Munich Weather August Averages, Germany

    • Temperature Temperature 17.5°C 64°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 18.4°C 65°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 18.4°C 65°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 7 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 30 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 16 days

    Munich Weather for August 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Munich in August


    Air temperatures in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, are pleasant in August. Intervals of cool temperatures at night and morning alternate with warm temperatures during the day. Albeit differences are usually barely noticeable, the first half of the month is slightly warmer. At the beginning of August, average temperatures range from 13C (55.4F) to 24C (75.2F). By the month's end, they are usually between 11C (51.8F) and 21C (69.8F). In August, temperatures in Munich, Germany, are similar to those in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    In general, the city features cooler temperatures (up to 18C/64.4F) between 11 pm and 11 am most of August. This interval gradually expands toward the end of the month, when it lasts approx. from 8 pm to noon. The reminder of the day is warm and pleasant.

    Sunshine Hours

    The city of Munich features 7 sunshine hours per day on average. The decrease of these in comparison to July is the result of the slight increase of cloud cover and the shorter duration of daylight. For example, August 1 has the 41% chance to be a cloudy day. August 31 is 45% likely to feature overcast or mostly cloudy sky.


    The overall amount of rainfall decreases in the course of month, but August is still a wet month in the Bavarian capital. In general, the city receives around 110 mm/4.3 in of rainfall throughout this period. On average, this month features up to 16 rainy days. Hence, prepare waterproof garments and raincoats for a visit to this destination this time of year.

    According to statistics, the first half of the month is rainier than the second half, with slightly bigger chances of a rainy day. For instance, August 1 is 43% likely to be a wet day while August 31 is 37% probable to receive rainfall. Accordingly, the first half of August is more likely to receive a bigger amount of precipitation than the second.

    Note that thunderstorms, sometimes accompanied by hail, tend to occur in Munich during summer. Noon is the likeliest time of the day for rainfall in this destination. Early mornings, around 5 am, are the least likely time of the day for rainy weather.

    Wind Speed

    The average wind speed is 2.4 m/s (a gentle breeze), with subtle variations throughout the month. In general, around 3 pm is the windiest time of the day (up to 3 m/s), while the period around 7:30 pm (as low as 1.9 m/s) is the calmest.


    The average annual relative humidity in the capital of Bavaria in August is 75%, which feels either dry or comfortable. The probability of a muggy, oppressive or miserable day is nonexistent.

    Sunshine Hours

    The duration of daylight shortens in the course of August in this destination. On August 1, the sun rises at 5:49 am while it sets at 8:50 pm. On August 31, daybreak takes place at 6:29 am while sunset occurs at 7:57 pm.

    Extraordinary Weather Occurances

    Summer usually features warm temperatures in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Yet, occasional cooling and warming of the air beyond usual limits are possible. In August, air temperatures tend to drop during the night to the point of feeling cold. This is in particular true for nights with a cloudless sky. On the other hand, daily highs may rise up to 35C (95F), even exceed this value.

    Munich Hotels in August

    August is the final month of the high tourist season in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Since many tourists visit the destination at this time, airline and hotel rates are at their highest. More so, you should reserve your seat and bed well in advance to secure transportation and lodging. Hence, it is advisable to book a room at least a few weeks in advance, preferably more.

    Gästehaus Englischer Garten

    Gästehaus Englischer Garten is a charming guesthouse located next to English Garden. The accommodation units have either private or shared bathrooms, while some of them have kitchenettes. Wi-Fi is free while parking is paid. The nearest U-Bahn station, with trains traveling to Marienplatz, is several minutes away.

    Hotel Mirabell

    Hotel Mirabell is a 3-star property, located in downtown Munich, Germany. Most top tourist attractions are nearby, including Marienplatz (1.2 km/0.75 mi) and the Deutsches Museum (2 km/1.24 mi). Hotel rooms dispose of amenities such as free wireless internet, air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and tablets. The hotel features a bar that operates non-stop and a paid parking.

