Panama Canal Weather October Averages, Panama

    • Temperature Temperature 26°C 79°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 30°C 86°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 22°C 72°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 6 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 310 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 17 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 28°C 82°F

    Panama Canal Weather for October 2020

    The weather in Panama Canal is always very hot, but when you get into October, you will find something else entering the mix as well: rain, and a lot of it. Although November may be the wettest month of the year, this one is not far off. An average of 310mm of water will fall from the skies, accounting for 17 days of rain. The fact that only just over half of the month will see rainfall does of course also mean that each storm has the potential to be very heavy.

    You will want to keep an eye on the forecast, not just for the rain, but also for the sun. An average daily temperature of 26°C does mean that you can get very hot at times. With daily temperatures going up to 30°C and down to 22°C, you can see that even at the lowest points of the day it will still be very warm. It is absolutely essential that you pack sunscreen with you on your trip, as you will find your skin burning quickly without it!

    Panama is known for good weather, and the high temperatures extend to the beaches as well. With 28°C being an average temperature for the sea, you can expect good swimming conditions no matter when you make your visit. Just be sure to watch out for weather warnings which could indicate rough seas or strong currents. Warning flags on the beaches should be observed at all times.

    Lastly, make sure that you pay attention to planning if you want to get a lot done during your holiday. Your time on the beach, exploring local sights, and sunbathing will be limited, with just 6 hours of sunshine every day. This means you will be enjoying dinner in darkness.

    The Pension Corona is a great place to stay to save money, and though it can get noisy, a trip in October should offer a quieter option. It is located in a safe part of town, with comfortable rooms and plenty of amenities included in your stay.

    The Hotel Venecia Panama offers a good base for exploration of the city. Rooms have private bathrooms with air-conditioning and mini fridges, and large groups will find rooms for up to ten people here. This is a great place for families or big groups of friends to stay.

    The Hotel Residencial Cibeles is a great place to stay for easy access to the metro, with a station just nearby. Internet is available in all rooms and you are also very close to the beach. You can ask for directions at the front desk to nearby malls as well.

    The Mercado de Mariscos is the fish market in Panama City, but just on the second floor, you will find a restaurant serving dishes made fresh from the markets downstairs. This is the best place to sample some real local food, made right on the spot for you. Everything from fried squid to ceviche is possible.

    At the Nazca 21 Restaurant you will find Peruvian flavours with traditional dishes. Seafood is big here too, including lobsters served up on large trays. They love to serve guests who are celebrating a special occasion or who have come from far away, and may wish to take a picture with you!

    Fancy some Italian flavours instead? Over at Ristorante Adagio Panama, you will find Italian dishes including risotto, penne, spaghetti, and bruschetta. There is seafood here if you want it, though served in a different style, and also different types of meats.

    The weather in October may be wet, but if you plan well, you can still enjoy San Blas Adventures tours. You can take a four day trip if you have the time, even sailing as far as Colombia. Alternatively, just take a round trip which brings you back to Panama City. You can go island-hopping around San Blas, enjoying white sands and blue waters as well as admiring shipwrecks and coral reefs in the water itself. Food is provided as well as entertainment on a nightly basis, and plenty of tours to help you pass the time on each island.

    The Bahai Temple is another interesting location to visit, and will allow you to spend some time indoors. The followers of this temple believe that all religions are descended from the one same god, and that all prophets were asked to deliver his message in different ways so as to help people at that time believe. You can learn in study groups here, or simply visit the temple and admire its architecture and tranquillity. Be aware that you must be correctly dressed to enter do not just stroll in off the beach!

    For private day tours, try Rudy's Tours. You can visit just about any area of local interest, as well as combining a few of them together for a day-long trip. This will help you to cover a lot of the landmarks and points of interest with a guide who knows everything about the area.

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