Munich Weather November Averages, Germany

    • Temperature Temperature 3.5°C 38°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 7°C 45°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 0°C 32°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 4.2°C 40°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 4.2°C 40°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 2 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 20 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 16 days

    Munich Weather for November 2022

    What's the Weather like in Munich in November


    In November, Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, starts to feature temperatures characteristic of winter. Daily averages in the beginning of the month usually range between 3C (37.4F) and 7C (44.6F). The month ends with average temperatures between 0C (32F) and 5C (41F). Sometimes, though, air temperatures tend to rise up to 10C (50F) and fall down to -1C (30.2F), even to exceed these values on occasion. Considering average daily lows and highs, Munich, Germany, is a bit colder in November when compared with Geneva, Switzerland.

    Time of day that is least cold (around 7C/44.6F) is approximately from noon to 6 pm, especially in the first week of November. Afterward, this interval shortens and diminishes somewhere around mid-November.

    Sunshine Hours

    According to statistics, the capital of Bavaria features 2 sunny hours per day on average in November. It is half the amount of sunshine compared to October. During this period, the possibility of cloudy weather is constantly high, ranging between 61% (November 1) and 65% (November 21). On November 30, the chance of a cloudy day is 64%.


    The chance that any day throughout the month will be rainy is constantly at 27%. Only around the beginning of the 3rd week of November this probability is little higher 28%. While rain is the most common form of precipitation during this period, mixed rainfall and snowfall, and snowfall alone are likely to happen. The amount of rain decreases at a slow rate in the course of November. The average accumulation of snowfall, on the other hand, increases at a slow pace toward the end of the month.

    Time of day that is most likely to receive rainfall or snowfall in November is usually early in the morning, around 5 am. The probability of the lowest precipitation during a day could be anywhere between mid-afternoon and early evening, depending on the period of the month. On average, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, receives between 55 mm/2.16 in and 70 mm/2.76 in of rainfall and snowfall combined during November. Drizzle and short showers are most usual forms of precipitation this time of year.

    Wind Speed

    As days of the last month in autumn pass, the wind speed increases slightly. Still, it remains within the limits of a gentle breeze most of the time. The average speed of wind is around 2.9 m/s throughout November. In general, time around 1 pm features the strongest winds in the city of Munich this time of year. The interval of the calmest weather in this regard is usually between 3 pm and 5 pm.


    In general, the average relative humidity in November in Munich is 86%, which feels a bit dry. The chances of a muggy or oppressive day are 0% throughout.

    Sunrise and Sunset

    The length of daylight is on a constant decrease in this destination toward the end of the month. On November 1, daybreak occurs at 6:58 am while sundown takes place at 4:55 pm, with the duration of daylight being 9:57 hours. On November 30, the sun rises at 7:41 am and sets at 4:22 pm. On that day, daylight lasts 8:41 hours.

    Extraordinary Weather Occurances

    Autumn is a period when warm Föhn winds blow from the Alps. They bring milder temperatures to the Bavarian capital than should be expected this time of year. Besides being capable of raising temperatures to a great extent (up to 25C/77F) in a matter of hours, these winds are very dry.

    Munich Hotels in November

    November is the time of year that isn't particularly popular for traveling to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. The city and its attractions aren't especially crowded with tourists. Hence, hotel rates and some other tourist-related expenses are lower in the penultimate month of year when compared with the previous several months.

    Hotel Gastehaus Forum

    Hotel - Gästehaus Forum am Westkreuz, located in the Pasing district, is a 2-star property. The hotel features a convenient connection to downtown Munich and the airport via S-Bahn. Accommodation units are spacious and dispose of free wireless internet, satellite TVs, bathrooms and equipped kitchenettes. Some rooms have balconies. Munich Airport is 34.5 km/21.5 mi away.

    Leonardo Hotel Munich City

    Leonardo Hotel Munich City Olympiapark is located near the Olympic Park (Olympiapark) and features a convenient connection to the Nymphenburg Palace and the downtown area. Rooms of the hotel are soundproofed and feature satellite TVs and free wireless internet. Hotel's complementary facilities are a space for jogging, bistro with Bavarian and international specialties and paid parking.