    Hotel Torbräu

    Hotel Torbräu is a 4-star property, located in the downtown area. Most points of interest tourists are interested in are within a walking distance from the hotel, including Marienplatz, Karlsplatz and English Park. S-Bahn train station is a few minutes away. All hotel rooms dispose of a satellite TV and free internet access. Meeting facilities, a restaurant and a bar are some complimentary facilities. Use of parking is available for a surcharge.

    Le Méridien Munich

    Le Méridien Munich is a 5-star hotel, located near Main Station. The distance to most major points of interest is up to 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) while the airport is 29.5 kilometers (18.3 miles) away. Guests of the hotel benefit of free entry to certain attractions. Every room of the hotel disposes of a large flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, high-quality toiletries and free Wi-Fi. Many of them have courtyard views. Among other amenities, there are a long pool, spa, restaurant, bar, and business and meeting facilities. Parking is available for the additional price.

    Bars and Restaurants

    With restaurants and eateries catering to every taste and budget, the city of Munich is a great culinary destination. Also, the city's beer gardens are especially popular this time of year. Besides to gourmands, the Bavarian capital is an ideal destination for vegetarians, vegans and other people in need of specific dietary requirements. Note, however, that having cash is essential since many eateries and bars don't accept cards.

    Hofbrauhaus Munchen

    If you are a fan of beer, than you must have heard of Hofbräuhaus Munchen. This brewery, which serves beers and food, is one of the most famous such establishments worldwide. It features a pleasant ambiance and a courtyard for al fresco dining and drinking. Hofbräuhaus Munchen is open 365 days a year from 9 am until midnight.

    Biergarten Viktualienmarkt

    Biergarten Viktualienmarkt is a beer garden you can find in Munich's central food market. Depending on the time you have, you may choose to be served or help yourself in the self-service area. If you wish, feel free to bring food purchased from nearby stalls. Or you can enjoy the beer garden's traditional Bavarian specialties in self-service. The biergarten is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday when the weather is fine.


    Leoli-Restaurant, near the Olympiapark, is a reputable, mid-range restaurant serving specialties of the Vietnamese cuisine. To benefit of lower rates for a meal, stop by anywhere between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm on work days. They prepare seafood, meat and soups among other dishes. Leoli-Restaurant is open on a daily basis from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, and between 5:30 pm and 11 pm.

    Esszimmer Restaurant

    Esszimmer Restaurant is a high-end dining venue, located in the vicinity of the Olympic Park (Olympiapark). The restaurant's ambiance is the first thing that delights guests, which is quickly followed by outstanding dining. More so, car fans will be enthusiastic about exhibited futuristic BMW cars, which they could examine through large windows. Esszimmer Restaurant is open from 7 pm (Tuesday to Saturday) and making an upfront reservation is advisable.

    Things to do in Munich in August

    English Garden

    English Garden (Englischer Garten) is a large public area next to the River Isar that is among the largest in the world. It is even larger than world-famous Central Park in New York. In addition to walking, jogging and biking, you can descend to the riverside and enjoy beach activities this time of year. Experienced surfers benefit of the man-made River Eisbach. English Garden also prides on a few beautiful landmarks (a Greek temple and a Chinese pagoda) and beer gardens.

    Olympic Park

    The Olympic Park (Olympiapark) is another popular area for relaxation and leisure activities in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. The park disposes of various facilities, including the Olympic Tower, the Sea Life and the Olympic swimming pool. The park is a stage to various public events, including concerts. From its vantage points, you can enjoy views of the city and, on clear days, the distant Alps.


    Viktualienmarkt is the principal culinary destination in the capital of Bavaria, located in the center of the city. A few hundred stalls sell a wide diversity of tasty specialties and other goods. Among others, you can find spices, beverages (wines, teas), flowers and produce. If you wish to enjoy the vibe of the place for a while longer, take a seat at an on-site beer garden.

    Asam Church

    The Asam Church (Asamkirche) is a Baroque masterpiece, which you can find near Marienplatz, the main square of the city. It is one of the smallest churches in Munich, but also one of the most elaborate ones. The church was commissioned by the Asam brothers to be their private church. But the religious authorities persuaded them to open the structure to the public.

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