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Morocco has a history of some of the most spectacular architecture and culture in Africa and the world. Its position on the cusp of Africa and Europe has fuelled its unique culture and truly beautiful buildings. These buildings have been maintained over the years and many former palaces have been repurposed and turned into hotels for modern use.

Check out our round up of some of the best and most affordable hotels, often referred to as riads as they have courtyards with gardens, in Marrakesh to make it easier to plan your dream holiday.

Treat yourself

If you don't mind spending extra on your accommodations while on holiday, La Maison Arabe is a superb choice. This resort is considered one of the most luxurious and elegant in the area. Marrakesh can be a bustling and potentially overwhelming city and La Maison Arabe provides a perfect oasis from its busyness. A pool, room service and splendid accommodations are available to every guest that stays in this hotel.

Finding a hotel with a pool is not necessarily a guarantee, as many hotels are converted homes or palaces, there is often no space to install a pool. Keep this is mind if you're someone who eqautes the word 'holiday' with soaking up lots of sunshine by the pool.

Similarly, Riad le Cloes des Artes in Marrakesh has earned a well-earned reputation for an excellent small hotel with superb service, and even won awards for these qualities in 2013.

This petite hotel is located within the busy city centre of Marrakesh and serves as an oasis from this hustle and bustle. And if you have qualms about travelling to and around northern Africa, the staff has tips and means to put your mind at ease. They understand that people may have reservations about safety but keep you informed to enjoy your holiday.

Considered by many to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, the Riad Dar Anika will appeal to even the most discerning traveller. With splendid interior decorations including serene pools with sculptures, this hotel packs a lot of value into a small space.

If you are traveling to Marrakesh and want to enjoy luxury without ruining your budget, you could book a trip for some of your nights at this hotel before transferring to a more affordable option.

The Maison MK is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in the city. Housing one of Marrakesh's most progressive restaurants, this hotel blends comfort and new amenities with traditional décor and architecture. Each room has a small balcony that you can enjoy a view of the city from as well as enjoy a provided meal or room service on.

Best of all, this hotel has a range of programming available to guests including cooking classes in its gourmet restaurant, Gastro MK.

With a near stellar rating, the Riad Dar Dialkoum has a well-earned reputation.  The owners take tremendous pride in providing excellent service to each of its guests. They value it so much so that the hotel has won Best Service mentions from Trip Advisor.

The hotel is run by a local couple so connecting with management regarding your stay or getting an issue addressed can be handled promptly. The Riad Dar Dialkoum is just within the historic city walls and a short walk from many attractions within Marrakesh.

The Riad Assakina is another splendid hotel option while staying in Marrakesh. Like many other hotels in the area, this one is run by a local expatriate couple who takes great pride is attending to tourists' needs and ensuring they have a splendid trip. And also like many other hotels, this one serves as an oasis and counterpoint from the busy streets of Marrakesh. 

The owners take care to counsel travellers on local tips and advice on how to deal with local customs to minimise culture shock. This hotel is also known for its great food so you won't even have to step outside of your hotel to get an authentic Moroccan meal.


Considered the best budget hotel in Marrakesh, the Hotel Toulousain is in high request. The hotel has affordable rooms that are clean, comfortable and reasonable. Because it is a budget hotel, it may not the most luxurious option in the area but it is an excellent value for the money spent.

Each guest room is spacious and has the basic amenities you expect from a modern hotel. It is within a few blocks of numerous attractions including night clubs so it may be a bit louder than anticipated. If you don't mind being close to all the action, this is a great hotel choice.

Another inexpensive option in Marrakesh is the Hotel Atlas. This budget hotel is perfect for couples or solo travellers coming to the area outside of the summer, primarily because it does not have air conditioning as of summer 2013.

However, each room does have a balcony and windows that you can open to enjoy the nightly breeze however. Located near a busy plaza, this hotel is within walking distance of many popular attractions making it perfect for exploring travellers.


If you are not one to compromise on cost or convenience, consider the Riad Tamarrakecht. This small hotel is located near popular plaza so it is a great starting point for adventurous individuals. Run by a woman named Sara and her family, this hotel makes a point of greeting guests in the plaza and walks everyone back to the lobby for check in.

Undeniably charming, the reasonably priced Riad Basma does have its quirks but offers a great value to travellers. For the money, this riad is well-regarded and recommended for its location, service and amenities. Also easily within walking distance of popular Marrakesh attraction, the Riad Basma is quiet and feels peacefully removed from the busy streets outside.

