flag Chania, Average Weather January

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    142 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    15 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    4 hours

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January daily averages


January daily averages for Chania

  • 1st
    8 46
  • 2nd
    10 50
  • 3rd
    11 52
  • 4th
    12 54
  • 5th
    12 54
  • 6th
    11 52
  • 7th
    10 50
  • 8th
    8 46
  • 9th
    10 50
  • 10th
    11 52
  • 11th
    12 54
  • 12th
    13 55
  • 13th
    11 52
  • 14th
    11 52
  • 15th
    13 55
  • 16th
    12 54
  • 17th
    12 54
  • 18th
    11 52
  • 19th
    11 52
  • 20th
    13 55
  • 21st
    13 55
  • 22nd
    13 55
  • 23rd
    12 54
  • 24th
    12 54
  • 25th
    11 52
  • 26th
    10 50
  • 27th
    9 48
  • 28th
    10 50
  • 29th
    10 50
  • 30th
    12 54
  • 31st
    13 55

What's the weather like in Chania in January

Normally, one would consider January to be the month in which you do pretty much nothing. Everyone's recovering from the Christmas and New Year's Eve binges, the weather is drab and cold and thoroughly unpleasant. But Chania keeps its Hellenic charm even in the middle of the winter. Just pack an umbrella.


For one, the worst you'll get here in January is some wind, some clouds and a fair bit of rain. Average temperatures stay close to 11°C (52°F), with its low end at around 8°C during the night and on those wet and gloomy days.

Sunshine Hours

The highs reach 14°C, which is typical of mild Greek winters. The days are very short, with maybe 4 hours of sunshine, and only 14% chances of sunny days, but this is still better than elsewhere in Europe during January.


Chances of rain are steady at 49% on average, with up to 15 rainy days in the month, at a volume of around 142mm. January is the wettest month of the year in Chania, with a large increase over the rain seen in December.  If you're travelling to Chania at this time of year, make sure you pack a raincoat and some boots, because over here, especially where the sea is concerned, once it rains, it sometimes forgets to stop! And humidity is quite high as well, along with 29% chances of cloudy days.

Sea Temperature

The azure Aegean Sea has a steady cool temperature of 16°C (61°F) while it's not exactly fit for dipping any toes in it, it's still part of a breath-taking landscape, complete with chilly winds and frothy waves.


Chances of windy days are at 30% on average, so if you're looking into doing some hiking or even a bit of sailing, bring that windbreaker with you!

Ultimately, January is definitely not the recommended time for vacationing anywhere unless you're looking for snow in the Alps, but Greece is often targeted even throughout the winter season because of its splendid beaches and marine environment mostly for the purpose of hikes and trekking adventures. Its winter are generally mild and as long as you don't mind some rain you'll be fine.

Chania Hotels in January

Selection of Hotels

Hospitality-wise, Chania has an abundant selection of hotels, holiday apartments and hostels to choose from, and prices vary from one month to the other you know the whole on/off peak deal by now. Ideally, if you're looking for something extremely comfortable, upmarket and with excellent services, you might as well hurry and book a room at hotels like the Areti Suites, with double rooms going for £43 per night, or the magnificent Halepa Hotel for just £57 per night. The splendid Royal Sun might still have some rooms available for just £27 per night, as well as the stupendous and highly rated Serenissima Boutique Hotel, whose spacious rooms go for £86 per night.

Budget Hotels

If you're on a budget, though, rest assured that Chania has plenty of great hostels to choose from: the marvellous Niriis Hotel offers dorms from £6.81 per night and privates from £6.25 per night; the Chania Hostel still has dorms available from £9.09 per night, and the fabulous Seashell Apartments has spaces available for prices starting at £6.31 per night. Do trust us when we insist that you book your accommodation in advance though, as Chania gets incredibly busy even in January.

Beaches in Chania for January

It's not exactly time to strip down and splash around just yet at 16°C in water temperature, but Chania's beaches are still worth exploring. Most of them have fine sands and a shallow entry into the turquoise waters, but some are secluded and wild, with pebbles and plenty of natural shade.

Loutraki, Agioi Apostoloi and Finikas

About 12 km east of Chania, you fill find the small but beautiful Loutraki beach, known for its soft sand and gorgeous seascape. About 3 km west of the city centre, you can take a long walk along Agioi Apostoloi beach, a wide and smooth stretch of sand that is very popular amongst the locals. Further away, at about 80 km, lies the splendid and remote Finikas beach, a wild and rocky chunk of paradise, kissed by the sea and sun alike.

Bars and Restaurants


It's a well-known fact that Greece has an impressive culinary tradition, so it is not a surprise that we have difficulties in recommending the best restaurants in Chania they're all great! But some of the local superstars include Salis, down in the Old Harbour, known for its simple yet modern design, its friendly staff and most importantly, its food; you'll find typical Greek recipes executed at high speed and with top quality ingredients, and it's perfect even for eating al fresco on one of January's sunnier days.

Soul Kitchen and Akrogiali Taverna

Another noteworthy establishment is Soul Kitchen, a refreshing take on the Greek cuisine, away from the old classics and closer to modern influences, with excellent service and a creative menu. The Akrogiali Taverna must not be ignored either, known among locals for its friendly service and almost artistic take on seafood, made only with the freshest fruit of the Aegean and a lot of passion.

Safe as Milk, Synagogi Bar and El Mondo Bar

In terms of nightlife, Chania does not disappoint. You can easily go down to the Old Harbour on any night of the week and find a great venue open, whether it's a bar, a pub or a club. You should definitely get a delicious cocktail at Safe as Milk, or spend a fun evening at Synagogi Bar, a wonderfully artistic venue established inside what is literally a Greek ruin. You can even enjoy more than one drink at the El Mondo Bar, one of Chania's oldest and most popular venues complete with an abundant Irish-pub-style bar, good ol' rock music and a great atmosphere.

Things to do in Chania in January

Celebrate the Teophany

January is not very eventful in Chania, unless you have a particular appreciation for the Orthodox culture as you may know, the Greeks value their religion and dedicate many dates throughout the calendar year to various religious and cultural events. On January 6th, for example, Chania celebrates the Teophany (or Epiphany), which symbolizes the baptism of Christ. It's also known as "The Blessing of the Waters" or "The Feast of Lights", when the high priest comes down into the Old Harbour and blesses its waters and ships. People come from all over the city to partake in this religious event, and to eat, drink and socialize as well.

Hiking and Exploring

When the rain doesn't bother much, make sure you put on your hiking boots and explore the surrounding areas. One of the best routes to explore around this time of the year is the Agia Triada Gouverneto Katholiko, which is not only filled with splendid panoramic views of the sea and a vast array of untarnished gorges, but it also has multiple high interest points related to local religion and culture. This route takes you through the beautiful Akrotiri (10 km north-east of Chania's Old Harbour), Prophitis Ilias (from where you can see the whole of Chania spread before your very eyes) and the beautiful monasteries of Agia Triada and Tsangaroloi, among others, dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi (Spring of Life) and John the Theologist

Archaelogical Museum of Chania

And if you do encounter a day of rain, make sure you visit the Archaeological Museum of Chania while you're there, as no other country has a richer and better preserved record of its most ancient times other than Greece (and Egypt). Riddled with Hellenic treasures dating back to antiquity, this is a must see among Chania's most valued cultural treasures.

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