Chania Weather July Averages, Greece

    • Temperature Temperature 26°C 79°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 30°C 86°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 12 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 1 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 0 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 24°C 75°F

    Chania Weather for July 2021

    What's the weather like in Chania in July

    Summer is fully settled over the beautiful island of Crete now, and chances are the heat will be high throughout the month of July. 


    Average temperatures hang at 26°C (79°F), but rest assured that you'll be feeling more than that. Chances are, in fact, that the highest temperatures will easily be over the predicted high average of 30°C, so make sure you always carry water and SPF protection with you. The expected low temperature is at 21°C, but towards the second half of the month, it's expected to well exceed that, making for lovely warm evenings. In fact, Chania has been known to record up to 38°C on peak days.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    The days are gloriously sunny and long, with up to 12 hours and 95% chances of sunshine in every single gorgeous day spent here.

    Humidity and Rainfall

    The average humidity in Chania is about 55%, however it does get lower over the third and fourth week of the month. It's all very sunny, hot and dry, and not even a single day of rain is expected, putting its chances of rainy days at 1%, with a volume of 1mm. So basically no rain in July for you! There are no clouds either, but for the white wisps that are so typical for marine regions, and winds are quite slow as well, measuring an average of 1m/s, leaving chances of windy days further down at 16%.

    The atmospheric pressure is loosely at 984hPa, which is comfortable, but a bit high and prone to generate occasional Meltemi (Etesian) winds, known as dry and powerful gusts often encountered by sailors at sea. So if you're into yachting and cruising the Aegean, be ready for some surprisingly strong winds. The coastline is only caressed by the dry and salty breeze, your only ally besides the shade against the peak heat of July.   

    Average Sea Temperature       

    The splendid Aegean Sea is at its best this time of the year, sporting a water temperature of 24°C (75°C) on average, rich with tropical currents and mellow waves. It's even good for midnight swims, and the smooth white sands of Crete tend to maintain pleasant temperatures throughout the night. But do make sure you don't get surprised by the dawn chills, just before the sun breaks out and cooks everything again. And do not, under any circumstances, ignore the protection of good SPF protection lotions; they are essential if you want to have a comfortable vacation in Chania.

    Chania Hotels in July

    Porto Veneziano and Elia Hotel

    Now, as expected, finding accommodation for July is an adventure. Ideally, you'll need to book at least 6 months in advance if you want a spot in the best hotels. However, Chania does not lack excellent hotels for great prices. Of the many options still available, you could hook yourself up with a cozy double bedroom at the sumptuous Porto Veneziano, right in the lip of the Old Harbour, for £73 per night, or a twin room at the superb Elia Hotel, for £78 per night.

    Palazzo Duca and Samaria Hotel

    The fabulous Palazzo Duca and Samaria Hotel still have twin/double rooms available, along with their ravishing views, at £61 and £106 respectively.

    Arkadi Hotel and Doge Traditional Hotel

    The less pricey but equally wonderful Arkadi Hotel and Doge Traditional Hotel offer their rooms for £52 and £64 respectively. All offers include complete continental breakfasts and Wi-Fi.

    Budget Accommodation

    Budget accommodation is also available across numerous hostels in Chania and its surrounding beaches. The safest, cleanest and most welcoming of them, as voted by the millions of backpackers and vacationers worldwide, are Chania Hostel with dorms from £15.79, Hotel Tina Chania with privates from £16.50, the Smaragdi for just £13.45 and El Greco Hotel, with privates from £30 per night. They all feature complete amenities, good quality Wi-Fi and very friendly staff.

    Chania Beaches for July

    Elafonisi and Falassarna

    It is a well-known fact that Chania gets crazy busy with vacationers throughout the peak month of July. After all, this is Crete! You could easily go to popular spots like Elafonisi and Falassarna, both recognized globally for their excellent sand, scenic views and high quality services.

