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San Francisco Weather in September, USA


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San Francisco Averages September

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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    High Temperature

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    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

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    Day Temperature

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    Night Temperature

  • What is Average Sea Temperature?
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    Sea Temperature

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    Sunshine Hours

    11 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    2 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    8 mm

San Francisco Daily Averages September

September 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 19º 66º
2 Avg 21º 70º
3 Avg 20º 68º
4 Avg 19º 66º
5 Avg 18º 64º
6 Avg 18º 64º
7 Avg 20º 68º
8 Avg 19º 66º
9 Avg 19º 66º
10 Avg 19º 66º
11 Avg 19º 66º
12 Avg 18º 64º
13 Avg 18º 64º
14 Avg 17º 63º
15 Avg 17º 63º
16 Avg 17º 63º
17 Avg 16º 61º
18 Avg 17º 63º
19 Avg 18º 64º
20 Avg 19º 66º
21 Avg 19º 66º
22 Avg 17º 63º
23 Avg 17º 63º
24 Avg 19º 66º
25 Avg 19º 66º
26 Avg 19º 66º
27 Avg 19º 66º
28 Avg 17º 63º
29 Avg 16º 61º
30 Avg 17º 63º
Avg Historical Daily Average

September Weather Averages

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    Cool and breezy. Had to buy a coat but judging by the number of people weraing 'San Francisco' jackets we were not the only ones caught out.


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What's the Weather like in San Francisco in September


September is the beginning of autumn in San Francisco, USA and is characterised by fairly constant temperatures. The average temperature during this month is 140C with average high and low temperatures ranging from a high of 210C to a low of 130C. There can be very warm days in autumn as the fog lifts and locals can often be found heading to the beach at this time of year. The highest recorded September day was in 1971 when the temperature reached 380C and the coldest ever recorded day was in 1955 when the temperature only reached 120C.


Rain is becoming more frequent in this month than it was in the dry month of July, but it is not as wet as it becomes in the winter month of January. The average rainfall at this time of year is around 8mm that falls over around two days during the month. The rainfall is usually light or drizzle and should not interfere with outdoor activities. The wettest September on record was 1989 when 34mm of rain fell on the city. In 2012 no rain fell through the entire month in San Francisco.

Sunshine Hours

The average hours of sunshine during this month is gradually decreasing to 11 hours per day. Days are getting shorter as summer ends and autumn begins, and on average, the length of the day decrease by one hour from the 1st of September to the 30th. Sunrise at the beginning of the month is at 6.40am and sunset is at 7.30pm. Cloud cover is at 35% and does not vary much during this month, meaning the days are mostly clear and outdoor activities are a good option.

Average Sea Temperature

Sea temperatures in this month are a steady 150C which is the warmest the sea temperature reaches in San Francisco bay. Humidity ranges from 50% to 90% and the air becomes drier as the month progresses. Wind speeds vary from 0 m/s to 10 m/s, a gentle to fresh breeze and doesn't change much throughout the month. The foggy conditions have usually lifted by September but occasionally fog may still linger around the bay area. A 25 day forecast is available for detailed travel planning for the coming weeks.

San Francisco Hotels in September

Best Western Plus The Tuscan

September is an ideal month to stay near the bay and a good choice for a hotel near Fisherman's wharf is the Best Western Plus The Tuscan hotel. Located steps from the San Francisco bay, this boutique hotel offers top quality service, ambience and charm all within easy reach of the bay's attractions. This 4* hotel is pet friendly, has a fitness centre, pool and tennis courts, as well as a restaurant and bar/lounge for those relaxing evenings by the bay.

Castle Inn

A good budget option is the 2* Castle Inn located in Nob Hill, an area with fantastic views of the city, accessible by cable car and home to some beautiful architecture. The Castle Inn offers free parking, free internet access and friendly service, with cable TV, fridge, microwaves and air-conditioning in all rooms. Within walking distance to Chinatown, Fisherman's wharf and cable cars, this is the ideal place for a budget stay in San Francisco.

Hotel Zephyr

For something a little different, the 3* Hotel Zephyr has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and is now an upscale, tech-friendly place with unique amenities such as smart TVs and an exciting outdoor interactive yard. Located at Fisherman's Wharf, this hotel is ideally located for day trips around the bay or the city and has all the restaurants and bars of the wharf on its doorstep.

San Francisco Beach for September

Golden Gate Bridge Beach

Golden Gate Bridge is on the west coast of San Francsco, bordering the Pacific Ocean. It is adjecent to Golden Gate Park and the Richmond District. The great highway runs alongside the beach and the Cliff House and the site of former Sutro Baths sit at the northern end. This beach is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation area which is administered by the National Park Service.

Bars and Restaurants

Sotto Mare Oysteria and Seafood

While the weather is still warm during September, try the Sotto Mare Oysteria and Seafood restaurant at North Beach which serves beautifully prepared seafood and Italian dishes. The perfect place for drinks and a meal with friends, this is a popular restaurant that has friendly service and a warm welcome with incredible food that has guests going back for more.

The Smugglers Cove

For a great cocktail head to The Smugglers Cove, a pirate themed Tiki bar with limited seating for a social and friendly atmosphere. Offering over 200 types of rum, a wide selection of quality cocktails, and set over three levels, this is the place to go for drinks with friends in the evening after a long day sightseeing around the bay.

Things to do in San Francisco in September

San Francisco Bay

When the days are warm and sunny in San Francisco, head to San Francisco Bay. The trail is a 500-mile shoreline trail that is ideal for walkers, joggers, cyclists and wheelchair users that passes through nine counties. There is plenty to see on the way, with wildlife and educational information along the trail, it is a great way to keep healthy and active during the beautiful September days.

The Real SF tour

For visitors looking for a different side to San Francisco tourism, try a walking tour around the city. The Real SF tour offers city tours that avoid large crowds of tourists while taking in the real culture and history of San Francisco. Travelling on cable car, light rail and city buses, this tour will show you the best spots in the city from rooftop views to the coolest neighbourhoods while learning about the culture and history of the city.