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Port Louis Weather in March, Mauritius


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Port Louis Averages March

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    8 hours
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    221 mm

Port Louis Daily Averages March

March, 2024

1 Avg 24º 75º
2 Avg 26º 79º
3 Avg 27º 81º
4 Avg 27º 81º
5 Avg 27º 81º
6 Avg 26º 79º
7 Avg 26º 79º
8 Avg 26º 79º
9 Avg 25º 77º
10 Avg 26º 79º
11 Avg 26º 79º
12 Avg 26º 79º
13 Avg 26º 79º
14 Avg 26º 79º
15 Avg 25º 77º
16 Avg 26º 79º
17 Avg 26º 79º
18 Avg 26º 79º
19 Avg 25º 77º
20 Avg 26º 79º
21 Avg 26º 79º
22 Avg 26º 79º
23 Avg 26º 79º
24 Avg 25º 77º
25 Avg 26º 79º
26 Avg 25º 77º
27 Avg 25º 77º
28 Avg 25º 77º
29 Avg 25º 77º
30 Avg 25º 77º
31 Avg 25º 77º
Avg Historical Daily Average

While March in the Southern Hemisphere is technically the beginning of the autumn season, it doesn't feel like autumn as average temperatures remain very warm both on land and in the sea. The one drawback to visiting during this month is that it is the wettest month of the year and holidaymakers will have to take that into account if they would like to visit at this time.

What's The Weather Like In Port Louis In March


Just slightly wetter than January, this month comes in with an average of 221mm of precipitation. This rain will fall over a period of 11 days and much of it is heavy in nature. However, many of the showers and thunderstorms are very brief and occur later in the day making it possible for tourists to arrange their day based on when and where the rain will occur.

Sunshine Hours

Despite the rain, the region sees an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. This is one more hour per day than the previous month, meaning there is more time to get out and about and see the sights of the island or visit some of the numerous beaches.

Sea Temperature

Water temperatures just off shore are a very pleasant 27°C (81°F) making all manner of water sports available to those visiting during this time of the year. Just be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen as the sun is very strong in the tropics and it won't take long for visitors to burn.


On land, it also remains warm and humid despite a change in seasons. Overall, the average daily temperature is a warm 25°C (77°F). Visitors will still want to make sure their hotel room has air conditioning as the average overnight low will only fall to 21°C (70°F). Temperatures will quickly rebound to a high of 28°C (82°F) by the afternoon hours.

Port Louis Hotels In March

Mon Choix Ecolodge

For those on holiday in March who really want to get back to nature, then Mon Choix Ecolodge is a great choice. The hotel is a mix of African and English décor and is a great spot to escape from it all and enjoy nature while on holiday or even business. A great place to unwind, the hotel offers easy access to numerous tours and excursions or just the opportunity to sit and watch the sunset and stars. The hotel is located on more than seven acres of private property and has plenty of places to explore and enjoy.

Hotel Champ de Mars

For a more upscale experience, guests will enjoy the Hotel Champ de Mars. With 40 hotel rooms in a variety of styles including standard single, standard double or junior suites, there are enough options for all tastes and all budgets. Each room includes air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. The hotel is located next to the horseracing track as well as near the waterfront, shopping, dining and numerous tourist sights.

Hotel Cocotiers

Located near Port Louis, the Hotel Cocotiers is situated right on the beach and is perfect for those looking to soak up some sun and enjoy the waves and water sports of the region. This two-star hotel is budget friendly, but also offers two-story bungalows with air conditioning, balconies or terraces. The 48 rooms are simply decorated and perfect for a holiday. There is an on-site restaurant featuring both local and international dishes as well as a bar, pool, table tennis and more.

Port Louis Beaches For March

Pereybere Beach

Located on the north side of the island, Pereybere Beach is easily accessible and very popular with tourists as well as locals. The water here is deep and clear making it a great place to go snorkelling or scuba diving. Additionally, visitors have plenty of food choices near the beach with fast food, bars and sit down restaurants all within an easy walking distance. Water temperatures during this time of the year are a warm 27°C (81°F) making it the perfect time to enjoy the waves.

Bars And Restaurants

Tandoori Express

Some of the best Indian cuisine in the city can be found at Tandoori Express. Guests are treated to traditional and authentic Indian and South Indian cuisine. A great spot for lunch or dinner, the vibe is relaxed and welcoming and visitors will also be treated to spot-on service throughout the course of the meal. The menu is also well priced and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Brasserie Chic

For an upscale dining experience, Brasserie Chic is the place to be. Located inside the Labourdonnais Hotel, it is open every day for those looking to experience an elegant meal. The restaurant is decorated in an ultra-sleek fashion and the menu offers more than 60 delectable dishes to choose from. Choices range from fresh seafood to meat, stews, salads and more. The restaurant is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunset Cafe

Visitors will find the Sunset Cafe right on the waterfront in the heart of Port Louis. Guests can choose from food options such as sandwiches or pizza while enjoying some specialty cocktails ranging from a Bloody Mary to a Mojito and just about everything in between. In fact, the drink menu is quite extensive and enjoying a cocktail is a great way to unwind under the umbrellas on the terrace and enjoying the view. 

Things To Do In Port Louis In March

Natural History Museum

With rain still a definite possibility in March and approximately 221mm of precipitation expected over 11 days, it's a good idea to spend some time indoors. The Natural History Museum is a favourite among tourists. Located in the bottom floor Mauritius Institute Building, visitors can take their time learning more about the history of the island from a nature perspective.

Le Caudan Waterfront Complex

If shopping is your thing, then you can't miss the Le Caudan Waterfront Complex. With shopping that ranges from accessories, art, clothing and books there is something for everyone and a great opportunity to find the perfect souvenir to take home. Guests can also take advantage of entertainment and even hotels in the same space for a complete one-stop shop.