    Holiday Inn Munich

    Holiday Inn Munich - City Center is a 4-star establishment, featuring a short walking distance to most top attractions of the city of Munich. Guests in soundproof rooms dispose of air-conditioners, minibars, TVs with flat screens, tea and coffee machines and free Wi-Fi. Some of hotel's facilities are parking (available for a surcharge), a lobby bar and a restaurant.

    Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel

    Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel is an upscale complex that overlooks the Old Botanical Garden. Most other attractions of the city (Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt) are less than 2 km/1.24 mi away. Comfortable and soundproof rooms and suites feature air-conditioning and free internet access. Complimentary facilities of the hotel are a spa with gym, sauna, indoor pool and steam room, a bistro, bar-restaurant and paid parking. Business and meeting facilities are also available.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, boasts dining venues catering to any budget and suitable to any dietary requirement. Gluten free and vegetarian options aren't difficult to find. Among others, you can enjoy German, French, Italian, Oriental, Asian and many other types of renowned cuisines in this destination. The important thing you need to have in mind is that many bars and restaurants accept only cash for payment

    Bar Centrale

    Bar Centrale is a reputable bar in the downtown area. It is a good place to stop by for a cup of coffee, breakfast or a quick meal before you begin the city sightseeing. Bar Centrale has Italian cappuccino and espresso, pastas, salads and snacks among other things on offer. The bar is open daily from 7:30 am to 1 am, and between 9 am and midnight on Sunday.


    Cotidiano is a mid-range bakery and restaurant, located in the downtown area of the Bavarian capital. The dining venue offers a wide range of pastries and dishes, among which you should try blueberry muffins, quiche flambée and Belgian waffles. Cotidiano offers various breakfast varieties, including French, Fitness and American. You can also stop by for a brunch. Opening times vary depending on the day of the week.

    Peony Lounge

    Peony Lounge is a Thai restaurant in the Schwabing neighborhood that caters to gourmands and vegetarians. Among other dishes in the restaurant's menu, you can opt for meat, seafood and fish. In addition to Tai cuisine, Peony Lounge specializes in Vietnamese cuisine as well. The dining venue is open daily from 6 pm to 11:30 pm.


    Limoni is an Italian-style restaurant, featuring a minimalist décor. It is a Michelin-starred restaurant and one of the very finest Italian restaurants in Munich, Germany. The restaurant serves meat, fish and pasta dishes. Some specialties of the house you should consider ordering are Vitello tonnato, ginger cream soup and chocolate cake with mascarpone cream. Limoni is open from 6:30 pm to 1 am daily except on Sunday.

    Things to do in Munich in November

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most majestic castles in Europe, which offers a perfect day trip from the capital of Bavaria. Commissioned by famous Bavarian King Ludwig II, the Neuschwanstein dominates the area from the top of a cliff. In addition to the striking beauty of the castle, visitors can enjoy views of the surrounding, forested mountains. Some tales state that the castle served as an inspiration for a castle in the Cinderella fairy tale. And it is most probably true since the resemblance exists.

    Residenz Theatre

    As winter slowly draws near, more and more people start to enjoy shows in theatres. The Residenz Theatre located in the homonymous complex, is one of the most renowned theatrical venues in the city. The theatre stages great shows and features an opulent Rococo decoration. The theater isn't especially large, so make sure to purchase tickets in a timely manner. The Residenztheater is also known as Cuvilliés.


    Shopping is one of the most entertaining activities in Munich, Germany. There are stores that cater to any budget and taste in this attractive shopping destination. And Bavarian food deserves a special place among fashionable items, souvenirs and other commodities popular among tourists. Hence, allocate some time and money to spend in shops selling local delicacies, including those offering tasty sausages.


    Maybe Munich doesn't strike you as a paradise for surfers, yet it is just that. Eisbach, the tributary of the River Isar located within English Garden, is a place you should look for in order to enjoy this entertaining activity. Note, however, that you should ride the standing wave here only if you are an experienced surfer. The wave is about 1 meter (3.28 feet) high and the water is usually cold. After all, the name of this "river" means "Icy Creek."

    Nymphenburg Castle

    The Nymphenburg Castle is a beautiful complex that consists of a large palace, a few museums and an expansive park. Hence, a visit to this Baroque masterpiece is always rewarding, regardless of current weather. The palace's gardens initially featured an Italianesque design. But, in the 17th century, the park achieved its present layout. The chief designer was a man who cooperated with the creator of the gardens of Versailles, near Paris. 

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