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What's the weather like in Jersey in January


Jersey is a top tourist destination famous for its attractions with tourists coming from around the world to visit this magnificent island. Jersey is Channel Islands' largest island with a mix of both French and British influences. Top diverse tourist attractions include stunning beaches, inland valleys, Cliffside walking trails and historic castles. Its winter in January and the average temperature is 6°C (42F). The highest temperature in January is 7°C (45F) and lowest temperature 4°C (39F). The average sea temperature for January is 10°C (50F). During the month, the surface water temperature gradually decreases as the month progresses.

Sunshine Hours

In January, Jersey has an average of 2 hours of sunshine per day. Cloud cover remains essentially constant throughout the month remaining at 63%. January 31 is the clearest day of the month.


In January in Jersey, the chance of rainfall is 100% with a monthly average of 22mm for 22 days of the month. During January, there is gradual decrease of rainfall as the month progresses.

Sunshine and Sunset

In January, the length of day rapidly increases with an average monthly increase of 65 minutes between the first and last day of the month. January 1 is the shortest day of the month while January 31 is the longest day of the month. January 1 has the latest sunrise at 8.03am and the earliest sunset at 4.21pm. On the other hand, January 31 has the earliest sunrise at 7.41am and latest sunset at 5.03pm.


In January in Jersey, humidity remains constant at 0% throughout the month.


In January, the average wind speed for the month decreases from 19.0 miles per hour to 18.0 miles per month over the course of the month. January 1 is the windiest day of the year with an average wind speed of 19.0 miles per hour.

Extraordinary Weather Conditions

In January, there are strong winds in Jersey which cause a weather hazard that calls for caution. In the past, strong winds and high tides have hit the entire Channel Islands causing large rocks and debris to be thrown by waves onto the island. The debris is tossed over walls and trees are uprooted as a result of the strong winds leading to closure of roads. In January 2018, Storm Eleanor hit the region and the entire UK with speeds of up 100miles per hour causing massive damage.

Jersey Hotels in January

Jersey Island is well known for its timeless beauty and charming attractions. The island is a great place to unwind for the weekend, summer holidays, romantic and foodie gateaways. The diversity in natural beauty attracts a high number of visitors from all over the world. There is something great for everyone travelling to indulge in what Jersey has to offer. There is a wide array of accommodation option for visitors coming to Jersey. Whether you're looking for five star accommodation or budget range hotels, there is something for you.

Somerville Hotel

Somerville Hotel sits on a beautiful hillside overlooking the charming village of St. Aubin. With 59 superb rooms, this 4-star hotel is packed with numerous modern amenities to ensure you have a comfortable stay in Jersey. From here, you can watch the yachts as the get in and leave St. Aubin's habour. Somerville Hotel is popular for its sumptuous meals and numerous entertaining activities. There is no doubt this is one of the best country house accommodations in Jersey. While here, you can savour the freshest local seafood, finest wines and tasty British meat in the best location in Jersey.

Talana Hotel

Talana Hotel is a beautiful family run hotel with 41 spacious rooms with superb ensuite facilities. The hotel sits in the St. Saviour suburb in Jersey about 20 minute walk from the Central Business District. In addition, hotel is only 20 minutes from the beach and is known for offering pleasant international cuisine in a quiet, calm and relaxing environment. The hotel has exclusive facilities that make it a warm and friendly environment with welcoming staff.

Oakland Lodge Hotel

Oaklands Lodge Hotel is a small family run hotel that sits in the quiet, rural surroundings. All the bedrooms are en-suite and beautifully furnished with modern amenities to ensure you're comfortable and feel at home. The hotel is situated on Trinity Hill, one mile north of St Helier. Guests who come here enjoy a lovely holiday experience in a charming facility that sits in a picturesque location. Visitors are well taken care of by the friendly staff and from here, you can easily explore numerous Jersey attractions.

Villa Nova Guesthouse

Villa Nova Guesthouse is an excellent choice especially if you're looking for affordable yet comfortable accommodation. The family run guesthouse is centrally located next to the scenic Howard Davis Park in St. Helier. The villa has a private courtyard and excellent facilities for guests to have a memorable Jersey holiday. Visitors have the choice to choose from single, double or family rooms. Evening meals are served at the Norfolk Hotel which is the sister hotel to Villa Nova Guesthouse. From the guesthouse, you can easily access the shopping district and the beach.

