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Historic Temperatures for 12th August in Lyme Regis

Average High 20°C (68°F)
Record High 28°C (82°F) (2003)
Average Low 12°C (54°F)
Record Low 6°C (43°F) (2007)

Lyme Regis, UK

Lyme Regis is one of those quaint seaside towns that postcards were made for.

Situated in Lyme Bay in West-Dorset and dead on the Devon/Dorset border, the town looks onto the channel and has seen its fare share of famous visitors from JRR Tolkien to Ian Gillian of Deep Purple.

Lyme Regis is proud of its fossil heritage and goes so far as to decorate its streetlamps in the shape of ammonites.  In 1966, the worldâs largest moth was found fossilised in the area, now known as the Jurassic Coast due to its many fossil findings.

It sees all of the highs and the lows English weather has to offer.  Both are ideal cup of tea weather as any Brit will agree.


The pearl of Dorsetâs summer is colder than average for England as it looks onto the Channel all year, but still warm enough for a brew outside.  The average temperature hangs around 14.4°C (57.92°F) all summer and can peak at 19.8°C (67.8°F).  The summerâs low points only just manage to stay in double figures at 11°C (51.8°F).

The air temperature should be made better by the humidity coming off the water which will ensure a nice warm climate.  An average 15 days per month are over 32.2°C (89.96°F) due to the humidity.

With all that water around, itâs not difficult to see why the town gets rained on a lot during the summer.  Anything from 179-190mm falls over 19 days a month, but that doesnât deter the good people of Lyme Regis from their summer traditions such as conger cuddling where the townsfolk hurl a conger eel at lifeguards.  A plastic eel is used nowadays after the whole event was deemed unsavoury and, frankly, too peculiar.

Rain or shine, there is a week-long regatta thatâs chock full of activities from outdoor movies to racing rubber ducks down the River Lyme.


Itâs not pelt and furs weather like it is in the North, but it still gets a bit nippy. The coldest it gets in the winter is 2.4°C (36.32°F), but with the Channel right there, thereâs a lot of moisture in the air making it feel that extra bit colder and frostier.  The high range hangs around 9.2°C (48.56°F) and the whole season can be summed up at 5°C (41°F).

In one shape or another, precipitation loves Lyme Regis.  Thereâs 300-400mm of it in fact.  The only question is whether itâs rain or snow.  More often than not itâs rain, but for 2-6 days a month it comes down as snow.

The humidity coming in straight from the Channel means the temperature will be colder than forecast and at least 9 days per month will be below freezing.

OK, so maybe it is time to don the furs.

With the cold and frost in mind, itâs advised to not go running down the Cobb or you might fall off like Louisa Musgrove did in Jane Austinâs Persuasion.

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