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  • Rainfall

    0 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    1 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    9 hours

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June daily averages

Puerto del Carmen

June daily averages for Puerto del Carmen

  • 1st
    22 72
  • 2nd
    22 72
  • 3rd
    22 72
  • 4th
    22 72
  • 5th
    22 72
  • 6th
    22 72
  • 7th
    22 72
  • 8th
    22 72
  • 9th
    22 72
  • 10th
    22 72
  • 11th
    22 72
  • 12th
    22 72
  • 13th
    22 72
  • 14th
    23 73
  • 15th
    23 73
  • 16th
    22 72
  • 17th
    23 73
  • 18th
    23 73
  • 19th
    23 73
  • 20th
    23 73
  • 21st
    24 75
  • 22nd
    25 77
  • 23rd
    23 73
  • 24th
    24 75
  • 25th
    24 75
  • 26th
    24 75
  • 27th
    25 77
  • 28th
    25 77
  • 29th
    24 75
  • 30th
    24 75

What's the weather like in Puerto del Carmen in June

It is likely to be quite hot in Puerto del Carmen in June, though temperatures have yet to reach their summer peak. The coastal breezes are very pleasant and help to make temperatures more manageable, though they do mean cooler evening and overnight temperatures. Conditions are generally dry at this time across the island, and while there is often cloud cover in the mornings, there should be clear skies again before midday. June is also the start of peak tourism season, as the beaches begin to fill up with sun-seekers.


The average temperature in June in Puerto del Carmen is 17C, with high temperatures of between 18C and 25C. The average temperature for Lanzarote as a whole is 22C, with highs of 26C. Temperatures in Puerto del Carmen quite often exceed 30C however, particularly at the end of the month when winds are blowing directly from North Africa, and the highest ever recorded temperature in the area is 35C.

The UV levels are at the highest at this time, with a level 11 rating (classified as 'extreme'), so it is important to take all precautions; stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day, wear suncream, a hat and sunglasses when outside. With sea breezes, it is likely to feel significantly cooler on the coast in the late afternoons and evenings; though this is often a welcome relief, considering the high temperatures. It is still relatively warm overnight, with lows of around 13C; the coldest temperature ever recorded overnight at this time is just over 12C.

Conditions are similar on the other Canary IslandsLa Gomera for example, generally sees lows of only 18C and average temperatures of around 21C.

Cloud Cover and Rain

There will likely be some cloud cover in the mornings, though this should clear before midday in the southern and coastal areas of the island. Resorts in the north of Lanzarote may remain cloudy throughout the day from time to time in June. It's also extremely unlikely to rain, with only one day of rainfall on average in Lanzarote.

Average Sunshine Hours and Sea Temperature

There is an average of 9 sunshine hours a day in June (284 in the month across the island) and sea temperatures are really quite warm by now (around 20C), making swimming very pleasant and beach holidays in Puerto del Carmen much more popular. Tourist numbers begin to pick up by the end of the month, but it shouldn't be too crowded just yet.

Puerto del Carmen Hotels in June

There's a wide variety of accommodation available in Puerto del Carmen to suit any taste, luxury to budget, hotels, villas, and apartments.

The BelleVue Aquarius is located in the Old Town, on top of the hill, with magnificent sea views. The swimming pool and terrace are an excellent place for sunbathing and relaxing on a lounger, and the children's area is very well maintained. In the hotel, there are a variety of different leisure activities including darts, billiards and table football. 

The Jable Bermuda Apartments are just as luxurious, but offer a more lively experience and are tailored to a younger crowd. The pool area, with wifi café and snack bar, are a great place to lounge in the sunshine. They also have a supermarket onsite, and all apartments are self-catering; but with the town center on your doorstep, if you don't feel like cooking there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can eat instead!

Puerto del Carmen Beach for June

There are three excellent beaches, all with Blue Flag status, in Puerto del Carmen. However, while this is the perfect time to sunbathe and swim, to enjoy watersports and other beach activities, UV levels and temperatures are high during the summer months and visitors may prefer to spent the hottest part of the day in the shade, or at one of the beachfront bars, rather than on the sand.

The Playa Grande is the most popular of the three beaches and stretches 6km, from the Hotel San Antonio to the Old Town Harbour. The beach shelves very gently into the sea, which makes it perfect for toddlers and young children, and the sea is usually calm with very little current. Sun-beds, parasols and pedaloes are available to hire year-round, in the summer months banana boats and pop-up surfing schools, and there are first aid facilities, toilets, showers and snack machines.

Playa Chica is a better choice for activities such as snorkelling and diving. Tucked away behind the Hotel Fariones in the Old Town, the small beach and bay are surrounded by volcanic rock formations. There's also a small jetty and a water sports school offering jet skiing, parascending and banana boating. Playa Chica is busier in the winter months thanks to its water sports facilities and dive school.

To the east is Playa Pocillos, a huge swathe of sand with bigger currents and waves, which is a popular choice for windsurfing enthusiasts. Due to stronger currents and fewer amenities, even in the summer months at peak time, Playa Pocillos is generally much less crowded.

Bars and Restaurants

There are over 100 restaurants on the Avenida de Las Playas, which cater to every taste and budget; from the more expensive and upscale to budget fast food.

Valentina's in the Old Town is a little more conventional, offering recognisable Italian staple foods like pizza and lasagne. Very family friendly, and good value for money, it a small venue and definitely worth booking at peak times to ensure you get a table!

There are a huge variety of bars (including more than 40 Irish pubs) along the strip and Playa Pocillos, but Centro Atlantico is the main nightlife hub with clubs and bars over two floors, and several live music venues. The nightlife really heats up in Puerto del Carmen in the summer months. At the other end of the strip, Matagorda is more laid back but still pretty lively, with karaoke bars and live entertainment.

Things to do in Puerto del Carmen in June

There are a wide variety of entertainments on offer in Puerto del Carmen. Hot temperatures and warmer seas make the summer months an excellent time to enjoy sunbathing and water sports at one of Puerto del Carmen's lovely beaches.

There are a number of diving and windsurfing centers in Puerto del Carmen who run courses and activities all year round. One of the most highly recommended is the Safari Diving Centre on Playa Chica, which offers a range of certified diving courses and boat diving excursions at no extra cost.

Just outside the town center, the 72 par Lanzarote Golf Resort has fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean. The Golf Resort offers classes and courses throughout the year for all ages and both novice and advanced golfers.

Equally energetic, and perfect for those overcast days, why not try surfing or kiteboarding in Famara? Surf School Lanzarote offers a range of courses for beginners and experts, and is renowned for its expert instructors and quality instruction.

Alternatively, why not learn to windsurf with the Windsurfing Club in Las Cucharas. Windsurfing is an incredibly challenging sport, but it's relatively simple to learn the basics. And a lot of fun! The Windsurfing Club offer courses for different levels, or equipment hire and one-to-one tuition for more experienced practitioners.

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