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What's the Weather Like in Jersey in October


Jersey is a wonderful tourist destination with many famous attractions that bring in tourists from around the globe. Jersey Island is a mix of French and British influence and is best known for its top rated points of interest. Whether you are looking for a summer holiday destination, weekend gateaway or honeymoon spot, Jersey won't disappoint. In October, the average temperature is 13°C (55F). The highest temperature for the month is 14°C (57F) while the lowest temperature is 11°C (52F). The average sea temperature for October is 15°C (59F). In the course of the month, average surface water temperature decreases by 3F.

Sunshine Hours

In October, Jersey receives an average of 4 hours of sunshine per day. Cloud cover increases from 48% to 56%.


In October, the average monthly rainfall increases to 22mm for 22 days of the month. During the month, the rainfall amount increases over the course of the month.

Sunshine and Sunset

In October, the length of day rapidly decreases with an average monthly decrease of 1 hour and 45 minutes between the first and last day of the month. October 31 is the shortest day of the month while October 1 is the longest day of the month. The latest sunrise is at 7.48am on October 27 while the earliest sunrise is on October 28 at 6.49am. On the other hand, October 1 has the latest sunset at 6.47pm and the earliest sunset at 4.49pm on October 31.


In October in Jersey, humidity remains essentially constant at 0% throughout the entire month.


In October, the average hourly wind speed increases rapidly from 14.7 miles per hour to 17.1 miles per hour.

Jersey Hotels in October

Jersey has a lot of options to choose from if you are looking for good accommodation facilities. The choice of hotel you select will ultimately determine your stay in Jersey. The best part is this tiny island has some of the best rated hotels not only in Europe but across the entire globe. Irrespective of your budget, you can find somewhere nice and comfortable to stay.

Highlands Hotel, Jersey 

The Highlands Hotel sits on Jersey Island's picturesque location that allows for breathtaking views. The famous La Corbiere Lighthouse that offers the best views of the bays and unspoilt coves can be clearly seen from the hotel. If you're looking for a tranquil, laidback and quite place to stay, Highlands Hotel will exceed your expectations. Located on St. Quen's Bay sandy beach, guests enjoy alfresco dining and bar services on the sun terrace. The rooms are tastefully furnished with modern contemporary designs to suit all your needs. Most of the rooms have sea views and there are balcony rooms with uninterrupted views of the private rocky bay.

Hotel Ambassadeur

Hotel Ambassadeur is a spacious and elegant hotel that offers guests exclusive accommodation facilities. Most of the rooms have spectacular sea views and come with a private bathroom, central heating, TV and other superb amenities. There are various types of rooms to choose from depending on your budget and preferences. The best part is St. Helier is within a walking distance from the hotel. The main bus route serves the hotel enabling guests to freely move around the island and see many attractions Jersey has to offer.

Merton Hotel

Merton Hotel is an amazing 3-star hotel that offers guests an exciting array of accommodation facilities. The high level of hospitality accompanied by a great choice of amenities greets every guest who walks into Merton Hotel. Whether you are travelling as an individual, couple, family and group, this is a great place to stay while in Jersey. From the hotel, you only need to walk for a few minutes to access major St. Helier attractions. In addition, you can easily access numerous facilities such as restaurants, bars and entertainment spots.

Hotel Sandranne  

Hotel Sandranne is an affordable and pleasant hotel that is located close to St. Helier Central Business District. If you're looking for nice budget accommodation in Jersey lsland, this hotel is a perfect choice because of its strategic, homely and informal atmosphere. The city center is only a 10 minute walk from the hotel and from here, you can find numerous shops, bars and restaurants. In addition, the beach at St. Aubin's Bay is also close to the hotel. Hotel Sandranne ensures you get full value for your money.

