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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    2 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    0 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    12 hours

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August daily averages


August daily averages for Chania

  • 1st
    28 82
  • 2nd
    27 81
  • 3rd
    27 81
  • 4th
    27 81
  • 5th
    27 81
  • 6th
    27 81
  • 7th
    28 82
  • 8th
    28 82
  • 9th
    27 81
  • 10th
    26 79
  • 11th
    26 79
  • 12th
    26 79
  • 13th
    26 79
  • 14th
    25 77
  • 15th
    26 79
  • 16th
    26 79
  • 17th
    27 81
  • 18th
    26 79
  • 19th
    26 79
  • 20th
    26 79
  • 21st
    26 79
  • 22nd
    26 79
  • 23rd
    26 79
  • 24th
    26 79
  • 25th
    26 79
  • 26th
    26 79
  • 27th
    26 79
  • 28th
    26 79
  • 29th
    25 77
  • 30th
    25 77
  • 31st
    25 77

What's the Weather like in Chania in August

August is the second chapter of the semi-arid, semi-desert summer typical to Crete - equally splendid and permanently sunny, equally important for you to stay hydrated and SPF protected.


The average temperature drops by a degree to 25°C (77°F), but that isn't even noticeable, as the average high remains at 30°C, which means that peak temperatures often expected on a daily basis will go well over that. In fact, even the nights may stay breezy at a high heat even though the projected average low temperature to be expected is 20°C.

Average Sunshine Hours

It's just as bright in August as it was in July, with 12 hours of sunshine and up to 98% chances of sunny days.


It's also just as dry, with 1 day with chances of rain, maybe 2mm of rainfall in what might be a five minute shower somewhere on the western side of Crete.


Humidity is a comfortable 56%, with occasional drops when the desert winds blow from the south. The sky is clear, with nothing but white cotton fluffs of clouds, and the barometric pressure is a tolerable 1009MB.


Chances of windy days remain steady at 16%, divided between salty and fresh breezes, and dry gusts of Etesian winds - on land, these winds tend to amplify the heat, but at sea, they make for good sailing conditions. Wind speeds are 1.5m/s on average, which makes August just as calm as its predecessor, July.

Average Sea Temperature

The Aegean turns its temperature up by a degree on average, reaching 25°C (76°F), with tropical currents flowing in from both the Mediterranean and Turkey. Once again, its waters are perfect not only throughout the day, but also at night. We often consider Chania to be a little slice of paradise, and its sea is just one of the reasons so dive in, splash around and enjoy!

Chania Hotels in August

August is not just the best month to spend vacationing in Chania; it is also the most expensive in terms of accommodation. Due to the extremely high influx of tourists, many hotels and even hostels will hike up their prices, so do book in advance by at least 8-9 months in order to get a chance at some of their occasional deals.

Elia Hotel and Pandora Suites

For example, venues like Elia Hotel and the superb Pandora Suites (complete with a splendid manicured garden) offers special packages for £78 per night, for couples, in their last available double and triple suites.

Samaria Hotel and Elia Zampeliou

The beautiful Samaria Hotel still has plenty of rooms available, in all sizes, for £106 per night. Elia Zampeliou Luxury Hotel offers exactly what its name states, along with lovely views of both the old town centre and the harbour, for a spicy £125 per night.

Budget Accommodations

You will find plenty of more budget friendly accommodation options at Chania's popular hostels, which we also recommend not only for the high quality of their services, but also for their complete amenities and friendly location, as they're all within minutes from the town center and the best beaches. Hotel Zorbas Beach Village and Hotel Tina Chania offer privates from £72.84 and £37.94 per night, respectively. The wonderful El Greco Hotel and the superstar Smaragdi offer privates from £31.87 per night, and the more wallet-friendly Chania Hostel still has dorms available from £15.93 per night.

Chania Beaches for August

Golden Beach

And speaking of beaches, despite the numerous ones available, we've tried to point out some of the best. You can start with the Golden Beach, its fine sands matching its name, with full amenities and excellent services, and it's located just 1 km away from the town center.

