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What's the Weather Like in Jersey in August


Jersey is a top rated global tourist destination with mild weather that makes it attractive for many travellers looking for a weekend gateaway, summer holiday or exotic honeymoon destination. August has beautiful weather and you are free to freely explore this magnificent island without worrying about the weather. In August, the average temperature is 17°C (63F). The highest temperature for the month is 19°C (66F) while the lowest temperature is 14°C (57F). The average sea temperature for August is 17°C (63F). During August, surface water temperature remains constant throughout at 1F of 63F.

Sunshine Hours

In August, Jersey receives an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. Cloud cover remains constant at 42% throughout the month. August 1 is the clearest day of the month.


In August, the average monthly rainfall is 17mm for 17 days of the month. During the month, rainfall remains essentially constant throughout.

Sunshine and Sunset

In August, the length of day rapidly decreases from the beginning to the end of the month by an average of 1 hour and 37 minutes. The longest day is August 1 while the shortest day is August 31. August 1 has the earliest sunrise at 5.40am and the latest sunset at 8.48pm. August 31 has the latest sunrise at 6.23am and the earliest sunset at 7.53pm.


In Jersey in August, humidity remains constant at 1% throughout the month. For reference, August 19 is the most humid day of the year.


In August, the average hourly wind speed increases from 11.4 miles per hour to 12.9 miles per hour during the course of August. August 5 is the calmest day of the year with an average wind speed of 11.3 miles per hour.

Jersey Hotels in August

Jersey is a hub for different categories of hotels some of which include global brands that have set up base on the island. The level of service excellence and spacious accommodation options makes this breathtaking Channel Island, one of the best vacation spots not only in Europe but across the globe.

The Royal Yatch Hotel

The Royal Yatch Hotel, Spa and Restaurant is a true reflection of royalty, style and luxury in Jersey. Located in the heart of St. Helier, guests are welcomed into a spacious hotel with modern décor characterized by a cosmopolitan flair that evident throughout the facility. The hotel, spa and restaurant section are all beautifully themed with modern add-ons to ensure visitors are comfortable and receive value for their money. Equipped with an award-winning spa and three restaurants, there's no doubt you're in for good times.

Golden Sands Hotel

Golden Sands Hotel is an ideal accommodation spot for everyone. If you love seaside hotels, you can never go wrong with this 4-star hotel that sits right in the middle of Brelade's Bay famous for its watersports and clean bathing. While here, you're welcomed by the glistening sea breeze and tranquility associated with privacy and serenity. This is an ideal spot for guests looking for a romantic or short-break in a picturesque location perfect for summer holidays. The hotel opens its doors every year from April to October and is the best place to be in Jersey.

Windmills Hotel 

Windmills Hotel located above the popular St. Brelade's Bay is an ideal 3-star hotel that exceeds expectations of any guest looking for an exciting Jersey holiday. The blend of natural beauty and an idyllic setting forms the perfect base from which you can set out to tour various Jersey Holiday attractions. The hotel is family-run and focusses on offering each guest personalized service to make their stay in Jersey memorable. 

Biarritz Hotel 

The Biarritz Hotel is an award-winning 3-star hotel with 4-star excellence in service delivery. Opening its doors in the 1950's as a Christian venue, the hotel is credited for staying committed to Jersey's hospitality industry for over 60 years. If you're looking for the best views of St. Brelade Bay, this is the place to be to enjoy unobstructed views. Accommodation is varied and guests have the choice to choose from different rooms depending on the budget, facilities and number of travelers.

Jersey Beaches in August

Rozel Bay

Rozel Bay is a pleasant spot to spend your day though it's more of a fishing village than a beach for pleasure. The beach is a combination of sand, rocks and shingle with a sheltered bay that is ideal for swimming especially when its high tide. During low tide, there is pure white sand along the shores enabling guests to enjoy numerous beach activities such as building of sand castles. There are plenty of eating places within the area so you can grab your favorite food and drinks. In addition, Rozel Bay is a perfect site for picnic lovers.

