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Today - 22nd May 2024

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Tomorrow - 23rd May 2024

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17°C (62°F)
16°C (61°F)
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15°C (58°F)

Marrakech or Marrakesh is translated as the 'Land of God'.

It's Morocco's third largest city and also boasts the biggest and busiest traditional market in the country.

Marrakesh is strategically located by the hillside of the famous Atlas Mountains, which is just a few miles away from the Sahara desert.

The city has two districts: the Medina, or the historical side of Marrakesh and the Ville Nouville which is the more modern part.

The Ville Nouville is famous for having a big international community that caters mostly to Europeans.

The land of Marrakesh is popular for its healthy and abundant variety of greenery from plants to flowers to crops. 

Types of Marrakesh Holidays

Marrakech is the ideal location for a cultural holiday, with a relaxed atmosphere and a wealth of historical and cultural attractions.

In recent years though, it has also grown in popularity with those looking for an all inclusive holiday.  

The Main Holiday Season in Marrakesh

Marrakesh enjoys sunny weather almost all year round. However, the best time to visit the city is during the months of July, August and September.

These are considered as the hottest months and there is no humidity.

The temperature reaches highs of 38°C.  

The rainy months usually begin in November and last until around early March. The temperature also drops down to around 18°C and sometimes colder at night.

Popular Activities/Excursions in Marrakesh

Walking tours are always a popular option in Marrakech and are a great way to explore the area and see the main sites.

The best spots to visit are the historical and architectural areas like the Koutoubia Mosque, which is the Eiffel Tower of Marrakesh, especially during the evening when it is all lit up.

The Saadian Tomb has been preserved for centuries and depicts the earlier burial ceremonies of the Moroccan people.

The El Bahia and El Badi Palaces, although in ruins, still have some remains and passages which can be explored. 

The Majorelle Garden has a huge collection of all kinds of plants all over the world, while the Menara garden of flowers has a cafe inside; perfect for an amazing date to remember.

Visit the Souks or local market bazaars of Marrakesh where you'll find everything from gold and gems to spices and leather goods.

Don't be afraid to haggle for a lower price - it's expected of you. Also, don't be afraid to walk away from a vendor if you don't like the price. Chances are you'll find the same item at another stall anyway.

Marrakesh Nightlife

Marrakesh has plenty on offer for a night out.

For a more quiet and relaxed evenings, the place to go to is Cafe Arabe.

Jemaa el Fna, on the other hand, is the hot spot for the nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs located here.  

Piano Bar Ouarzazi offers a relaxing atmosphere with piano music and a taste of world-class cocktails by the poolside.

For a non-stop party with loud and modern songs, the best place to visit is Cafe-Bar de l'Escale. Itâs the modern equivalent of Club 54.

The Le Bar Churchill is considered the most glamorous bar in Marrakesh and certainly worth checking out.

Diamant Noir is where the most funky DJs and easy-going parties can be found, while Pacha Marrakesh has the biggest party venue. It can accommodate up to a thousand party goers.

Theatre Royal is a totally traditional and formal way to enjoy the summer evening. They provide contemporary operas, dance performances and cultural costumed stage plays.

Accommodation in Marrakesh

Marrakesh offers cheap holidays because of its inexpensive hotels with excellent services.

Riads are a traditional accommodation option in Morocco and Marrakech has several on offer.

Dar Charkia is one of the more famous places to stay at in the city. The place is privately owned and offers guests a calm and quiet ambiance. The hotel is perfect located as it's just a few blocks away from the best historical places to visit. The price ranges from £135 a night.

Riad Al Massarah is highly praised for having the most environmental friendly services. The cost per night starts from £73 per night.

Riyad Al Moussika Marrakech has a central location and prices start at £81 per night.

Dar Ilham is another popular riad, which offers a convenient location as well as several amenities, including airport transfers