flag Tenerife north, Average Weather March

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    30 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    6 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    7 hours

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March daily averages

Tenerife north

March daily averages for Tenerife north

  • 1st
    13 55
  • 2nd
    13 55
  • 3rd
    13 55
  • 4th
    13 55
  • 5th
    14 57
  • 6th
    14 57
  • 7th
    15 59
  • 8th
    16 61
  • 9th
    16 61
  • 10th
    16 61
  • 11th
    15 59
  • 12th
    14 57
  • 13th
    13 55
  • 14th
    13 55
  • 15th
    13 55
  • 16th
    13 55
  • 17th
    13 55
  • 18th
    13 55
  • 19th
    12 54
  • 20th
    12 54
  • 21st
    12 54
  • 22nd
    12 54
  • 23rd
    12 54
  • 24th
    12 54
  • 25th
    12 54
  • 26th
    12 54
  • 27th
    13 55
  • 28th
    14 57
  • 29th
    15 59
  • 30th
    15 59
  • 31st
    16 61

What's the weather like in Tenerife in March?

As winter begins to give way to spring, the weather begins to slowly warm up on Tenerife North.  While a light jacket may still be needed in the early morning hours, most of the daytime will be very pleasant with plenty of sun.


Average afternoon highs in Tenerife during March will typically climb to 22°C (72°F). Combined with an average of 9 hours of daylight, spring can be a wonderful time to visit the island.  Average overnight low temperatures also begin to climb during this time of the year and will reach 16°C (61°F). The daily average temperature is a mild 19°C (66°F) so you should never be cold.

Sea Temperature

Despite warmer air temperatures, the sea temperatures have remained steady from February. Sea temperatures remain a chilly 15°C (59°F). This is mainly due to a cold current that travels up the west side and keeps sea temperatures in check throughout the year.  However, these cool water conditions do allow for a pleasant breeze to blow onshore during the hotter summer months.

North coast of Tenerife

Sunshine Hours

While the northern half of the island may not get quite as much sun as the southern part, visitors can still expect to see a very respectful 9 hours of sunlight each day. Rainfall during this time of the year remains low with an average of only 30mm for the entire month. On average, the region sees rain over the course of 6 days. However, rainfall in spring can come in heavy downpours so an umbrella might be needed, although showers are typically short lived. 

With plenty of sunshine and warm conditions, March can be a wonderful time to visit Tenerife North before the crush of tourists descends on the island later into summer. While most days have consistency from one day to another, be sure to plan a vacation accordingly by always consulting the forecast before leaving home.

Tenerife Hotels in March

Hotel Rural el Patio

The weather begins to get a little warmer in March and for those looking to vacation at this time, the Hotel Rural el Patio is a great choice. With rustic charm, wonderful ocean views, gardens and fully equipped rooms, there is a lot to love about this hotel. Amenities include nearby golf courses, black sand beaches, pool, grass tennis courts, a croquet lawn and much more.

Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz

The Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz, popular with couples and families, is a sophisticated hotel located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  Rife with Spanish-style decorations with a modern twist, this hotel is conveniently located in the heart of town so guests can easily walk to a number of attractions.

Hotel Las Aguilas 

Hotel Las Aguilas located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also a good choice for a vacation of a few days to more than a week. This 4-star hotel is located on the top of a mountain and offers spectacular views throughout the property. The hotel includes a large garden area, two pools and a daily free bus service to the center of Puerto de la Cruz, as well as an all-sport court.

Tenerife Beach for March

While the water may still be too cold for a dip that doesn't mean vacationers can't take advantage of March's 9 hours of daylight and get a few rays on the beach or other outdoor locations.

Costa Martianez

Built right on the coastline is Costa Martianez a series of artificial lakes and pools that is fun for the whole family.  This affordable vacation spot offers huge pools as well as the opportunity to rent chairs and umbrellas to get a break from the sun

Bars and Restaurants

Tasca La Tata

Vacationers looking for a delicious meal should not skip Tasca La Tata. The restaurant features a mixture of Mediterranean and Oriental flavors along with traditional Canary recipes. All dishes use fresh, local ingredients and there are even a number of vegetarian options. Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the restaurant also features art-covered walls along with an interior patio in a high-quality experience.

Bar Dinamico

In Puerto de la Cruz, one of the hottest nightspots is Bar Dinamico. The bar comes complete with live music and is located in Plaza Charco.  

Things to Do in Tenerife in March

Loro Parque

While the weather is continuing to warm in March, sea surface temperatures are still on the cold side. As a result, if visitors are looking for something to do away from the water, one of the more popular spots on the island is Loro Parque.  With over 350 animal species, visitors can see everything from penguins to orca whales.  There are seven walk-through aquariums as well as numerous shows throughout the day. In fact, this park claims to have the larges dolphin show in all of Europe as well as the longest shark tunnel. Located in Puerto de la Cruz, this zoo is not to be missed.

 Jardin de Orquideas de Sitio Litre

Plant lovers will not want to miss Jardin de Orquideas de Sitio Litre. This private garden that is open to the public is a wonderful hidden secret that houses orchids as well as a multitude of other plant life. Located down a hidden side street in Puerto de la Cruz, it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours.


While it depends on how the calendar falls, Carnival can fall during the month of March.  Sometimes, it may fall during the month of February, but if it falls during March, you can expect to see countless events while staying in Tenerife North.  There are processions, feasts and parades throughout the island.  As with many resorts near the Mediterranean, celebratory festivals involve the sardine and Tenerife is no different.  On Ash Wednesday, local traditionally practice the Burial of the Sardine. 

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