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    8 hours

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What's the Weather Like in Jersey in June


Jersey Island is a paradise for holiday makers looking for a unique and exciting destination popular with numerous attractions. Every year, the island receives many tourists from across the globe who come to Jersey, the largest of Channel Islands. In June, the average temperature is 14°C (57F). The highest temperature for the month is 16°C (61F) while the lowest temperature is 12°C (54F). The average sea temperature for June is 14°C (57F). The average sea temperature for June increases over the course of the month.

Sunshine Hours

In June, its summer time and Jersey receives an average of 8 hours of sunshine daily. Cloud cover gradually decreases from 48% to 42% over the course of the month. June 30 is the clearest day of the month.


In Jersey in June, the average monthly rainfall for 16 days of the month is 16mm. during the month, rainfall remains essentially constant right through to the end of the month.

Sunshine and Sunset

In June, the length of day remains essentially constant. The shortest day of the month is June 1 while the longest day is June 21. June 1 has the latest sunrise at 5.08am and the earliest sunset at 9.05pm. The earliest sunrise is 5.02am on June 16 while the latest sunset is 9.18pm on June 26.


In Jersey in June, humidity remains constant at 0% throughout the month.


In June, the average wind speed for the month remains constant over the course of the month staying within 0.2 miles per hour of 12.1 miles per hour.

Jersey Hotels in June

Jersey is an accommodation hub with different classes of hotels to serve a diverse range of clientele. If you're planning to come to Jersey, be prepared to choose from a wide variety of nice hotels located in different parts of the island. Whether you want to stay in the Central Business District or outskirts, there's something to match your budget expectations.

Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel Jersey

Radisson Blue Waterfront Hotel Jersey has 195 designer and exclusively designed rooms with breathtaking sea views. Located on the gorgeous coastline of Jersey next to the Elizabeth Marina on St. Aubin's Bay, you can walk out of the hotel onto the promenade and enjoy the views of the bay and Elizabeth Castle. There are a whole lot of modern amenities at the hotel including a gym and pool for those who wish to relax outdoors. Enjoy fresh and tasty dishes at the Waterfront Restaurant, Bar and Terrace.

Hotel Cristina

Hotel Cristina has the best tranquility, views and surrounding which all add up to a comfortable and luxurious stay. Located above St. Aubin Bay, this family owned hotel receives guests with a warm welcome and offers excellent facilities without compromising on quality. Hotel Cristina is an excellent choice if you're searching for top rated boutique hotels in Jersey. The contemporary décor gives every room and location in the hotel a unique character that evokes a holiday feeling. The beach, St Helier and St Aubin's are close to the hotel. Furthermore, you can access a wide range of bars, restaurants and shops within the locality.

Oaklands Lodge Hotel 

The Oaklands Lodge Hotel is a family run hotel that focuses on ensuring guests are welcomed into a comfortable hotel with superb services. The hotel is located in the quiet, rural and peaceful Trinity Hill neighborhood, one mile north of St Helier. The large and spacious rooms with modern amenities have been meticulously designed to make your stay in Jersey memorable. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with your family, Oaklands Lodge Hotel has the perfect ambience and setting to keep you comfortable and happy throughout.

Dolphin Hotel 

Dolphin Hotel is located beneath the Mont Orgueil Castle with sweeping views of the quiet harbour at Gorey. This small hotel has well-maintained, clean and modern rooms with all the basic amenities provided to keep you comfortable. In addition, there is a restaurant and bar with an alfresco terrace allowing you to have your meals and drinks outside. Guests coming for holidays, romantic breaks and weekend gateaways will definitely find Dolphin Hotel a great place to relax at affordable rates.

Jersey Beaches in June

Beauport Beach

Beauport Beach is an idyllic beach located near the busy St Brelade's Bay but is surprisingly laid back, secluded and quiet. Popular with both locals and visitors, summer is a great time for swimmers, scuba divers and snorkelers to have fun on this beach. To access the beach, you must use a long stairway.

Plemont Bay

Plemont Bay sits on the North West Coast of Jersey Island and is famous for its white clean sandy beaches. Large shallow pools of water form ideal swimming spots for both adults and children. There are beautiful caves and a waterfall that you can explore coupled with exhilarating views that will excite any photographer.