Jersey Beaches in October

Beauport Beach

Beauport Beach is a picturesque beach that is calm and tranquil. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet time away from everything, you will find the best environment at Beauport Beach. The beach is loved by residents and visitors as well as water sport lovers such as swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Visit Gorey Village and Harbour

Gorey Village is a relaxed fishing village characterized by its alfresco restaurants and pastel coloured cottages. Standing tall above the village is the majestic medieval Mont Orgueil Castle. There are so many things you can do in Gorey Village. The village is a food heritage hub so you can do food shopping, eat fish and seafood at the many restaurants in the village and visit Mont Orgueil Castle to learn history. Gorey is divided into the two; one side has many local restaurants while the other is a residential village with local stores. The stunning French Coast is easily accessible and you have the chance to see beautiful views.

Restaurants and Bars

Jersey is loved by diners because of its wide variety of exciting menu that includes cuisine from different parts of the world. You can never run out of options in Jersey as the island is a home of dining and entertainment. Irrespective of your mood, time of day or budget, there are a wide number of places you can eat, drink and relax.


Bellagio is an exciting restaurant with awesome food and an extensive menu to suit a wide range of needs. Guests here are treated to the finest foods at the best prices in town. The restaurant also offers an A La Carte Menu, wines and cocktails. There is a children's menu available so you can comfortably dine with your entire family. Bellagio opens every day from 6pm-11pm.

Green Olive Restaurant

Green Olive Restaurant is located on a quiet lane in St. Helier and is the home to award-winning food. The restaurant is loved by both locals and tourists who visit to sample local, quality and seasonal produce. Featuring an innovative menu, you can choose from the finest meats, fish and vegetables that have been carefully prepared to include both Asian and Mediterranean flavours. In addition, there are numerous wines for guests to sample. All meals and drinks are served in an intimate setting and you can be assured to have plenty of fun here. Lunch is served Tuesday to Friday from 12pm -3pm, Dinner 6pm-9.30pm and Friday and Saturday 6pm-10pm.

Muddy Duck

Muddy Duck is set in the heart of St. Aubins and is a family managed restaurant that offers a fresh approach to dining. The bistro serves classic foods, local fish and seasonal produce tailored to charm your taste buds. With a large decked terrace, the cosy granite style restaurant is provides an amazing setting for al fresco dining with stunning views. Muddy Duck is open from Tuesday to Sunday 12pm-3pm for lunch and 6pm-9.30pm.

The Lookout Beach Café

The Lookout Beach Café is a magical beach café for those who wish to dine while enjoying beautiful paronamic views across the entire St. Aubins Bay. The café specializes in British, Traditional and seafood cuisine. The Lookout Beach Café is opened the entire day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks as well as dinner. As a top-rated restaurant with an excellent reputation, this is a good place you wouldn't want to miss visiting when in Jersey. The restaurant opens 7 days a week; Monday to Friday 10.30am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 9am-5pm.

Things to Do in Jersey in October

Spend a Day at St. Ouen's Bay

St. Ouen's Bay is a magical paradise for visitors looking for a fun and exciting place to unwind as well as Jersey surfers. At 8km long, there is enough space for everyone and plenty of beachside facilities. There is so much to do at St Ouen's Bay. You can enjoy the walks along the sands, fire up a beach barbecue in the evening or spend time eating and drinking authentic Jersey cuisine at the laid back restaurant and beach cafes. The soft sandy beaches provide the best Atlantic Ocean views making this bay one of the best places to be in Jersey.

Join Oyster Trail Tours

Oyster Trail tour is a great activity you can do while in Jersey on holiday. You can join a group of locals to walk among the mussel and oyster beds in the Royal Bay of Grouville. Thereafter, visit Seymour Inn and sample the freshest Jersey Oysters. While on tour, you will learn about Jersey's modern cultivation of shellfish which are the largest oyster beds found in the British Isles. You can also learn about the interesting history of the oyster fishery which was a major industry in Jersey in the 19th century.

Enjoy Evening Walks at St. Aubin's Bay

St. Aubin's Bay is stretches eastwards from St. Helier towards St. Aubin's Village in the west. The bay is very popular with water sport lovers i.e. Jet Skiers, sailors, water skiers, paddle boarders and swimmers. The coastline of Saint Aubin is charmingly beautiful with numerous beach cafes dotted along the waterfront. This bay is offers a perfect destination for evening sunset strolls along the beach.  The beach is easily accessible with plenty of space for parking.

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