginning of the month to 11°C at the end, while the average high decreases from 25°C to 21°C. The sea temperature is still relatively comfortable and averages 22°C. October is arguably the last month of the year that allows for comfortable afternoon swims.

The length of the days decreases gradually in the course of October. October 1 has 11.45 hours of daylight; October 31 has 10.32 daylight hours. This decrease of 1.13 hours means that each October day is 2.4 minutes shorter than the previous one.

Sunshine Hours

Cloud cover increases from 37% to 42% throughout the month. The average amount of cloud cover is 40%, meaning that a day in October is partly cloudy. As clouds move in, the amount of sunshine per day drops. An average October day has 8 sunshine hours, a two-hour decrease compared to September. The same amount of sunshine is observed in March.


Another consequence of more clouds is an increase in rainfall. October is by far the wettest month of the year, with a rainfall total of 63mm and no less than 11 days of precipitation. Even though those numbers may seem high, especially when compared with other months, Santa Ponsa in October is still relatively dry. There are 20 days without any rain and there's plenty of time for outdoor activities. The probability that rainfall occur increases slightly in the course of the month. In the beginning of the month, there's a 33% chance of precipitation; at the end, the chance has increased to 38%. There are two main types of rainfall in October, moderate rain and thunderstorms, respectively occurring on 36% and 34% of the days with rainfall. Drizzle and light rain may happen as well, but are far less likely.

Santa Ponsa Hotels for October

Globales Verdemar Apartments are located right at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and offer amazing views of Santa Ponsa Bay. They're also a short walk from both the beach and the bustling town centre. Accommodation comes as studios or apartments, all equipped with bathrooms, kitchenettes and balconies or terraces. Facilities include a swimming pool with sun terrace, an à la carte restaurant, TV lounge and a poolside bar. There's daytime and nighttime entertainment to ensure that you will make the most of your holiday.

Owned by the same people as the accommodation above, the Globales Playa Santa Ponsa Hotel is in the heart of the town centre and within easy walking distance from the beach. There is an all-inclusive option to make your stay as worry-free as possible. The hotel has both an adult pool and a children's pool, a solarium, a spa and a games room. Entertainment is provided day and night by the professional entertainment team.

Santa Ponsa Beach for October

Located on the northern edge of town, Castellot Beach is a rather small beach of 45 metres long and about 7 metres wide. It consists of some sand, but mostly of pebbles and rocks and is backed by a 5-metre rock wall. This gives it a secluded feelingt's an excellent beach if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of main Santa Ponsa Beach. There are, however, no facilities at the beach. The nearest restaurants, shops and drinking venues lie about 100 metres from the beach.

If you are willing to hire a car or travel a little further out of town for beaches, Cala Fornells is a must visit. It takes under half an hour by car to reach from Santa Ponsa. The charming cove is 80 metres wide and 4 metres deep, there is shade on this beach making it suitable for families and children. The beach is used by residents and tourists. It is surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants so you can make a day trip out of visiting this beach. Do keep in mind there is no lifeguard, toilet or shower. 

Bars and Restaurants

In addition to lovely beaches, Santa Ponsa has a wide variety of evening entertainment on offer. Nighttime entertainment starts early in the eveninghere's a large number of pubs, bars and restaurants, as well as discos and nightclubs. Unlike neighbouring Magaluf, however, many entertainment venues are focused on families rather than partying youngsters. There are plenty of British bars and Irish pubs that will make you feel like you're home.

Bruno Restaurant & Bar, El Toro is situated in Port Adriano by the marina. They serve fresh mediterranean cuisine and cocktails. Specialities are tapas, salads, pasta, seafood, fish and grilled meat. You can also grab breakfast here and snacks. In the evening, cocktails are a must as they have such a variation. Sit in the sunshine and enjoy your meal with a view of the boats and sea. The restaurant is open everyday from 9am to 2.30am, but the food stops at 11.30pm.

La Solana is a Restaurant Pizzeria in Santa Ponsa. Try the fantastic home-made pizzas here, they taste amazing when accompanied with wine. Make sure you leave room for dessert as they offer a fluffy tiramisu and many other sweets. Sit outside to enjoy the weather with your Italian meal. 

Things to do in Santa Ponsa in October

With the weather cooling down slightly, now is the perfect time to explore other areas in Santa Ponsa. Now is a good time of year to enjoy the great outdoors.  The best way to explore the area is on a bicycle. As Majorca is a major cycling destination, it will be easy to hire out a bicycle on the cheap or go for something a little speedier and choose a moped. For a change of pace, you could go for a horseback ride around Santa Ponsa's countryside as well.

Going on an active guided excursion is definitely recommended too. The full-day excursion to Formentor and Puerto Pollensa, for instance, is absolutely worth it. Those are two of the most beautiful spots on the island. The excursions includes a visit to the village of Inca in the heart of Majorca, a place that's renowned for its leather production. Afterwards, you'll visit a local market and drive on to Formentor and Puerto Pollensa, taking in jaw-dropping coastal views on the way. Next up is a visit to Formentor Beach and a scenic boat trip.