Jersey Beaches in January

Portelet Bay, Jersey 

Portelet Bay located on Jersey's south coast is a quiet, calm and relaxing beach away from the traditional busy beaches. January is winter and certainly not the best time to explore the beaches. However, on a clear day with favorable weather, this is a charming bay to visit famous for its clear waters and golden sands. The bay is accessed by a long stairway and lies below Portelet Inn, one of the island's best pubs.  Swimming and snorkeling are some of the major activities you can do at Portelet Bay. 

Restaurants and Bars

Jersey is a paradise for food lovers and holiday goers are fully entertained and kept busy sampling both local and international cuisine. You practically have access to any type of meal in Jersey. Despite being a small island, Jersey is a dining and entertainment hub so you can never get bored while here.

Saffrons Restaurant

Saffrons Restaurant is situated inside Hotel de France specializing in fine dining and an A la Carte menu that defines the true meaning of memorable dining. The restaurant uniquely combines eastern and western cuisines guided by modern European dish preparation techniques. Saffrons Restaurant brings to life Indian cooking and for this reason, the food here is flavoured using Indian spices. The restaurant's award winning chefs have a genuine passion for culinary creativeness. The restaurant is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 6.30pm 9.30pm.

Colleen's Café

Colleen's Café is an exciting family friendly beach café set amidst a friendly and relaxed environment. The café offers extensive menu options meaning you can't miss to find something that will please your taste buds. Whether you're looking for traditional British, Italian or seafood cuisine, Colleen's Café is a must visit. The café is located a stone's throw away from the beach so guests enjoy breathtaking views while having their meals. The café opens 7 days a week from 8.00am 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and Friday from 8.00am 7.45pm.

Bohemia Bar and Restaurant

Bohemia Bar and Restaurant is a popular chain of restaurants located in various places around the world and is known for its succulent dishes. This is a perfect destination for lunch, dinner and drinks carefully prepared using the freshest Jersey ingredients. The restaurant is large with different types of dining areas set in the best environment to have your meals. There is a roof terrace and bar where guests enjoy their drinks as they relax and unwind. The bar and restaurant opens daily from 10am to midnight.

The Old Smuggler's Inn

The Old Smuggler's Inn is situated in the pristine Ouaisne Bay offering guests a tranquil environment for dining and entertainment. At this spot, you will find some of the best traditional food and drinks throughout the year. There is plenty of seafood, sizzling steaks and an outstanding selection of real ales and wines. During winter time, The Old Smuggler's Inn has two blazing log fires providing you with the warmth you require to enjoy your experience. The restaurant uses the freshest produce from Jersey. The bar is open from Monday to Sunday 11am to 11pm for the bar section and Monday to Sunday from 12pm-9pm for the restaurant.  

Things to Do in Jersey in January

Visit to Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle holds Jersey's historical secrets and is a major Jersey tourist attraction situated on a tidal island within the parish of Saint Helier. This magnificent castle was constructed in the 16th century to protect the island from attacks by ships armed with cannons. The castle was built as a reinforcement after it was evident the Mont Orgueil stronghold was unable to sufficiently protect the island and St. Helier port. This is a great spot for a day tour as you can climb the battlements, tour the bunkers and turrets as well as unearth the Hermitage believed to have been Saint Helier's home around 550AD. The castle is named as Queen Elizabeth I who was England's queen around the same time the castle was constructed.

Storm-watching Winter Escapes

Storm-watching is one of Jersey's unique attractions especially during winter times. You can best catch a view of the storm from the comfort of your luxury hotel room with clear view of the Atlantic Ocean as these seafront rooms are well positioned for an exciting viewing experience. In addition, when it's calm, you can walk on the deserted beaches and feel the wind hit against your body as you later retreat to the comfort of a relaxing spa. This is no doubt a winter attraction you wouldn't want to miss.

Go Shopping in Artisan Markets in St. Helier

Jersey Artisan Markets are a major visit especially for shopping lovers out to see what Jersey has to offer its locals and visitors. Located in the heart of St Helier, the Central and Beresford Street Markets are key spots that take you on a journey of Jersey's proud Island culture and heritage. These local community has been served by these lively and colorful markets for over 200 years. Here, you can find a diverse range of fresh local produce, goods, crafts and other services.

Visit Jersey Zoo Durell

Jersey Zoo is an animal haven where you have the best opportunity to explore some of the world's most incredible and rare creatures. The zoo owned by Gerald Durrell is located in the parish of Trinity, four miles north of St Helier. This is a perfect place to visit if you love animals, nature or you're looking for a fun outdoor experience. The zoo is a massive 32-acre beautiful park with woodland and numerous valleys. The environment is ideal for relaxation so you can stay and enjoy the welcoming surroundings.

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