Restaurants and Bars

Jersey is a diner's paradise with different types of amazing restaurants serving exotic dishes. While on this island, you have the best opportunity to sample the freshest and finest island cuisine. For entertainment lovers, there is so much to do as you can simply hop from one bar to next. With the best wine lists and mouthwatering cocktails, Jersey's dining and entertainment experience is one to remember.


Unawatuna specializes in serving Sri Lankan cuisine in an informal, warm and relaxed environment. You don't need to visit Sri Lanka to enjoy their cuisine, Unawatuna brings a slice of authentic Sri Lanka traditional dishes to Jersey Island. Located in the heart of St Helier, this fine restaurant creatively combines Sri Lankan specialties with local Jersey island produce. The restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday from 5pm-9.30pm.

Café Spice

Café Spice strategically located in the heart of St Helier is the perfect spot to dine before or after attending a show at the theatre. The contemporary designed restaurant promotes a stylish and friendly dining environment. Guests are treated to a wide array of Indian and Bangladesh cuisine bringing to life the finest family traditional and contemporary dishes with a twist of spice. When you come here, be prepared to enjoy innovative extraordinary flavours prepared by the experts. Café Spice opens daily from 12pm-2pm and 6pm-12 am.

Roseville Bistro

Roseville Bistro is famous for its great food and perfect ambience having mastered the art of making awesome dishes for more than 50 years. If you love seafood, Roseville Bistro is popularly known for its top-rated seafood dishes especially Jersey fish and shellfish that showcase what Jersey Island has to offer to its visitors. In addition, you can also find traditional foods such as fish and chips. There is a vegetarian and kids menu available. Roseville Bistro opens Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm till late.

The Hungry Man

The Hungry Man is situated on the harbour wall in Rozel Bay, Jersey's north east corner, a beach famous for its stunning views and safe swimming. You can find anything you want to eat at The Hungry Man. The restaurant serves a wide range of delicacies from delicious homemade cakes, gourmet burgers to crab sandwiches among others. The seating arrangement is al fresco so you need to ensure you're warm if visiting in colder months. Since 1947, Hungry Man has been at the forefront of satisfying all types of appetites.

Things to do in Jersey in June

Go for Kayaking at St. Brelades Bay

Kayaking at St. Brelades Bay is one of the most exciting activities you can engage in while in Jersey. St. Brelades is a perfect place for kayaking since it's a secluded bay allowing you to freely move around and discover what the beach has to offer. Kayaking is the best way to explore Jersey's beautiful coast and the best news is paddlers of all ages and abilities can participate and have fun. Take a tour on a modern fleet of sea kayaks and access remote coves, explore caves and see beautiful wildlife. All kayak tours are led by a qualified kayak instructor. You definitely wouldn't want to miss this.

Visit La Hogue Bie Museum

La Hogue Bie Museum tour is a must visit for history lovers and those who are simply curious about Jersey's past. The museum is one of the world's oldest ten buildings that was constructed way before the Egyptian pyramids were built. At the museum, you can get into Europe's finest passage graves and learn more about Jersey's Neolithic history. This spiritual heritage site has a medieval chapel, The Chapel Notre Dame de la Clarté, La Hougue Bie that sits on an ancient mound. The site has numerous treasures that you can discover. Today, this area is a common site for Jersey weddings because of its unique, tranquil and secluded surrounding. This site is rich in history so make a point of visiting.

Tour Jersey Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm consists of nine acres of lavender fields arranged in neat rows like a marching army. When visiting, you're welcomed by a beautiful, serene and tranquil garden that also has a wide variety of trees, plants and shrubs that date centuries back. There is plenty to see and enjoy especially if you love nature. The region where the farm is located is known to have ideal sandy soil conditions and mild climate that favours the growth of lavender plants. The farm began in 1986 and ever since, has grown steadily to become a summer attraction for tourists from around the world.

Tour the Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle built on a tiny rocky island on St Aubin's Bay holds a lot of Jersey's ancient secrets. The Castle protected Jersey from external invasion for over 300 years and is today considered the remaining evidence of Jersey's history of wars and battles. There are interesting sections to discover inside the Castle such as the Hermitage that is once believed to have been Saint Helier's residence in 550 AD. The bunkers, turrets and battlements are all intriguing sections to visit.

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