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Today - 19th April 2024

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26°C (78°F)
26°C (78°F)
26°C (78°F)

Tomorrow - 20th April 2024

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26°C (78°F)

Cancun is located 1,700 kilometres south of Mexico City.

In 2007, it was awarded the 'best of the best' by the World Tourism Organization.

It has a perfect tropical climate which is one of its main tourist attractions.

There is an average of 5.9 million visitors from all over the world annually.

Types of Holidays

Most tourists in Cancun stay three to four days to an entire week to enjoy what the island has to offer.

Many private beaches offer all kinds of water sports as well as beach activities.

Cancun also has a vibrant nightlife scene, which attracts the 18-30 crowd year round.

If you are looking for a historical trip, you can visit the ancient Mayan site.

Holidayers will also love to go shopping here for there are endless choices of stores.

The Main Holiday Season

Cancun is a tropical island so it only has a dry and a wet season, with no real winter to speak of.

The perfect time to visit Cancun is from May to September which is when it is hottest and driest.

Although throughout the year, the temperature is a balmy 27°C on average, it can be as high as 35°C in the afternoons when the sun is fully blazing.

Occasional showers are not uncommon, but they generally only last for a short time.

This weather is perfect for touring the island by foot or for just laying on the beach.

Popular Activities/Excursions

The white powdery sand is great for sports activities like volleyball or simply sunbathing.

Water sports such as snorkelling, parasailing, jet-skiing and others are also offered on all beaches. Equipment can be rented on nearly every beach and at many hotels and resorts, as well.

Scuba diving trips to see the coral reefs and deep-sea fishing can be booked straight from hotels with expert divers to assist you.

Cancun's offshore sites are not to be neglected as well.

There are some historical remains to visit and explore like the Chichen Itza site.

Parks are also abundant here. Botany parks, alligator parks, fun fairs and others are scattered across the island.


For beach lovers, Cancun's shore is free and open to the public.

There are some spots where you can go topless, however, be aware that it is not a custom in Mexico.

For the best swimming spots, go to Playa Linda, Playa Perlas, Playa Tortugas, or Playa Langosta.  

Playa Marlin, Playa Delfines, and Playa Ballenas are the best places for sunbathing.

For water sports like sail-boarding and parasailing, check out Playa Chac Mool.


Prepare to party the night away in Cancun. When it gets to be 10 pm, bars and clubs start to come alive and stay that way until the sun comes up. From romantic to rock, reggae to salsa, you name it, there's a club or bar that plays it.

Many of the bars and discos offer cheap deals, offers and even free drinks for women. A few of the more famous bars with great dance floors and music are Bulldog, Dady Rock, Coco Bongo, The City, and Dady O's.

A wide variety of themes can be found every night, like laser shows, foam parties, bikini and mini-skirt contests and so-on.

Chic and elegant lounges such as The Basic are near the hotels, too. There is also the O Ultra Club which is as interesting.

But if you'd rather see some traditional and cultural dances, catch Ballet Folklorico. They are an internationally renowned group that holds grand, colourful costume performances through-out the city in various venues. In seven words; you'll never be bored with Cancun's nightlife.


There's plenty of accommodation to be found that will suit any budget. For example, Le Blanc Spa Resort has rooms that start at just £62 a night. Amenities such as restaurant with bar and lounge, room service, private pool, instant beach access, free Wi-Fi, fitness centre and suites are all awaiting guests.

The Hotel San Carlos Cancun offers room prices from as low as £10 per night, as well as offering special deals and offers on accommodation for guests. Located in downtown Cancun, the hotel is conveniently located minutes away from all the major amenities.

Papaya Playa offers affordable accommodation right on the beach.

Holiday makers of all budgets are sure to be able to find a suitable place during their trip.