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The weather in Punta cana is now 23°C (73°F) and is slightly cloudy. The rest of this morning the temperature will rise to 27°C (81°F). This afternoon’s weather in Punta cana will be slightly cloudy with temperatures rising to 28°C (82°F). This evening’s weather in Punta cana will be slightly cloudy with temperatures falling to 23°C (73°F) and the sun will set at 6:46 pm. Check the forecast page for further information.

Punta cana
Partly Cloudy
Sunday 26 March 00:00 AST | 04:00 UTC-4h
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
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Fri31 Mar
Sat1 Apr
UK TIME:05:23
Average for March:30 °C
Temp feels like:24 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1014 hPa

Wind Speed:0 MPH CLM
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Weather overview for Punta cana

The climate of Punta Cana is tropical, with hot and humid weather all-year-round. Temperatures vary very little throughout the year, with the monthly average temperature ranging between 25°C and 28°C. There are two distinct seasons in the year – the wet season and the dry season.

Punta Cana lies on the Dominican Republic’s small east coast, just south of Bavaro. The coastline here is renowned for its beautiful white sandy beaches and great weather. The Dominican Republic lies in the middle of the Caribbean region and makes up the eastern two thirds of Hispaniola Island, which it shares with Haiti to the west. Punta Cana is about 100 miles to the east of the Republic’s capital Santo Domingo.

As you’d expect for a resort in the Caribbean, the consistently warm average sea temperature means that you can go swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving at any time of the year. The sea temperature is at its coldest during the dry season, when it averages at 26°C during February and March. The sea temperature is at its warmest during the wet season, when it averages at 29°C between August and October.


April-May. The idea of seasons in Punta Cana’s does not really apply to the traditional spring, summer, autumn and winter we know in the UK. The weather in Punta Cana can be best described as falling into either the wet or dry season. However, similarly in the months we know as spring, here in the UK, the temperatures in Punta Cana also start to increase gradually. In April and May the average temperatures begin to creep up to 27°C. The wet season also kicks in at this time when the average rainfall for these two months is between 71-85mm.

Despite the high amount of rainfall, a fair number of people choose to visit Punta Cana during the wet season, testament to how little the precipitation negatively affects holidays.

The average highs for this time of year reach 31°C, whilst average lows drop down to 22°C, but have been known to reach 14°C in May before, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the resort during the wet season is.


June-September. The wet season continues in June and all the way through to November in Punta Cana. As well as seeing most of the yearly rainfall, it’s also very hot and humid at this time of year so conditions can become a little uncomfortable. Rainfall volumes rise up to 99mm by June, before falling down to 89mm in July and August. Rainfall peaks at 128mm in September – usually the wettest month of the year in Punta Cana. Temperatures during the wet season are the highest of the year. June to September sees an average temperature of 28°C, made up of daily highs of 32°C and nightly lows of 24°C. The highest temperature ever recorded in Punta Cana in the wet season is 39°C, which was registered in September. Since the rain falls in brief but heavy tropical downpours, you still get plenty of sunshine throughout the wet season. A lot of the rain falls in the evening, leaving plenty of good beach weather to take advantage of during the day. If you do risk the heavy downpours and high temperatures of the wet season, you’ll be rewarded with fewer tourists and cheaper prices.


October-November. To compare Punta Cana’s weather to our own seasons is misleading as the Dominican Republic enjoys hot weather all year round. However, the months that we know to be autumn - such as October and November - are the last few months of the wet season in Punta Cana, before the dry season kicks in. Average rainfall in these months is high at 110-116mm, but will offer relief from the blasting heat, with afternoon highs reaching 30-32°C. Average sea temperatures are particularly high at this time of year at 28-29°C.


December-March. Our winter in the UK translates to Punta Cana’s dry season – in effect, their summer. The dry season lasts from December to April and this is the most popular time to visit Punta Cana.

The start of this season arguably sees the best weather of the year as temperatures are slightly cooler and more comfortable. Temperatures are at their lowest in January and February, with daily highs of around 29°C and daily lows of around 21°C, creating an overall average temperature of 25°C. The highest temperature registered in Punta Cana during the dry season is 36°C, which was recorded in both March and April. On the other hand, the lowest temperature registered in the resort during the dry season is 13°C, which was recorded in January.

Sometimes, daytime temperatures can rise into the mid-30s but the hottest days are relieved by the cooling trade winds that visit the island. The ‘alize’ is a well-known trade wind in the Caribbean which blows from the northeast, mainly between November and February. During this time, the wind speeds vary between 0 m/s (calm) to 7 m/s (moderate breeze), almost never going above 10 m/s (fresh breeze). Located on the island’s east coast, Punta Cana is in a perfect location to benefit from this cooling breeze and as a result it is one of the cooler places on the island.

Weather Hazards

Punta Cana, as with the whole of the Dominican Republic, lies within the Caribbean hurricane belt. The official hurricane season lasts from the start of June to the end of November but in Punta Cana August and September are the most likely months which will be affected by hurricanes.

While they can be devastating, hurricane hits are quite rare – on average the island is affected by a hurricane once every 5 years and a direct hit happens once every 20 years.

The last major hurricane to hit the region was Hurricane George in 1998. At category three, this severe weather condition cost hundreds of lives and thousands of homes, with serious flooding and landslides also devastating the resort.

Strong storms are certainly a feature of the wet season but the majority of them do little harm. In fact, these storms can often turn into memorable experiences during your holiday as the storms can be truly spectacular when enjoyed from the safety of your hotel.

The region is well prepared in the event of a hurricane threat and most hotels are now hurricane-proof. Not only that, but hurricanes can now be predicted well in advance, giving you three or four days to change your travel plans or take any necessary precautions.

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Historical temperatures for 26th March in Punta cana

Average High30°C
Record High30°C (2013)
Average Low23°C
Record Low20°C (2014)