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Today - 28th May 2024

Sunrise 05:47


Sunset 20:11

23°C (73°F)
18°C (63°F)
16°C (59°F)
15°C (59°F)
15°C (58°F)
14°C (57°F)

Tomorrow - 29th May 2024

Sunrise 05:47


Sunset 20:11

14°C (57°F)
14°C (57°F)
14°C (56°F)
14°C (56°F)
14°C (56°F)
14°C (56°F)
18°C (64°F)
22°C (70°F)
23°C (72°F)
23°C (73°F)
24°C (74°F)
24°C (74°F)
24°C (74°F)
24°C (74°F)
24°C (74°F)
24°C (74°F)
23°C (73°F)
23°C (72°F)

Kemer is a seaside resort and a part of the district of Antalya, Turkey. It is located on the west gulf of Antalya City and behind it is Taurus Mountain.

Being on the Mediterranean coast, Kemer has a warm sea and hot weather during the summer.

In 1980, the World Bank funded the development of this coast to transform it into one of the largest tourist destinations in the area.

One of the main reasons for the success of Kemer is because if its relatively low cost accommodation and attractions.

Types of Holidays

Kemer is a great place to stay. Most tourists here stay for at least a week to take advantage of what this coast has to offer.

Since it is very budget friendly, cheap accommodation is everywhere and longer stays are possible.

The beaches and water sports here are the biggest draw for families and singles alike.

The Main Holiday Season

The warm weather of Kemer makes it a great holiday location all throughout the year. However, the busiest time to come here is from May (which is the official tourist opening month of the summer season) until October.

During this period, the weather is generally hot from morning to evening. The ocean is warm and ready even for night swimming.

Temperatures can reach up to 40°C during the daytime with the average being around 28°C to 36°C. This lasts until August and by the month of September, the temperature becomes much cooler. The rainfall starts in September, too.

November is the slowest and least busy month in Kemer as most of the hotels and resorts are closed for the âwinterâ season.

Popular Activities/Excursions

Kemerâs coast is its main attraction. Kemerâs beaches are stony and not sandy but they are a great hang-out place for tourists who love to sunbathe.

By the sea shore, sports like volleyball can be enjoyed.

Aside from sunbathing, Kemer also has a huge number of water sports to experience.

Scuba diving near the Three Islands is a must for everyone who dives.

The Taurus Mountain is an excellent hiking spot. Interesting cave tours in Beldibi and Molla Hole provide visitors with a more secluded adventure.


Kemer has both sandy and pebbled beaches in the area.

Kemer beach is sandy and is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey with both tourists and locals.

Each of these beaches have different facilities and activities to offer and have passed theâblue flag criteriaâ; a blue flag means excellent cleanliness.


Kemer has a vibrant nightlife.

Bars, discos and nightclubs are strung up and down the coast for both tourist and locals to enjoy.

For delicious international cuisine to enjoy, visiting any of their famous spots like Ma Biche, Park Restaurant, Fish and Fish Restaurant and Berker Ranch are highly recommended.

The Aura Club is one of the most famous nightclubs in Kemer. This club has an international reputation as a Russian dance scene spot and is the best club to go to dance. They also hold one of the biggest foam parties on the entire Mediterranean coast with numerous different dress themes.

Another is the Moonlight Burlesque nightclub as well as Club Inferno, which is known for bringing the most famous DJs in Turkey.


The Maxim Resort hotel  ( check out the video ) is one of the best budget accommodations in Kemer. This hotel resort is located right on the coast and offers many amenities including restaurant, bar and lounge, private pool, room service, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and much more.

Another great place to stay while on holiday in Kemer is the Garden Resort Bergamot Hotel. This hotel is also located adjacent to the beach and to the mountains. Amenities include private swimming pool, spacious and clean rooms, restaurant with bar and lounge, room service, free Wi-Fi and free breakfast.

For long term holidays, consider Chalet Tahtali, a 2 bedroom house that sleeps 4 to 5 comfortably with a private pool, fireplace, washer and fully stocked kitchen. In the price range of £350 - £560 per week, itâs also very affordable.