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Costa Brava Weather in September, Spain

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What's the weather like in Costa Brava in September


September is one of the hottest months of the year in the Costa BravaSpain, when clear blue skies and oodles of sunshine are almost guaranteed every day. Since the beginning of September falls within the school summer holidays in Europe, this is the busiest and most expensive time of the month to visit. If you're flexible enough to be able to travel outside the school holidays, you're best off visiting toward the end of the month, when the area will be quieter and prices will generally be lower.

At this time of year, the average temperature for the Costa Brava begins at 22°C on September 1st and gradually drops until it reaches 18.5°C by September 30th. Daily highs and lows follow the same pattern, decreasing from 28°C to 24°C and from 16°C to 13°C, respectively, as the month progresses.

With average temperatures as hot as these, you'll need to pack plenty of light and airy clothing you ensure you stay cool whilst on holiday in the Costa Brava. Even if you don't normally burn, make sure you pack some suntan lotion just in case. Although September falls within the summer season in the region, it's definitely worth packing a thin jumper or a cardigan for an evening, just in case the temperatures are lower than expected.

Even though it only happens on an average of once every ten days, temperatures can sometimes exceed 31°C or fall below 9°C during this month in the Costa Brava. The hottest September day ever recorded at the Girona airport weather station the most accurately-located weather station for info on the Costa Brava is September 25th 1983, when temperatures as high as 37°C were recorded. On the other hand, the coldest September day ever recorded here is September 25th 1973, when temperatures as low as 4.6°C were registered.


Throughout September, the Costa Brava receives an average of 39mm (2 inches) of rainfall which is divided out between ten rainy days. With rainfall occurring on more than ¼ of the month, there is a fairly good chance that you'll get a shower or two during your holiday. If you don't want to risk rainfall spoiling your stay, consider bringing an umbrella or some waterproof clothing with you.

The highest monthly precipitation which has ever been recorded at the airport in Girona in September is 168.4 l/m2, which was registered in 1994. The maximum number of rainy days ever recorded here during this month is 16 which happened in 2006 and the maximum amount of precipitation ever to fall within a single day during this month is 87.1 l/m2, all of which fell on September 17th 1974. The highest number of storm days ever experienced in any month in the Costa Brava is 12, all of which happened during September 1995.

The likelihood of rainfall making an appearance on any given day in the Costa Brava in September slightly increases as the month develops. Rainfall is least likely to occur around September 2nd when it only falls on 32% of days, whilst rainfall is most likely to occur around September 19th and 30th when it falls on 35% of days. The most common types of precipitation you can expect to get during your holiday in the Costa Brava are thunderstorms, moderate rain and drizzle.

Average Sunshine Hours

Throughout September, the Costa Brava boasts an average of ten hours of sunshine each day that's two hours less than in June, July and August. Despite the drop, ten sunshine hours will still give you more than enough time to explore the area and work on your tan by the pool or at the beach during your holiday.

Average Sea Temperature

At this time of year, the average sea water temperature for the beaches in the Costa Brava is 24°C that's 2°C cooler than in August. Even though everyone feels water temperature differently, most will agree that this is the perfect temperature for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving, which is why you'll see so many people on the beaches at this time of year.

Across September, the length of the day in the Costa Brava gradually decreases, with a difference of 1:21 hours between the start and the end of the month. The shortest September day is September 30th, with 11:46 hours of daylight, whilst the longest day of the month is September 1st with 13:07 hours of daylight.


During September, the relative humidity for the region fluctuates between 46% (comfortable) and 97% (very humid) rarely dropping below 32% (comfortable) or reaching 100%. On average, the most humid day of the month is September 30th, when the average daily humidity rises above 94% three days out of every four. At the other end of the scale, the least humid day of the month is usually September 1st when the average daily humidity falls below 54% three days out of every four.


In September, average wind speeds range between 0 m/s (calm) and 6 m/s (moderate breeze) in the Costa Brava, rarely exceeding 9 m/s (fresh breeze). The highest average wind speed of 2 m/s (light breeze) happens around September 1st, when the average daily maximum is 6 m/s. On the other hand, the lowest average wind speed of 2 m/s occurs around September 29th, when the average daily maximum is 5 m/s (gentle breeze).

Costa Brava Hotels in September

Families and couples holidaying on a budget should consider staying at Hotel Garbi Park. Situated in Lloret de Mar, this two-star hotel provides comfortable accommodation at very reasonable prices. Here guests can choose between 195 different spacious rooms, many of which come with a balcony. There is a handful of services and facilities available onsite, including swimming pool, solarium, restaurant, parking and internet access, with many shops, bars, restaurants and cafes located just a short walk away.

Acacias Hotel is another top pick when it comes to low-cost accommodation in the Costa Brava. Also situated in Lloret de Mar, this complex is just a short walk away from the beach, making it perfect for holidaymakers who want to soak up the sun during their stay. Here you'll find accommodation available in the form of comfortable air-conditioned rooms, each of which features WiFi access and satellite TV. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities and services available onsite, including health club, swimming pool, spa, restaurant, parking and 24-hour reception.