Many travellers have noted inconsistencies with the showers and drainage systems when they stayed. If you are feeling uneasy about this, the hotel welcomes you to contact them and ask about what room you would be staying in.

While seemingly most hotels are located within the historic portion of Marrakesh, the Riad Morgane is found in a largely residential area of town. This means it is a bit longer of a walk from attractions but it will be quieter and more relaxed than many other options. As is tradition with many locally run hotels in Marrakesh, the owners of this riad are endlessly friendly and helpful.

Location, location, location

On the other hand, the Riad Dar Saba is within a quick walk of many attractions in Marrakesh. This riad is located inside the medina, one of the most popular and high traffic areas in the city. If you prefer a busy holiday, you will certainly accomplish it with a stay at the Riad Dar Saba.

Of course, because of its location, you should be ready to walk a bit further with your luggage as taxis cannot stop in front of its doors. And many people in the streets of the medina will offer to give directions or carry your bags but be wary as they will expect payment in exchange.

Modern and simply styled, the L'Heure d'Ete hotel is also a wonderful change of pace from the typical, traditional hotels in Marrakesh. Conveniently located near the Djemma El Fna, or large Main Square, this hotel is spacious, comfortable with contemporary decorations. This hotel also has a small spa located within its grounds if you would like to pamper yourself. Considering that this hotel offers guests free access to a spa, it's a hard value to beat!

Cheap & charming

While we have been describing many budget hotels, the trick is finding the excellent options. The Riad l'Oiseau du Paradis is one of those options. This hotel has many floors of rooms, which vary in noise from the streets. The rooms are traditionally decorated and outfitted for your comfort.

One thing to note is that the hotel has housed cats and kittens in the past. If you are allergic to cats, double check with the staff before booking to make sure you won't be bothered while on holiday. Another watch out, this riad is run by a French speaker with limited English.

A beautiful and affordable hotel option is the Riad Bahia. This well-kept hotel is complete with many comfortable rooms with large windows that overlook the interior courtyard. No windows face out to the streets, which can be a benefit as it means the nights are quieter.

One thing to be mindful of is that this hotel is rather hard to get to by foot or taxi. While that means you'll have peaceful nights, it will be harder to check in and out, especially if you are carrying sizable amounts of luggage.

Voted the Travellers' Choice® 2013 Winner for best Bargain Hotel on Trip Advisor, the Hotel du Tresor is an excellent choice to consider for a Marrakesh holiday. The combination of well-kept accommodations with affordable prices and friendly service, this hotel is in high demand.

The staff will happily help you arrange tours in Marrakesh and the surrounding area. Like many others, this hotel is located just off of the Djemma El Fna so it is within a short walking distance to many attractions.

The Riad Nabila is one of the most affordable budget hotels in all of Marrakesh. The building is built in the traditional Moroccan style with a central courtyard and a rooftop terrace. The hotel also has a built-in spa that is available for guests to use and relax.

Each room is comfortably accommodated in a manner that will make you forget that the hotel is so easy on your budget. This hotel is slightly further away from the Djemma El Fna than most. It is around a twenty minute walk which also means that the streets around the hotel are quieter at night.

Also considered an exceptional value, the Riad Bab Agnaou will be on the shortlist for anyone looking for affordable accommodations. Many travellers who come to this hotel stay there again on subsequent trips to Marrakesh. Located near the Medina, one of the central attractions in the city, this hotel is close to the heart of all the action.

Calm and picturesque, the Riad Maison Belbaraka is an affordable hotel that feels like you're staying with family. With only five rooms, the managers of this hotel truly give customised, careful service to each guest. The managers will even come to the airport to pick you up and escort you back to the hotel. The hotel, like many others, has a staffed kitchen so meals can be prepared for you to enjoy in your room or on the terrace.

Considered a hidden jewel in the busy city, the Dar Ruscia hotel is a world by itself. While considered a budget hotel, it offers comfortable rooms in a location that is tough to beat. It is within walking distance of the medina, one of the most significant sites in the city.

However it is far enough away to buffer some of the noise and street traffic that the main plaza sees. You'll have the opportunity to sample Moroccan cuisine without ever leaving your hotel as it has a fully staffed and busy kitchen to cater to your needs.

One final convenient yet quiet hotel option is the Riad Quenza. This hotel is also located near the busy squares of Marrakesh but at such a distance that has less foot traffic and street noise. Guests can enjoy access to the terrace and kitchen that is available for meals upon request. The hotel also has an optional airport shuttle service that helps minimize stress and hassle while on holiday.