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Hawaii Weather in March, USA

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What's the weather like in Hawaii in March

March is still part of the wet season in Hawaii. And while much of the weather in the earlier part of the month will suffer from at least some rainfall, by the end of the month, there are definite signs of the dry season to come.


As the month progresses average temperatures do recover from the coldest time of the year in January and February, however it is still possible to see some snow on the highest peaks during this month.

Closer to sea level, the sun can reach temperatures of up to an average high of 26°C in the middle of the day, offering plenty of heat for everyone.

Sunshine Hours

In fact, in March there are usually nine hours of sunshine every day, offering plenty of opportunity to hit the beach.

Even at night, temperatures do not usually fall below 21°C, which is a significant improvement on the weather back in the UK.

Sea Temperature

Sea temperatures in March will usually remain at the cooler level of 24°C. And while this is not good news for those that want to swim in water of 27°C, experienced in the hottest months of the year, it is great news for the surfers that want to challenge themselves with stronger waves and higher surf.


Even the rain will not stop anyone enjoying themselves in Hawaii in March. Average precipitation levels fall to approximately 88mm through the month, spread over 19 days. And much of this will fall overnight or in the highland areas, ensuring plenty of dry days.

For those that want to experience the best beach conditions, stick to the south and westerly sides of the island which are more protected from the tropical rains. And if is raining where you are, simply get in the car and drive round the coast, there is usually some dry weather to be had. 

Hawaii Hotels for March

Modern Honolulu

As the name suggests the Modern Honolulu is a very contemporary style of accommodation on the island of Oahu, perfect for holidays with friends or romantic getaways. From a very old hotel, the owners have managed to makeover the entire resort to provide an up to date boutique style that particularly appeals to the younger generations. The facilities include a high quality restaurant, bar and nightclub, as well as a really nice pool area to provide entertainment day and night. The hotel itself is only a few steps from Waikiki beach and you can even take advantage of the hotel's free yoga program. It's the perfect place to have a little fun and kick back in Hawaii.

Lotus Garden Cottages

The Lotus Garden Cottages are situated just a short drive from the Volcano National Park on the big island of Hawaii to offer a truly unique type of accommodation. Lavishly decorated wood-style cottages are situated in luscious rain forest to provide an air of majestic serenity to a beautiful retreat. Everything from the hand carved pineapple in the breakfast served to your door to the views over the Volcano National Park are simply breath-taking. Even if the air is a little cooler in March, there is always the gas fire to keep you warm. No detail has been overlooked to ensure the Lotus Garden Cottages are the perfect place to stay.

Kahana Village

The wealth of different accommodation types at Kahana Village on the island of Maui means almost anyone can come and stay here. From the basic villas to the premium suites, there are different facilities to suit every taste and budget. Choose an ocean facing villa for the highest quality rooms that capture the Trade Winds coming from the sea to keep the room cool. As the village is situated on the west side of the island, there is always plenty of sun, even in March. The swimming pool area is very welcoming, and with a beach front aspect the sea is also close at hand. Onsite BBQ facilities are readily available and the Wednesday Mai Tai party is not to be missed. For families, couples or those travelling on their own, there is something for everyone at Kahana Village.

Bars and Restaurants

Steak Shack

For a meat filled lunch or quick dinner close to Waikiki, head down to the Steak Shack. Typical of the hole in the wall type diners that line the beach in this region, the thing that sets the Steak Shack apart, is the quality of their food. Choose chicken or steak and the results are incredible. Delicious food, great portions and fantastic prices keep everyone happy. There is the opportunity to eat inside but when the sun is setting across the ocean, it's much better to be outdoors. And if you want a beer to go with your meal, just pop to the shop next door. It's the perfect way to have a really tasty meal and a view that is to die for.

Stevenson's Library

Stevenson's Library is a nightclub with a difference, because the theme of the night is always sushi. With their fishy speciality always on offer, you can dance the night away and still enjoy your favourite futomaki on the side. During the evening the music will range from contemporary Hawaiian to the latest pop, ensuring everyone has a fabulous time at Stevenson's. As part of the Kauai Grand Hyatt, it is always possible to move around the resort and enjoy the range of different night life options. But we can bet our fish tales that you'll end up back at the library.

Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice

As the weather heats up in March in anticipation of the summer season, Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice is the perfect place to cool off.  Unlike traditional ice creams or sorbets, Hawaiian ice shavings are incredibly refreshing and full of exotic flavour whether they are eaten on their own or mixed with the range of delicious ice creams that are also on offer. Using a traditional recipe handed down by her family, this take on a traditional favourite is something no one visiting the beaches in Maui should ever try to resist. And with delicious croissants and lunch time snacks also on offer, it's a real treat to go to Ululani's.

Things to do in Hawaii in March

Oahu Diving

The islands of Hawaii are home to some of the world's most outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving sites in the world, and it would be a crime to come to the area and not have a look for yourself. Enjoy the opportunity to swim with turtles, dolphins or even the sharks might come to visit. The range of fish are incredible and with a reputable diving instructor from Oahu Diving, even first time divers can see some truly magnificent sights. All the pictures they take from your dive are completely complimentary. It's a wonderful way to see a different side of Hawaii and experience nature at its very best.

For a truly divine experience, take a trip up Mount Haleakala on the island of Maui. Walk, climb, drive or cycle, as you ascend you will pierce through the clouds, to reach a summit which feels like a little touch of heaven. Arrive early enough and watch the sun rise through the clouds for a true epiphany in life. Or delay your trip until later in the day and catch a magical sunset. Even if those March rains are threatening, above the clouds, the sky will usually be clear. Just make sure you wrap up warm. Even in the peak of summer the summit can get very cold.