Restaurants and Bars

Do you want to enjoy the finest foods and drinks on Channel Islands? Jersey Island is your first stop. Despite being a small island, you can never underestimate the local vibrant dining and entertainment industry that has a worldwide reputation for offering unique and unforgettable experiences.  

Mark Jordan at the Beach

Mark Jordan at the Beach is no doubt Jersey's most spectacular, scenic, relaxed, casual and romantic restaurant on the sandy beaches of St Ouen's Bay. Sitting on Jersey's South Coast, Mark Jordan at the Beach offers exquisite beachside dinning and is a sister restaurant to Ocean Restaurant located at The Atlantic Hotel. Jersey's capital St Helier, is not far away making it possible for guests to explore the city and access numerous amenities. With breathtaking views of the bay, there's no better place you would want to be. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm and 6pm-9.30pm.

Tides Restaurant

Tides Restaurant is the best place to visit if you're keen on having a superb and memorable gourmet experience. There are plenty of foods, drinks and wines to delight your senses while enjoying unparalled views of the entire St. Aubin's Bay. Tides restaurant is a dreamers and relaxation paradise with an extensive menu range carefully prepared to adequately meet the needs of every guest. The restaurant is located inside the Somerville Hotel. Tides Restaurant opens 12.30pm-1.45pm and 7pm-9pm.  

Sumas Restaurant

Sumas Restaurant is located on Gorey Hill, St Martin with beautiful and captivating sea views. Dine in a casual, relaxed and spacious environment with an option to choose from an extensive menu of delicacies. With a cool and amazing sea breeze coming your way, there is no reason to hold back. Whether you want A la Carte, Lunch, Weekend Breakfast or Vegan menu, you will be well taken care of. Sumas Restaurant opens for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am-11am. Lunch hours are Monday-Saturday 12pm-2.30pm and 12.30pm-3.30pm on Sunday. Monday to Saturday dinner is served from 6pm-9.30pm.

Restaurant 1840

Restaurant 1840 is located inside the prestigious The Savoy Hotel offering an extensive modern and traditional British menu accompanied by other international delicacies. Named after the year after the construction of the original house was completed, Restaurant 1840 is a hub for mouthwatering dishes prepared using local fresh ingredients. The infamous Jersey Royals are also part of the menu that includes an extensive wine list. The environment is ambient, welcoming and friendly for guests of various ages, social and cultural backgrounds. Vegetarian and gluten free foods are also available.  The restaurant is open from 12pm-4.30pm Monday to Saturday and 3pm-5pm on Sundays. Sunday lunch is served between 12.30pm-2pm.

Things to Do in Jersey in August

Visit the Grosnez Point Castle

Grosnez Castle is an ancient castle located in Grosnez on the North Western part of Jersey Island.  Built in the 14th century, the Castle is famous for being among the most traditional Jersey Island parishes with breathtaking and scenic views. Philippe de Carteret safeguarded the castle from the French when they were in control of one half of Jersey between 1461 and 1467. Despite being an ancient landmark, the remnants of the castle still stand tall. The Castle is open to the public allowing you to you have sweeping views of the rest of Channel Islands.

Tour Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle takes you on a journey of down memory lane to learn more about the history of Jersey. The Castle was built to protect Jersey from invasion by the French and the highlight of this tour is climbing a series of staircases and visiting secret rooms that hide treasures. The castle provides superb views of the Gorey Harbour as you embark on a journey into the past that has been instrumental in defining what Jersey is today.

Experience Bonne Nuit Harbour

Bonne Nuit Harbour is a tiny fishing harbour centrally located in Jersey's North Coast. If you're looking for a quiet place away from all the main activities of Jersey, take a trip to this picturesque harbour. During summer, guests visit to sunbathe and enjoy the spectacular views from the cliff paths. However, the harbour is not suitable for swimming and surfing. The elevated point of view is advantageous for those who want to launch a Para glider in Jersey Island. As a fishing village, you will see local fishermen unloading crabs and lobsters from their small fishing boats. The harbour also provides shelter for both local and migrating birds.

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