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Punta cana Weather in July, Dominican Republic

Punta cana Averages July


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    High Temperature

  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

  • What is Average Day Temperature?
    The average temperature recorded between sunrise and sunset

    Day Temperature

  • What is Average Night Temperature?
    The average temperature recorded between sunset and sunrise

    Night Temperature

  • What is Average Sea Temperature?
    Average daily sea temperatures and divided by the number of days in the month. Sea Temperatures are taken from buoys, ships and even satellites can calculate sea temperature based on energy that is radiated from the sea's surface

    Sea Temperature

  • What are Average Daily Sunshine Hours?
    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    10 hours
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years

    Rainfall Days

    4 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    89 mm

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Punta cana Daily Averages July


July 2024
1 Avg 28º 82º
2 Avg 27º 81º
3 Avg 27º 81º
4 Avg 28º 82º
5 Avg 29º 84º
6 Avg 28º 82º
7 Avg 28º 82º
8 Avg 29º 84º
9 Avg 28º 82º
10 Avg 28º 82º
11 Avg 27º 81º
12 Avg 28º 82º
13 Avg 27º 81º
14 Avg 28º 82º
15 Avg 28º 82º
16 Avg 28º 82º
17 Avg 28º 82º
18 Avg 28º 82º
19 Avg 28º 82º
20 Avg 28º 82º
21 Avg 28º 82º
22 Avg 28º 82º
23 Avg 29º 84º
24 Avg 29º 84º
25 Avg 29º 84º
26 Avg 29º 84º
27 Avg 29º 84º
28 Avg 28º 82º
29 Avg 28º 82º
30 Avg 28º 82º
31 Avg 27º 81º
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July Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In Punta Cana In July?

Punta Cana is a popular holiday resort located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. This resort features a tropical climate, complete with loads of sunshine and boiling temperatures all-year-round. July falls within the wet season in Punta Cana, which means there is a good chance you'll experience a shower or two during your holiday.

How Hot Is Punta Cana In July?

Throughout the month, the average temperature for Punta Cana stays constant at 28°C. Daily highs stay constant at 31°C, while daily lows also stay the same at 25°C as the month develops.

Highest and Lowest July Temperatures In Punta Cana

In recent times, the highest temperature recorded in Punta Cana in July is 37°C and the lowest temperature registered is 20°C.

Does It Rain In Punta Cana In July?

July falls within the wet season in July and has an average rainfall of 89mm. This rainfall is divided between four rainy days, which means there is only a small chance you'll experience some of the wet stuff during your holiday.

Average Sunshine Hours In July

Throughout July, Punta Cana enjoys around ten hours of sunshine every day. With so many hours of sunshine to take advantage of, you'll have plenty of opportunities to soak up some rays by the pool or at the beach during your holiday.

Unusual Weather In Punta Cana

The hurricane season officially begins in June in Punta Cana, even though the last major hurricane to hit the Dominican occurred in 199s. The resort is located in what is known locally as hurricane alley and there's a risk between June and November.

Hurricanes are quite predictable and you'll normally be notified three-four days in advance if there is going to be one, giving you plenty of notice to change your plans or make precautions if you need to. 

How Humid Is Punta Cana in July?

The relative humidity for Punta Cana in July fluctuates between 66% (mildly humid) up to 92% (very humid) throughout the month, very rarely falling below 59% or rising above 98%. 

How Warm Is the Sea In Punta Cana In July?

The average sea temperature for Punta Cana in July is 28°C - perfect for swimmers and sunbathers.

Punta Cana Hotels in July

Carabela Beach Resort & Casino

The all-inclusive Carabela Beach Resort & Casino is a four-star hotel located on the white sandy beach of Punta Cana. The hotel offers many great facilities, including swimming pools, Jacuzzis, bars, restaurants, nightclub and casino and all the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, TV with international channels, and refrigerator.

Now Larimar Punta Cana

When it comes to affordable accommodation in Punta Cana, Now Larimar Punta Cana is a top pick. This hotel is located on the beach and provides accommodation in the form of deluxe rooms and suites, many of which come with superb views. Onsite services and amenities include bars, restaurants, spa, golf, kids' clubs, swimming pools and entertainment.

Alsol Luxury Village

Alsol Luxury Village is another great choice for families and couples looking for low-cost accommodation in Punta Cana. Here you'll find a number of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites to choose from, providing something for all group sizes. There are plenty of onsite facilities and services to enjoy onsite, including bars, restaurants, spa, fitness centre, golf course and entertainment.

Bars and Restaurants

Bar Trattoria Mamma Luisa

When it comes to evening entertainment, you can have a great night out at Punta Cana's bars and restaurants. Bar Trattoria Mamma Luisa is a wonderful place to fulfill a desire for fresh pasta or homemade pizza. This Italian restaurant serves authentic dishes that are sure to please even the fussiest eaters.

Things to do in Punta Cana in July

Punta Cana is known for its stunning beaches which are the perfect places to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sunshine. After a few hours of topping up your tan, head to the nearest water sport kiosk to rent a sail boat, hire a jet ski or discover the hidden underwater treasures on a scuba diving or snorkelling trip. Many all-inclusive resorts provide a number of water sports within their programme, so be sure to check with your hotel before you pay at a water sport kiosk.


If you'd like to see more of the aquatic creatures, book yourself into a Marinarium shark and ray experience excursion. On this trip you have the opportunity to swim along the biggest coral reef in Punta Cana, getting up-close and personal with giant sting rays and friendly nurse sharks. The excursion also includes a scenic cruise, a trip to the Marinarium and exotic cocktails. If swimming with sting rays and sharks sounds a bit much for you, there are plenty of other excursions to choose from, including Reef Explorer and Discovery Cruise.

Punta Blanca Golf Course

With so many spectacular golf courses in Punta Cana, golf enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice. The Punta Blanca Golf Course is great for anyone looking for a challenging game. This course meanders through natural wetland, large waste bunkers and tropical vegetation, providing an interesting game for all. In addition to the golf course, Punta Blanca Golf Course also features a club house complete with bar, restaurant, pro-shop and swimming pool.

Dates for the diary

The Punta Cana Tennis Camp continues on through July in Punta Cana, up until the end of August 2014. Although the official dates haven't been released yet, the events are expected to take place at PuntaCana Resort & Club. The sporty programme will include a comprehensive camp for adults and children to attend and the lessons will be given by staff working under the guidance of the professional tennis player, Felix De Los Santos.

Hotel Riu Palace Bavaro

Between July 4th and 5th in 2014, the Independence Day Weekend Celebration will be held at Hotel Riu Palace Bavaro. This event is held in honour of the Fourth of July American celebrations and is great fun for all hotel guests to enjoy. The programme hasn't been set in stone yet, but it's expected to include musical concerts, themed entertainment and American food.

Punta Cana Tri Sport Summer Fest

Although the dates have yet to be revealed, the Punta Cana Tri Sport Summer Fest is scheduled to take place toward the end on July in 2014. This sporty event will be held at the PuntaCana Resort & Club and will be comprised of loads of different events, including: Olympic distance triathlon, Olympic distance duathlon, sprint distance triathlon and duathlon sprint distance.

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