When it comes to accommodation in RosesHotel Restaurant Mas Palou is a great choice. Set inside a typical Catalonian farm house, this hotel is perfect for holidaymakers who like accommodation with a bit of character. Here guests can choose between 16 standard rooms and one suite, each of which comes with fantastic views of the hotels grounds. Onsite facilities and services include free parking, free WiFi access, bar, restaurant, garden, spa and swimming pool.

Costa Brava Beach forSeptember

Just a short walk away from Lloret de Mar's main beach lies Sa Caleta. This tiny cove is only 15m long and 5m wide, so you'll need to get there first thing in the morning before the crowds show up if you want to bag yourself a good spot. Here you'll find soft golden sands which are perfect for sunbathing on and give way to warm and clear waters that provide the ideal conditions for swimming. Due to its miniscule size, you won't find any services or facilities available on this beach, so you'll need to bring your own food, drinks, chairs and shade with you. If you get bored of soaking up the sun, you can wander around the nearby castle which overlooks the beach.

If you prefer a larger beach, don't miss out on El Canadell. Situated in Llafranc, this beach is 100m long and 32m wide, providing children with plenty of room to play and adults with more than enough space to relax. The sea at this beach is almost always warm and calm in September, making it perfect for children and unconfident swimmers to safely enjoy a dip. You'll find all the usual beach facilities available here, including sun loungers, shades, showers, toilets, lifeguards, wheelchair access and even a beachside bar. There is a handful of cafes, bars and restaurants available just a short walk away, too.

The Lloret De Mar beach is perfect for families. They 5 integrated beaches of this are are well kept and cleaned on a daily basis, and there are ample water sport activities to try out. Restaurants and bars line the beach, and a lifeguard is always on hand over the summer season.

Bars and Restaurants

If you want to sample the local cuisine, don't miss the chance to dine at Gastrobar La Taverna. Situated in Sant Pere Pescador, this restaurant offers superb quality food for very reasonable prices. The traditional Spanish menu features all sorts of dishes, ranging from seafood and meat to tapas and sharing platters. There is also a top selection of local wines available to complement each of the dishes on offer.

For a fine dining experience, you can't beat Vicus Restaurant in Playa de Pals. This eatery offers a choice of menus, providing something for each budget and preference. The a la carte menu features a variety of tapas and main dishes, whilst the mini tasting menu allows you to sample the best that the restaurant has to offer. There is also a value-for-money lunch set menu and rice set menu available. The sea bass and other fish options are fantastic.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Begur, pop into Restaurante La Escalopa. This restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines and dishes, with something to suit each and every palate. Whether you're in the mood for meat, fish, pizza, pasta, salad or tapas, they'll definitely cater for you here. The excellent service is just as superb as the food at this restaurant, too.

When it comes to modern gastronomy with a difference, Ca L'Amic ticks all the boxes. Based in Lloret de Mar, this restaurant offers a selection of contemporary dishes, each of which comes with a unique twist, such as the beef with strawberry coulis. Although the prices are a bit higher than other restaurants in the area, it's worth paying the extra money for the chance to enjoy such top quality food, drinks, atmosphere and service.

Bodega-Enoteca Els Barrils is a fantastic wine bar offering a warm welcome and great service. The waiters are well knowledgeable on the wines, and can even recommend certain foods to compliment the flavours.

Things to do in Costa Brava in September

Renteolo Boat Hire 

Make the most of the last of the summer sunshine and hire a boat from Renteolo. This boat hire company has more than ten years experience in Sant Feliu de Guixols and provides you with a great number of boats ranging from small dinghies to great big speedboats to rent, each of which is available for a reasonable price.

If you'd rather leave the driving to someone else, you'll be pleased to hear that Renteolo also offers a half-day, full-day and two-day excursion which you can sign up for. Since September falls within Renteolo's quiet season, you'll be able to take advantage of lower-than-normal prices.

Kayaking in the Costa Brava 

If you'd prefer something a bit smaller than a boat, consider hiring a kayak during your holiday in the Costa Brava. Kayaking Costa Brava offers a huge range of guided excursions, customised trips and courses for you to enjoy, guaranteeing something for all levels and interests.

Kayaking Costa Brava also rents out equipment for a small fee, so experienced kayakers can go off exploring on their own. In case none of the set itineraries interest you, the company offers made-to-measure programmes, allowing you to see and do exactly what you want.

Scuba Diving in Calalla de Palafrugell

If you fancy having a go at scuba diving during your holiday in the Costa Brava, make sure you stop by Poseidon Calella. Located in Calella de Palafrugell, this diving school offers a huge selection of courses and excursions, guaranteeing something for everyone to try their hand at. There are try dives and discover scuba diving courses for first timers, as well as various PADI courses for more experienced divers. Some of the dives take place directly on the beach whilst others take place just a short boat ride away from the diving school.

When the weather is a bit overcast, while away a couple of hours at the Museum de Mar in Lloret de Mar. This small museum is spread out over several floors, each of which is packed full of a number of different exhibitions, featuring everything from boat models and marine artefacts to authentic sailor stories and documents. Since the museum is so small, you will be able to see everything there is to see within an hour, making it a suitable day out for families with young kids who easily get bored.