Antalya Weather December Averages, Turkey

    • Temperature Temperature 11.5°C 53°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 16°C 61°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 7°C 45°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 12.5°C 55°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 10.1°C 50°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 5 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 210 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 12 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 18.8°C 66°F

    Antalya Weather for December 2022

    What's the weather like in Antalya in December

    December is one of the coolest months of the year in Antalya. It is also extremely quiet so if you dislike intense heat and large crowds then this is a good time of year to come for a peaceful break. Accommodation options are limited at this time of year due to being the low season, but there are still good deals to be found if you want to stay all inclusive for a week.

    Like the rest of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere, Antalya experiences its coldest and wettest months of the year in December, but they are relatively mild.


    The average temperature during the day hovers around 12 degrees Celsius. This encompasses a low of 7 degrees Celsius and a high of up to 16 degrees Celsius.

    Average Sea Temperature

    The Mediterranean Sea cools down to 18 degrees Celsius which means swimming in it will be left up to the heartiest.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    However, travellers can plan on enjoying ten hours of sunshine while in Antalya when it isn't raining. 


    Unfortunately, around 210 millimetres of rain falls on the region throughout the month.  You can plan on rain almost half the time in December.

    Antalya Hotels in December

    Catering to families, the Sea Life Resort is great for those travelling with large groups. This resort has a number of apartments that you can make your home while you are on holiday. This hotel is located within the city and not on a beach so you can count on saving some money if you book here. Of course, because of its "budget" status, there will be some amenities that are not included in the features. However, it does have a pool so your little ones can take a dip if they would like.

    One popular three-star hotel is the Hotel Lunay in Antalya. This hotel is friendly and cosy offers many fantastic amenities like generous breakfast portions, balconies, and a swimming pool. If you book with this hotel, call ahead to ask for a room that overlooks the nearby park. The views from these rooms will be more attractive and it will also be quieter.

    Unassuming on the outside, the Urcu Hotel is perfect for travellers who don't plan on spending their holiday indoors. That is not to say that this isn't a lovely hotel but it has a convenient location at a great price. It will save you time and money that you can be putting towards exploring the city and surrounding area.

    An attractive and traditional looking building, the Dogan Hotel only has 41 rooms that all boast old world elegance. This traditionally decorated hotel has easy access to a beach and modern amenities available to every single guest.

    Even on holiday, sometimes something familiar is a good thing. The Ramada Plaza Antalya is a trusted and highly regarded hotel option.  With a large number of rooms and free amenities like parking, fitness centre access and breakfast, this hotel will be busy no matter the time of year.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Ideally located on the beach in Antalya, the Stellas Manzara Restaurant is perfect for couples. The menu is full of items like steaks, pastas and others that are lovely for date nights. To further cement this restaurant's reputation as a romantic destination, it often has local performers come and play love songs while guests dine. Stellas Manzara is held in high regard so if you want to have a quiet evening here with a loved one, make reservations to secure your table.

    Cosy and charming, the Sirri restaurant is family-run and the epitome of freshness. Located in an old home near the harbour, this restaurant only has a small number of tables that are all situated underneath orange trees in the courtyard. With the scent of orange trees in the air, diners choose from a menu of Turkish classic dishes made with local ingredients by hand. This will be the closest you can get to dining at a Turkish family table.

    Not to be confused with the Jolly Joker Saloon, the Jolly Joker Pub is a great place to hide away and enjoy a pint. This pub has a large seating area and a full-service kitchen in addition to its bar. This pub may not quite measure up to pubs back home but it is a welcomed reprieve to the nightclubs and beach clubs that are popular in the area.

    Things to do in Antalya in December

    Located within the city is Hadrian's Gate. This spectacular, historic gate is just a few paces away from a major thoroughfare within Antalya. The gate was built in 130 A.D. to honour Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire. Since then, modern stores and restaurants have grown up around the gate so it has become a beacon of the city's past in a contemporary area. A stroll through the city won't be complete without passing under the gate's arches.

    The Kaleici Marina, near the harbour, is another site not to miss. This part of the historic area of Antalya has recently been restored to a beautiful version of its former glory. This hilly part of town has local shops with exquisite goods and many restaurants that are some of the finest in the city. Even if you don't spend any money in this area, it is a wonderful area to walk through and admire its charm.

    If you would rather have someone organise a day trip for you, consider Neon Tours. This tour company will happily organise a tailored trip for you to explore Antalya and its surrounding areas including its national parks and ancient ruins. Taking a guided tour in the off-season is recommended as the crowds will be thinner and companies will be more eager and willing to cater to individual tastes to secure business.

    Considered one of the finest beaches in the area, Olimpos is a secluded, less frequented beach. Due in part to its location around 79 kilometres away from Antalya, Olimpos is almost always less busy than its counterparts closer to the resorts. However, this beach is much more romantic and magical. The beach is cradled by forested mountain ridges that conceal ancient Roman ruins.

    Dates for the diary

    One important December festival for Antalya is Eid al-Adha. The dates of this festival can vary depending on the calendar year. Regardless, this festival commemorates the willingness of Abraham or Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son to God. Celebrated across the Muslim world, practitioners are expected to dress in their finest garb and, those who can afford it, sacrifice a domestic animal. That animal's meat would then be shared with family and the needy.

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