Frangokastello Beach and Pahia Amos

Further away from the city, in front of a Franciscan castle bearing the same name spreads the beautiful Frangokastello BeachPahia Amos is excellent for beach activities and water sports, and it's the best that Paleohora has to offer.

Busy Beaches

ElafonisiBalos BeachIguana Beach and Falassarna must not be ignored either, for they are the crown jewels of western Crete, with gorgeous golden and white sands, framed by shallow azure waters and crisp blue skies. They are photographic wonders and most likely extremely busy during the month of August.

Quieter Beaches

If you don't like the peak season beach bustle much, you could also run off to the secluded but stupendous Glyka Nera with its sweet water hiding underneath the sand, or SfakiaLoutrakiKoutellos or even Marathi, most of them between 37 and 70 km away from Chania Town, but certainly worth the trip, as they're sandy or pebbled, and most importantly more secluded. You can also find a detailed list of Chania's very best beaches here.

Bars and Restaurants

Well of the Turk

Chania and its surrounding resorts are riddled with great places to eat, and in each of them you will find highly experienced chefs paying a lot of respect to local traditions. If you know where to find it (we can help!) you should definitely try lunch or dinner at the elusive Well of the Turk, known for its absolutely delicious food and Cretan dishes with a twist. 

To Xani, Akrogiali Taverna and Nimfi

To Xani is one tavern that must not be underestimated, and neither should be the marvelous Akrogiali Taverna in Nea Chora, known for its fresh fish and tasty beers. Another gem among locals is the Nimfi in Agia Marina, perfect for fish and seafood dishes that you're likely not to experience anywhere else.

More Bars and Restaurants

August is the craziest, busiest and most fun of all the calendar months here in Chania! You can settle for the bustling Old Harbour, which is full of bars and clubs open till late, with great music and atmosphere. Or you can spend a Saturday night at the Eclipse, another night at the Splendid, which also shows regular big sporting events, or the sumptuous Tropicano in Platanias and the luxurious Villa Mercedes in the beautiful Agia Marina. Alternatively, Conor Pass Irish Bar rocks the summer throughout with wicked vibes and great beers, and El Mondo Bar dazzles with live music, a wonderful cocktail menu and excellent service. Either way, you can't possibly go wrong with entertainment in August in western Crete!

Things to do in Chania in August

Limnopoulis Water Park

Before we tell you about local events and museums and excellent hiking/yachting tours, you must make a note of Limnopoulis Water Park - pure and splashy fun for friends, families, couples and singles from everywhere, this particular location is extremely popular throughout midsummer.

Festival of Transfiguration of Christ

The Greeks value their Orthodox religion and often celebrate various occasions with significant cultural events - most of them festivals, always accompanied by traditional Cretan food, local wines and a wonderful atmosphere. The Festival of Transfiguration of Christ takes place on August 6th in numerous surrounding villages, most notably in Kalives, Xirosterni and Likotinara.

The Assumption of the Virgin

On August 16th, Cretans from Pemonia, Loutraki, Kalives and other towns around Chania celebrate The Assumption of the Virgin.

Sultana Festival

The Municipality of Sitia organizes the Sultana Festival every August, to celebrate their delicious local sultanas. Be prepared for a mind-blowing variety of sultanas from all over Crete, as well as numerous dishes and desserts based on or containing this fruit. Also wine. Lots of wine.

Paleohora Music Wedding

The Paleohora Music Festival is also taking place in the first ten days of this month, and it's probably the biggest date on the event calendar, as it welcomes people from all over to take part not just in live music shows and art exhibitions flanked by food stalls, but also to participate in talent competitions, where they can showcase their vocal skills and win over the crowds!


Alternatively, you can go on hiking or yachting adventures, as Chania has dozens of tourist-friendly routes and boating services. Or you can take a tour of the local museums and ancient ruins, such as the beautiful Ancient Aptera or the Chania Venetian Lighthouse down by the Old Harbour. Or you can simply bask in the sun, at one of the many splendid beaches around.

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