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Today - 22nd February 2024

Sunrise 07:32


Sunset 18:31

13°C (54°F)
13°C (55°F)
14°C (57°F)
15°C (59°F)
17°C (61°F)
17°C (63°F)
18°C (64°F)
19°C (65°F)
19°C (65°F)
19°C (65°F)
18°C (63°F)
16°C (61°F)
16°C (60°F)
16°C (60°F)
16°C (61°F)
16°C (60°F)
15°C (58°F)

Tomorrow - 23rd February 2024

Sunrise 07:32


Sunset 18:31

15°C (58°F)
15°C (59°F)
15°C (59°F)
14°C (57°F)
14°C (56°F)
13°C (55°F)
12°C (53°F)

Weather Overview

When it comes to summer holidays, Spain is certainly up there as one of the most visited and most popular destinations. Of course, Spain extends much further than the mainland; the sunny Balearic Islands are hugely popular during the summer months, as well as being a favourite during the cooler times too, acting as a year around holiday destination.

One resort which is hugely popular is Alcudia. This is the main tourist resort on the island of Majorca and is located on the northern coast. The resort is popular with families thanks to its beautiful and accessible beaches, array of eating and leisure facilities and of course, the wonderful Spanish weather.

Alcudia, like the rest of Majorca, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, experiencing mild winters and hot, dry summers. Because of the low rainfall in Alcudia, it is considered a tourist spot throughout the year, with water-sports, sightseeing, and outdoor pursuits all very possible during out of season times. Alcudia is luckily protected from much of the island's wind and rain, thanks to the proximity of the Serra Tramuntana Mountains, which makes for fantastic weather regardless of the month, especially when compared to other Mediterranean destinations in the area.


Summer is the time when tourists flock to all areas of Spain to enjoy the lovely weather and Alcudia is no exception, seeing peak tourist numbers at this time. July and August are typically Alcudia's busiest months. Summers in general are hot and long with little rainfall providing perfect beach weather.

While summer is officially classed as between May and September, the warmer temperatures can arrive as early as April, and the season can last into November during warmer years. From June onwards, average temperatures stay well into their twenties, rising to an average of 25°C in August, the hottest month of the year. High temperatures peak at a sizzling 30°C this month. If that sounds rather hot, you'll be pleased to know that temperatures rarely go beyond this, and with cooling sea breezes, the weather is never unbearable in Alcudia, even in the summer. Cooler evenings are common as the season draws to a close.

Along with pleasant temperatures, Alcudia sees an abundance of sunshine in the summer, which tourists can soak up on the beach or by the pool (just don't forget the sun screen!) May and August see 12 hours of glorious sunshine while the sunny weather peaks at 13 hours in July and August.

This time of year is also the driest, with rainfall dropping significantly in June to just 14mm, while July sees the least rain, at just 9mm and 4 wet days. In mid-summer, travellers should be able to enjoy their holiday with little to no rain.


Temperatures start to cool slightly after summer as autumn arrives in Alcudia but it doesn't get cold by any means. High temperatures still hit the twenties in October while average temperatures sit comfortably between 18°C and 13°C this season. Night time temperatures do start to cool towards the end of autumn though, with November lows dropping to 8°C, so visitors may want to bring some warmer layers to wear at night. If you're hoping to get a tan, don't worry as there's still plenty of sunshine to be found in Alcudia in autumn, with between 7 and 8 hours per day.

The biggest change to the weather between summer and autumn is the increase in rainfall. Autumn is the wettest season of the month, peaking at 63mm which falls over 12 wets days, while November sees just less at 47mm. While autumn is wetter than any other month, these amounts of rain are still relatively low and shouldn't affect your holiday too much.

It is true that the Balearic Islands might be considered summer hotspots, but Alcudia certainly has plenty to keep everyone occupied no matter what the month of the year. It is still possible to visit the beach in autumn and take part in water sports as the sea remains warm right up until November.


Winter in Alcudia sees a drop in temperatures and sunshine hours decrease. This time of the year is often considered as outside of the tourism season, as most visitors prefer the warm summer months for their holiday to Majorca. However, despite the drop in tourism, you can still find many hotels and attractions open during the winter months and prices tend to be lower too. Alcudia is a great place for a winter getaway if you want to escape the freezing temperatures of the UK.

The average winter temperatures in Alcudia are still relatively pleasant, ranging from 9°C to 10°C between December and February. The best temperatures can be found in December, which reaches highs of 15°C while the lowest temperatures occur in January, with night time lows of 4°C. It is recommended to wrap up warm on an evening, as this can feel quite chilly.

Obviously hours of sunshine are less during the winter months compared to the summer, though they tend to average around 7 hours of sun per day, which is still considerable when compared to many other places at this time of year. Thought it may still be possible to visit the beach on the warmest days, it would not be advised to swim in the sea at this time of year. Sea temperatures are at their lowest at just 15°C.


March and April are the spring months in Alcudia and are a wonderful times to visit the region. You can expect mild temperatures and much less in the way of crowds compared to the summer months.

On average temperatures fall between 14°C and 18°C at this time of year, with highs hitting a very agreeable 19°C by April. This is a comfortable enough to head out and explore everything Alcudia has to offer, and the surrounding area, before temperatures cool a little during the evenings. Low temperatures still fall to 5°C in March, so visitor would be wise to pack some warmer layers for night time in Alcudia.

Spring sees a small amount of rainfall in spring, but it shouldn't be enough to ruin your holiday. There's 36mm of rain or 13 wet days in March and 39mm, or 11 wet days in April. This usually occurs in short showers which move on quickly.

Because there's a small chance of rain and temperatures are lower than the summer, great value deals can be found quite easily during the spring season, which can make for a cheap and cheerful holiday in the Alcudia sunshine.