Cayo Coco Weather August Averages, Cuba

    • Temperature Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 33°C 91°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 18 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 14 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 30°C 86°F

    Cayo Coco Weather for August 2021

    What's the Weather like in Cayo Coco in August 

    August in Cayo Coco can be an absolute scorcher and can also be considered a replica of July. The day time average temperatures will stand at about 28°C, although daytime highs of 33°C are quite common. At night, you can expect the temps to drop to a still balmy 23°C, and with the added rise in humidity this can make for uncomfortable nights if your accommodation is not equipped with a good air-conditioning unit. Although August will receive, on average, 96mm of rainfall over the course of 15 days, do note that storms, although severe, tend to be short lived and sporadic.

    This is, in fact, not a bad month at all to visit Cayo Coco, despite what many may think. Not only will you save a neat bundle of airfare and accommodation costs, but you'll also be here at the quietest time of year and still have plenty of beautiful weather days where you can indulge in all the outdoor activities for which this beautiful place is so renowned. With a total of 10 daily sunshine hours and an average sea temperature of 30°C, there will never be a better time of year to swim for hours on end.

    Cayo Coco Hotels in August 

    The Pestana Cayo Coco is one of the most recent additions to the Cayo Coco resort scene and is already being rated as one of the best value-for-money joints on the island. Home to a wide selection of restaurants offering varied cuisines, this 4* resort of over 500 rooms boasts an incredible selection of included activities and services. You will not only be choosing from 9 different bars and restaurants, but you'll also have free use of catamarans, windsurfs and sailing boats and have access to a fantastic fitness centre and beauty spa, however, your children (up to 12 years of age) can also have a barrel of fun with all the kids' activities the resort organises on a daily basis. This resort also caters to couples and solo travellers, so check out their latest deals for more fantastic accommodation options.

    If you're into a totally different scene, and perhaps enjoy a more charming and rustic resort, check out the beautiful Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco which, as the name suggests, has been built and recently restored in old, colonial Spanish style of architecture. This incredibly stunning resort really stands out from the crowd, especially in a nook of the world where big, beautiful but very modern resorts are the norm. Although not as large as some on Cayo Coco, this resort still boasts over 450 rooms, and 11 varied restaurants and bars. You'll also have 2 great swimming pools at your disposal as well as a fitness centre and a myriad of other services.

    Cayo Coco Beach for August 

    Playa Larga is a wonderful 2.7km stretch of pristine shores, which services the Hotel Colonial as well as three other resorts. Here you'll find innumerable water activities to indulge in, weather permitting in August of course. The public section of this beach is popular with Cubans on week-end, so head here if you'd like to make some new friends and interact with the ever-friendly locals.

    Guests staying at the Pestana Cayo Coco will also have a superb beach to frolic in, with the resort sitting very pretty on a remarkable stretch of stunning Caribbean beach: the 2.7km log Playa Flamenco. You'll also have a wide choice of sports and activities to choose from here, as well as plenty of shaded spots and palapas to hide from the hot August sun. This is also an ideal beach for snorkelling as the revered coral reef is literally just off its sandy shores.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Your chose resort will no doubt offer plenty of dining and drinking options, yet if you want to step out of the fence for a local, cheap and utterly delicious meal, you'll also have a few great options. Playa Prohibida is home to Lenny's Bar and Grill, a fab little joint which serves mouth-watering seafood platters for a mere fraction of what you'd pay at home. Lenny also cooks delectable chicken in case there is someone in your party who's not a shellfish fan. Ask your resort concierge to organise a taxi to drop you off and pick you up after a couple of hours. For only 20 CUC this is by far the most convenient option.

    Sitio La Guira is a local favourite among return visitors, although this is mostly true of their restaurant rather than their very basic huts. This lovely place has an animal farm which is a hit with kids and serves a scrumptious pork dinner, in true robust Cuban style. Their mojitos should also not be discounted! You'll find this delightful place about a 5min car ride from the hotel strip, so simply ask your resort staff to organise a taxi for you.

    Things to do in Cayo Coco in August 

    Joining a day-long 4WD tour of nearby attractions is a great way to get out and about when the weather is not ideal for waterborne activities. You can ask your hotel staff to book you a spot on the very popular Morón Plus Day Tour run by a local company called Cubatur. Run by a great team of passionate and knowledgeable guides, this agency organises fantastic day trips, which offer an enticing mix of culture, history, fun and great food. You'll be guided through a tour of historic Morón, one of the most important cities in Cuba, as well a visit to a local crocodile farm, cigar making factory and a fun ride on the beach. A lunch of local specialties will be organised in one of the villages, which also gifts you an unrivalled chance to sample some of the more authentic Cuban delicacies.

    Scuba diving is, by far, the most popular activity in Cayo Coco and the one which attracts more international visitors than any others. It's certainly not hard to see why. This island is home to the second most significant coral reef on the planet and home to a near infinite amount of endemic sea life. Diving here is like diving in an aquarium! Although August is not the best diving month of the year, thanks to the frequent storms, it does not mean that the sport is out of bounds entirely.

    On a crystal clear morning, when clouds are yet to form, taking a few hours off to dive the depths of the Caribbean waters is simply splendid. At this time of the year it may be best to dive in deep! In total, there are 4 major dive sites in and around Cayo Coco, the deepest of which is La Jaula, which sits at a depth of 30 metres. Here, you'll often find schools of reef and nurse sharks, eagle rays and masses of stingrays.

    Cayo Coco itself is home to two diving centres, serviced through the Tryp Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco resorts.

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