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Today - 18th April 2024

Sunrise 07:40


Sunset 20:55

18°C (63°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)

Tomorrow - 19th April 2024

Sunrise 07:40


Sunset 20:55

17°C (62°F)
16°C (61°F)
16°C (60°F)
16°C (59°F)
15°C (59°F)
15°C (58°F)
15°C (58°F)
17°C (62°F)
18°C (64°F)
19°C (65°F)
19°C (66°F)
19°C (66°F)
20°C (67°F)
20°C (67°F)
19°C (66°F)
19°C (66°F)
19°C (65°F)
18°C (64°F)
17°C (63°F)
15°C (58°F)


Malaga is a popular resort for three main reasons: the Mediterranean summers; the beaches; and the fantastic nightlife. Throw in the excellent package holiday deals and Malaga's reputation as a prime tourist destination is sealed.


The Mediterranean climate is one of the big attractions of Malaga.

The summer is the most popular time of the year to visit, experiencing the best weather for the year. Days are typically hot, sunny and dry during the summer months, with the best weather often seen in July and August when temperatures reach their peaks.

Spring and autumn are the ideal times of the year to visit Malaga if you want pleasant weather that doesn't get as hot as it can in the summer and fewer crowds of tourists. Typically warm and pleasant, these two seasons see slightly more wet weather than the summer months and are subject to changeable temperatures, so it is always wise to bring a warmer jacket with you if you are holidaying in the area at this time of the year. 

The Mediterranean climate means that winters, though seeing the worst of the weather for the year, are mild. Temperatures drop to their lowest levels for the year and there is often more wet weather at this time of the year. Severe winter weather is not usually a feature of the Mediterranean climate, though.


There's no shortage of accommodation in Malaga, especially for those looking for all inclusive deals and great offers.

Iberostar Malaga Playa Apartments, Torrox Costa is a popular option for anyone looking for the freedom of a self catering apartment. The apartments are clean and offer guests the added advantages of excellent facilities and stunning ocean views.


The miles of golden sand stretching out along Malaga's shore are a major draw for most tourists. Malaga's beaches are the perfect base for your holiday, with plenty of amenities near by meaning you never have to stray far from the shore.

Just make sure you've packed the sun cream!

Malaga has more to it than just the beaches though.

Another way to enjoy the beauty of Malaga's coast without spending all your time sunbathing on it is by taking a cruise around the area. Tours from Malaga Bay, travelling to Benalmadena Marina, are a popular attraction to most tourists, with water sports, shopping and plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars all to be enjoyed, as well as the sight seeing.

Plaza de Toros La Malagueta (La Malagueta Bullring) is an impressive structure and tourist attraction that is a must see when in Malaga. As well as the architecture, which in itself makes it well worth a visit, the building also houses a bull fighting museum and hosts a number of events throughout the year.


Those beaches are good for more than just lying on; there's an array of water sports on offer in Malaga.

Wind surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, sailing and surfing are all popular sports in Malaga. You can also hire out pedalo boats or go for a ride on a banana boat.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are also available for those who want to explore the impressive underwater landscape of Malaga.

For the more extreme sport minded, parasailing is another very popular activity in the area. Enjoy the views of the beach whilst you sail over it.

You're not confined to the beach and the water for activities in Malaga, though. There are plenty of impressive parts of Malaga to explore on foot, either on a causal walk or for a more serious hike. Either along the coast or through the mountains, the stunning views of Malaga's scenery are there waiting to be enjoyed.

Malaga is also an ideal resort for anyone who wants to play golf while on holiday. There are a number of different golf courses in Malaga to accommodate the many people who wish to enjoy a few rounds. Many offer spectacular views as well as the excellent facilities.


Summer may be the most popular time of the year to visit Malaga, but this is by no means the only time to enjoy Malaga's legendary nightlife.

Clubs and bars are open throughout the year in Malaga and there is a very healthy party scene to be enjoyed in the area.

Summer does bring with it the benefits of being able to drink and dance on the beach though. With plenty of bars within easy reach of the beach, drinking and dancing with the sand beneath your feet, under the stars is a great way to unwind while holidaying in Malaga.

A night out in Malaga is bound to be a memorable experience that you won't soon forget.