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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    19 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    3 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    10 hours

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September daily averages


September daily averages for Chania

  • 1st
    24 75
  • 2nd
    25 77
  • 3rd
    26 79
  • 4th
    26 79
  • 5th
    25 77
  • 6th
    26 79
  • 7th
    26 79
  • 8th
    26 79
  • 9th
    24 75
  • 10th
    25 77
  • 11th
    25 77
  • 12th
    25 77
  • 13th
    24 75
  • 14th
    24 75
  • 15th
    24 75
  • 16th
    24 75
  • 17th
    24 75
  • 18th
    25 77
  • 19th
    25 77
  • 20th
    24 75
  • 21st
    23 73
  • 22nd
    22 72
  • 23rd
    22 72
  • 24th
    22 72
  • 25th
    22 72
  • 26th
    23 73
  • 27th
    23 73
  • 28th
    23 73
  • 29th
    22 72
  • 30th
    22 72

What's the weather like in Chania in September

Normally in most Mediterranean countries, September would be the first signal that summer is coming close to an end. But in western Crete, as part of its mixed semi-arid and humid continental climate, summer is not going anywhere just yet, except for a couple of degrees here and there.


The average temperature hangs at 23°C (73°F), with estimated lows at 18°C and highs at 27°C. This basically means it's still hot and perfect for beach activities and swimming, even at night! Towards the third and fourth week of the month, you may get a chillier breeze at dawn, as October begins to creep up ever so slowly.

Average Sunshine Hours

The days get a bit shorter, but still have up to 10 hours of sunshine, and 69% chances of sun overall. A few more clouds pass above Chania, but it's still bright and summery.


Humidity reaches 60% on average, and you will get a couple of showers throughout September.


Chances of rain stay modest at 11%, with an equally modest 19mm of rainfall, spread over 3 days at the most over the entire month. It's barely a bother; in fact, a bit of summer rain will probably be most welcome after two very dry months in July and August!

Wind and Clouds

Chances of cloudy days are stuck at 1%, and chances of windy days remain steady at 16%, which means mostly Etesian winds blowing harder at sea, and average speeds of 1.2m/s at land. The atmospheric pressure is still at 1005MB maximum by mid-September, which ones again makes for excellent sailing conditions, not just sun-bathing and splashing around. The initial recommendation regarding water and SPF protection stands in September as well - do not be deceived by a couple of clouds, as the sun will still burn and the heat will still be persistent enough to require protection measures against sun burns and dehydration.

Average Sea Temperature

The water temperature drops by a single degree on average, to 24°C (75°F), still warm and wonderful even at night, as southern tropical currents continue to flow from the neighboring Mediterranean Sea. Expect some higher waves throughout the last week of September, but nothing serious, just more fun, especially for amateur surfers looking to hone their skills.

For a 14 day forecast of Chania's weather, click here.

Chania Hotels in September

Elia Hotel

Unsurprisingly, September is also insanely busy, but your chances at nailing a good hotel are significantly increased. For example, you can book a splendid double suite at the Elia Hotel for just £64 per night - yes, the prices go down a little bit after August.

Posidonio Hotel

The Posidonio Hotel (named after the Greek god of the seas, Poseidon) offers gorgeous twin suites in its central location for £41 per night.

Porto Veneziano and Doma Hotel

The Porto Veneziano, one of the gems of the Old Harbour, has rooms going for £71 per night and even better deals towards the end of the month, and the high-spec Doma Hotel, one of the few 4-star venues of Chania, offers stunning twin and double suites for £107 per night; a deal that shouldn't be overlooked.

Accommodation for Backpackers and Solo Travellers

Backpackers and solo travelers usually come through Chania in hordes throughout September, avoiding the peak season price-grilling, so hostels with available accommodation are not that many to count. The Chania Hostel has dorms going for £13.65 per night, with free breakfast included. The superb Kidonia and Smaragdi offer privates from £34.15 and £31.87 per night, respectively. The Niriis Hotel of Agii Apostoli has dorm slots from £12.14 per night, and privates from £26.56 per night, but requires a minimum 2 nights' stay.

Chania Beaches for September

Kissamos Beach

If you're tired of the stupendous but crazy busy Balos Beach, or ElafonisiFalassarna or Golden Beach, we do know a couple of spots that are perfectly undisturbed by masses of tourists. Kissamos Beach for example, located 41 km west of Chania Town, is a smooth and sandy strip flanked by fish taverns and terraces.


And 75 km south of Chania lies the secluded and pebbled Koutelos, minutes away from the beautiful Frangokastello castle.


Sfinari is another hidden gem, with a pebbled beach and natural tree shade, just 60 km west from the city center.


A closer and equally wonderful beach is Platanias, only 11 km from the Old Harbour, and it's a long and sandy, framed by clear waters and a wild blue sky.

Bars and Restaurants


Western Crete is known as a culinary center, renowned for its traditionalism and love for quality and freshness when it comes to ingredients chosen for each dish. The Caravella in Paleohora, for example, offers authentic Cretan cuisine on the beach, with high standards and a beautiful seascape.


The Kariatis keeps things Italian, borrowing many Etruscan dishes from across the sea, served in an ancient decor with smooth music and an excellent wine list. 

Mama's Dinner

Mama's Dinner in Kaliviani offers the experience of fine dining with local authentic recipes and a stunning view of the sea - perfect for romantic dinners. 


Semiramis is one of Chania Town's hidden gems, serving Cretan food and playing Greek music in its lovely garden surrounded by ancient ruins.

Oki Bar

The nightlife in Chania keeps its flow and fire late into September, with the Old Harbour buzzing and numerous beach bars open till the wee hours of the morning. The Oki Bar in Agia Marina is known for its high quality service, mixed international crowds and karaoke nights. 

Mylos Club

Mylos Club is often considered to be the best dance club in Crete, hosting numerous events and bringing international DJ's to play a variety of great music.

Flamingo's Hotel - Restaurant & Bar

If you're looking to spoil yourself and especially your significant other, you must spend an evening at the Flamingo's Hotel - Restaurant & Bar in Agii Apostoli, popular for its splendid sky bar and smooth cocktails. 

Things to do in Chania in September

Festival of the Holy Cross

September is a bit more calm and relaxing, unlike its party-animal predecessor August. A significant religious and cultural event taking place this month is the Festival of the Holy Cross, another big date in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, celebrated in several places around Chania, including Alikianos and Tavronitis. Another important date in the Cretan calendar is St. Nikitas, whose celebration at Frangokastello includes horse races and athletic games.

World Tourism Day

On September 20th, Chania celebrates World Tourism Day and, as expected from this champion of tourist destinations worldwide, it all boils down to wonderful festivities out in the Old Venetian Harbour. You can see details of the previous celebration here, however we advise checking online on local websites for updated information closer to the date. And of all the things to do while in this city, you must not forget to fully explore the harbor and its hidden gems and alleys, its beautiful lighthouse or the Ancient Aptera, all testaments of western Crete's fascinating and diverse culture and history.

Hiking Trips

You can still go on hiking trips around the city, towards Paleohora, Balos or Frangokastello, all of them known for their scenic routes. You should also try yachting with one of the port's experienced sailors, or even book a cruise, because the Aegean Sea in September is absolutely breathtaking and the breeze is simply therapeutic!


If you're not so keen on adventures at sea, then you should definitely explore some of Chania's chunks of history records, like the Archaeological Museum or the fascinating Nautical Museum. You can also visit the Botanical Garden, which explodes in greens and reds and yellows throughout September and October.

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