flag Pefkos, Average Weather May

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    14 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    3 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    9 hours

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May daily averages


May daily averages for Pefkos

  • 1st
    18 64
  • 2nd
    18 64
  • 3rd
    18 64
  • 4th
    18 64
  • 5th
    19 66
  • 6th
    18 64
  • 7th
    18 64
  • 8th
    18 64
  • 9th
    18 64
  • 10th
    18 64
  • 11th
    18 64
  • 12th
    19 66
  • 13th
    20 68
  • 14th
    19 66
  • 15th
    20 68
  • 16th
    19 66
  • 17th
    20 68
  • 18th
    19 66
  • 19th
    20 68
  • 20th
    20 68
  • 21st
    20 68
  • 22nd
    20 68
  • 23rd
    21 70
  • 24th
    20 68
  • 25th
    20 68
  • 26th
    20 68
  • 27th
    20 68
  • 28th
    20 68
  • 29th
    21 70
  • 30th
    21 70
  • 31st
    21 70

What's the Weather Like in Pefkos in May

Pefkos is a small but popular holiday resort located on the island of Rhodes, the largest of all the Greek islands. The resort is popular with tourists looking for a relaxing retreat in wonderful weather. With its idyllic setting in the Mediterranean Sea, Pefkos enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny summers and mild winters.

In May, the summer season has officially arrived on the island and the resort becomes much more lively and bustling. The weather at this time of year is reasonably pleasant and warm, making it a great time to tour the mountains or lounge by the beach without feeling too cold or too hot.


The average temperature is around 18°C while highs reach into the twenties for the first time, hitting 22°C on the warmest days. Temperatures fall at night, but it doesn't get to cold at this time of year, with an average low of just 14°C. Humidity levels are around 62% this month.


May marks the start of the very dry season in Pefkos and holiday makers can expect bright, dry days with very little wet weather. In fact, with just 14mm and 3 wet days throughout the whole month, many visitors will experience no wet weather during their holiday. The sea is also warming up as summer arrives with an average sea temperature of 20°C which is perfect for swimming and water sports.


Pefkos is known for its sunny conditions all year round, but the summer months are especially great for sun worshippers. There are around 12 hours of sunshine every day in May, with a 53% chance of sunny weather. This means that you have lots of time for sun bathing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and any other water sports that you may fancy, however, it's important to always wear sunscreen when you're out in the sun.

The weather is generally predictable at this time of year, but visitors can check the weather forecast before they travel for more up-to-date information.

Hotels in Pefkos in May

Island Blue Hotel

Pefkos has many great beach-side hotels which are perfect for a holiday in sunny May. One such place is Island Blue Hotel which is just a three-minute walk from the beach and not far from the shops, bars and restaurants of the resort. The hotel has a luxurious feel with stylish décor and a large, contemporary pool area with mountain views. Facilities here include two pool-side bars and a buffet restaurant serving international cuisine.

Nikitas Apartments

A great choice for families is the Nikitas Apartments which feature rooms that sleep up to 5 people. The traditionally Greek white-washed apartments are located in a quiet setting, offering peace and relaxation just a short walk from the centre of Pefkos and the beach. Guests can also enjoy an on-site pool which is perfect for cooling off on those warm May days.

Hotel Amphitriti

Hotel Amphitriti is another popular choice for both families and couples visiting Pefkos. Located close to the centre of the resort, the hotel has a beautiful backdrop of mountains and overlooks the Aegean Sea. Holiday makers can easily walk to the beach as well as many nearby restaurants. Rooms are simple but comfortable with kitchenettes and the choice of air conditioning.

Hit the beach

With warming temperatures and a pleasant sea temperature of 20°C, visitors can finally hit the beach in May. Pefkos is well-known for its beautiful beaches; there are four in total and each one has its own unique characteristics.

Plakia Beach

If you prefer a quieter beach scene, Plakia Beach is a hidden gem and the most secluded beach in the resort. Running from Pefkos to Lardos, the small beach has retained its natural charm but still offers facilities for tourists such as sun loungers and a nearby snack bar. It's a great choice for families who want to avoid the crowds.

Bars and Restaurants

Spitaki Restaurant

Satisfying your hunger is definitely not a problem in Pefkos the resort is teaming with plenty of bars and restaurants to suit every taste and budget. If you're looking for a traditional Greek dining experience, head to the quaint Spitaki Restaurant (or The Little House). This place is one of the oldest eateries in Pefkos and has a charming atmosphere with a lovely outdoor terrace and beautifully arranged flowers. The food here is prepared and cooked by hand for an authentic Greek taste.

Red Dragon

For something a little different, try the Red Dragon where you'll find delicious Chinese food. Ideally located in the centre of Pefkos' main street, this is a hot spot for tourists, with a huge choice of dishes that are tasty and great value for money. The restaurant's main attraction is its large roof garden that's decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns a lovely place to dine on a warm summer's evening.


Last but not least, Terpsis is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a special meal in Pefkos. Open since 1994, this restaurant has a fantastic reputation for first class service and outstanding cuisine. Guests can enjoy a range of authentic Greek and European dishes under the stars as Greek music plays in the background.

Things to do in Pefkos in May

Buterfly Valley

May is a wonderful time to visit Pefkos the village is bustling and there are plenty of fun things to do. For those who love nature, a trip to Buterfly Valley is a must. Also known as Petaloúdes, this nature reserve offers a quiet haven and a relaxing day out where you'll be surrounded by rivers, rock pools, waterfalls, and beautiful bridges. Every May, butterflies congregate here in large amounts, attracted by the sweet smell of the Oriental Sweetgum trees that cover the entire landscape. Butterfly Valley is located in the north of the island but can be easily reached by car from Pefkos.

Rhodes Flower Parade

Another popular attraction at this time of year is the Rhodes Flower Parade. Normally occurring on the last Sunday of the month, the parade brings an explosion of colour to Rhodes with hundreds of beautiful colours. Travelers can watch the amazing floats go by and take part in celebrations which include fancy dress, food and wine.

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