    Crete's Popular Beaches

    Or you can enjoy the smooth warm sands and shallow water entrance of PlataniasLoutroKedrodasos, three of Crete's most popular beaches. Whichever you choose, it will be well worth the travel, as some of them are as far as 80 km away from Chania Town the bus routes are great and transport times are very efficient!

    Balos Beach

    It's very hard to mention all the great beaches that you could possibly go to in July, as they are all open and fully functional, and each boasts an impressive sand quality, great waters and a number of cafes, terraces and fish taverns, along with their usual amenities (umbrellas, towels, showers etc.). But the one we are extremely adamant about visiting, especially in summer, is the breathtaking Balos Beach. Its little island, riddled with exotic wilderness, looks out from above the turquoise water, and its almost white sand makes it one of the most sought-after locations in all of Greece.

    More Beaches

    Another jewel of western Crete is the popular Iguana Beach, and let's not forget about the more secluded but equally stunning Glyka Nera, or the intimate Perivolitsa Beach, or the amazing Golden Beach, which is by far the local favorite, as it's just one km away from the center of Chania and boasts fine golden sands framed by the Aegean Sea. For a full and comprehensive list of beaches we suggest you look here, as it gives you an interesting breakdown of sand type, amenities and distances.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Old Harbour

    The Old Harbour is the main attraction during the summer. The weather is perfect, and so all the cafes, bars, terraces, restaurants, taverns, cocktail bars, pubs and clubs are open, keeping the marina alight and alive almost 24/7.

    Kritamon and Soul Kitchen

    The Kritamon and the Soul Kitchen are local celebrities, known for their excellent food, attention to detail when it comes to complementing flavors and most importantly, their wine lists. The Kritamon in particular is highly regarded for its selection of local and international wines.

    Corinna Star Restaurant and MeNou & Krasi

    If you're looking for fish and other traditional Cretan dishes, then you most certainly have to visit Corinna Star Restaurant and the MeNou & Krasi, the latter taking great pride in the classic cuisine. You will notice by the end of your stay that Chania is quite the gastronomical center of Crete, and it's no wonder the ingredients are always fresh and mostly organic, and the fish is caught early every morning.

    More Bars and Restaurants

    Barlux Cafe Cocktail BarMy Café Bar and Utopia are well known for their wide selection of drinks, particularly cocktails, as well as the lush ambient and wicked atmosphere. The seaside clubs are all vibrant and bustling with music of all genres, and party people from all corners of the world make for an amazing atmosphere each and every night.

    The favorites among night clubs are Senso Club, the TropicanoMylos Club and the luscious Eclipse, but venues further down the shoreline, such as Villa Mercedes and Costa Costa of Agia Marina certainly make for good competition!

    Things to do in Chania in July

    Kornaria Festival

    July is definitely one of the busiest months of the year, especially on this western side of Crete. Before you even get to the inspiring ruins and museums of Chania, you have three festivals which you most certainly have to attend! The first one is organized by the Municipality of Sitia, and it's known as the Kornaria Festival, an abundant variety of cultural events, music and dance events, and art and photography exhibitions that reflect the western Cretan culture.

    Wine Festival

    The Wine Festival takes place at the end of July, in the idyllic village of Kolymbari expect local Cretan wines fresh out of the caskets, ready to be tasted and fully enjoyed with regional cheese platters and fresh fruit; wine producers from all over the island showcase their crisp and full-bodied wines at this event, just one of the many reminiscent traces of the Greeks' worship of Dionysus.

    Renaissance Festival

    The third and probably most important event of July is the Renaissance Festival, organized by the Municipality of Rethymno it is an absolutely wonderful experience to have if you're in Chania, as it aims to revitalize and reconnect the people to the art, culture and science of the Renaissance Period of Crete, an island on which the Venetians have left a permanent print.


    Alternatively, you can also visit the Archaeology Museum or the Maritime Museum, both are perfect to explore throughout the month of July for a bit of cooling shade.


    If you like the sound of cutting across some Aegean waves, do give the local yachts and cruises a try the Cretans are longtime masters of the sea, after all. Let yourself drawn into the surrounding seascape of nothing but blue, both above and below!             

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